What to do with a broken TV which can’t be fixed

Examine the warranty card if you're unsure of what to do with a broken TV. Every new TV comes with a warranty certificate that guarantees that they'll repair or replace the gadget they provide you with if it malfunctions. This warranty can be extended for up to a year.

If we talk about televisions, they have been in every house for quite some time and everyone is now wishing to own the latest technology. When you purchase a new TV, you initially think about getting rid of the older model or what to do with a broken TV. If your television fails and is no longer functional it is the first thought you have to make about the best way to deal with the broken television before thinking about any other thing. A TV could break in many ways. It might have a cracked screen or dead pixels, a malfunctioning motherboard or a burned circuit board. There are numerous ways to fix the problem, but the reality is that sometimes, TVs break in a way that’s impossible to fix. If this happens, you need to get rid of it.

If you spot a broken TV in your home and are thinking of throwing it in the trash, throwing away a gadget like this may be immoral, even if the device isn’t used. There are some places were disposing of your household gadgets like TVs is considered illegal and you shouldn’t put it in the trash; you need to figure out a way to get rid of it or else get rid of the old, broken TV.

What To Do With a broken TV 

Here’s a listing of things you can do with a broken TV;

  • Check the Warranty

Examine the warranty card if you’re unsure of what to do with a broken TV. Every new TV comes with a warranty certificate that guarantees that they’ll repair or replace the gadget they provide you with if it malfunctions. This warranty can be extended for up to a year.

If your TV is new and something has happened during its warranty, you may call the company’s helpline to claim the TV’s default. If you do this, your TV will be fixed or replaced. You will have a working TV at home in both ways.

But there are specific criteria about how these warranty cards work. If the TV’s screen is damaged or cracked, or if there are visible scratches on it the manufacturer will not be able to repair or replace it due to the abuse of the device. The manufacturer of TVs will ask you first for permission to repair the TV , since they have technicians to repair the damaged screen. If you request them to replace it with another one, that can also happen.

If the TV is brand new and has no evidence of abuse the manufacturer would happily take the television back. Certain companies only provide 1 year warranties; make sure you check the warranty card of the TV you purchase. It would be better to have more than a year could be included as a warranty cover.

Recycle your old TV

If you feel that selling your TV isn’t possible, or you don’t wish to sell it so what to do with a broken TV, you can reuse it. There are several companies where you can recycle your TV. some of them are;

  • Local Landfill

There are many recycling centers located in various landfills, where you can donate your item. Find your nearest landfill using Google Maps and view the hours they are open and when they can pick up the electronic garbage. You can also call them and inform them of taking the electronic waste you have accumulated from your location.

  • MRM Recycling

Every country has an electronic maker recycling management business that is interested in recycling your electronic waste. Their transport guidelines are available on their website. You can check and add your electronic waste onto their recycling bins to get rid of your broken TV.

  • Samsung Recycling Program

If you own a Samsung TV and you aren’t sure what to do with a broken TV, you can contact your local Samsung recycling program. They will happily pick up your damaged TV and make its spare component in other TVs because they have developed the parts and know how to do with the parts.

Sell Salvageable Parts of Your TV

If your TV has been damaged so what to do with a broken TV, there are still some salvageable parts in your TV, which you can remove yourself and make some money. As we already discussed TV parts such as PSU, main board, and speakers could be of value as long as they’re operating fine.

If you have some expertise with dismantling TVs, you can dismantle the pieces apart and offer them for sale individually. A large number of people on the Internet are searching for specific TV parts. It’s possible to connect the people who are looking and make an offer.


There are other methods to figure out how to deal with broken TV or what to do with a broken TV; you could sell, throw away or recycle old TVs as well as other components. Recycling old TVs that are broken can be environmentally friendly and lets you swiftly eliminate old items. You can also give it to poor people who might be trying to figure out what they can do with a broken TV or trade it in for a bit of cash to assist them. You can make it to those who cannot afford a TV. If you’re looking for money or money, you can trade it. If you’re trying to do something to help the environment recycle it and give it if you want to aid the less fortunate. The choice is yours. Good Luck!

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