What students can do after 10th standard


Choosing the right stream after the 10th is one of the most critical tasks of life. Even more when you don’t even know about your keen interest and CBSE school fees structure. But not to worry, this article will give all your answers, just stay tuned!

Pursuing your 10th or just about to give final boards for it? No matter, one question that must come across in your mind is what to do next? Which stream must be good for it? My family wants me to opt for science, but I do have an interest in commerce. And what about the CBSE school fees structure? Would it vary with my chosen stream? So many questions in your mind. Isn’t it? Well, don’t panic! Read this article and get all your answers!

Career Options just after your 10th

This is your life-changing decision as to what to select in 11th class, after all, it will decide your career. Surely, it’s a scary decision but don’t feel scared. There are thousands of options that are available in your stream depending on your interest. Let’s have a look at these following streams that you can go with. So, just be calm and take some advice from your near and dear ones as they will help you to decide what is better for you. Even, there are schools like the Global Indian International School (GIIS) in Ahmedabad that provides consulting to students which helps them to choose their career stream as per their interest.


One of the best and most sought-after courses that are often selected by parents and students is “Science”. Well, not to doubt, it offers students a plethora of career options like medical research, engineering, mathematical domains, etc.

Science students have the privilege to choose arts or commerce streams at graduation, however, vice versa is not possible. This stream comes up with six subjects with 5 compulsories and 1 additional. The five subjects include – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, English and 1 subject you can choose as per your interest and provided by the School authorities.


This is the second most favorite stream after Science and quite popular in India for the Business freaks. The best part of this stream is it gives you lucrative career options to pursue like Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Master in Computer Applications (MCA), Chartered Accountant (CA), Financial Advisors, Investment Banking, and so forth. The subjects of these streams are Business Law, Accountancy, Business Study, Business Economics, and English.


Though, this stream is least preferred amongst students but it has lots of exciting career options. A student of humanities can go into teaching, social work career, literature, content creation, event management, mass communication, or even become a professor of his favorite subject. Arts students get a chance to go through a variety of subjects like economics, philosophy, political science, psychology, literature, history, and sociology.

Apart from these streams, you can also go with stream-independent career options. Like, there are many short-term courses like vocational courses, diploma courses, and certification courses. But, before taking your final decision, make sure you are consulting with a career counselor.

The Final Note!

We can understand that this is your life decision. So, don’t be too fast to make this decision. Connect with the best school in Ahmedabad – The Global Indian International School. Here, you will get all the vital information starting from scholarship programs to fee structure in CBSE school. They have the best team of counselors as well that help you to make the best choice and also guide you throughout all course aspects.



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