What Skills Are A Must-Have For Freelance Creative Writers?

Freelance Creative Writers

Being a content writer, especially a creative writer, comes with great perks. It’s a viable avenue that can be used to earn a consistent income, given that you have proficiency in writing on any given topic. Many well-recognized freelance writers earn up to six figures a year engaging in this lucrative writing venture. And, if you too, want to make it as a successful full-time freelance writer, you have to be able to rustle up your clients and projects.

Unfortunately, the job isn’t always as easy. You need a few areas of expertise to become a self-employed all-rounder and make the most of your freelance writing career.

Here are five essential skills you need to have to take your freelance writing career to great heights.

Must-Have Skills For Freelance Writers

  • Understanding Of SEO

Nowadays, if you have any questions whatsoever, where do you turn to? Most likely, your answer would be Google! And when you’re a content writer, you’d want your written content to be accessed by everyone. After all, what good is content if people can’t find it?

That’s why it’s important to rank your content on the first page of any search engine. Getting on the first page means page views equal subscribers and or sales. And to do that, you need to have a solid understanding of search engine optimization.

SEO writing involves incorporating commonly used search terms into your content. These search terms are known as keywords, and they are the building blocks of SEO.

When writing content for clients, you should know how to play with words and use keywords so that they blend seamlessly with the rest of the content without compromising its quality.

  • You Must Be Able To Adapt To Different Writing Styles

When working as a freelance writer, you’ll come across various clients who require a specific writing style based on their brands.

For instance, blog posts for a scientific manufacturing company focused on health experts will most likely differ from a store selling organic food items. The more styles you learn and adapt to, the more valuable you will be as a content writer.

  • Learn How To Pitch

Perhaps the most important step in your freelance content writing journey is to learn how to pitch and land a client effectively.

For example, did you ever come across a writing gig and think, “this job is just right for me!” Well, pitching is the opportunity to convince the client that you are the right person for the job!

  • Research Skills

Good research plays a key role in good content writing. Gathering valuable information from credible resources and formatting it into a unique piece of content is a skill every content writer needs.

  • Editing And Proofreading

Besides having great writing skills, having decent editing skills is a must-have for freelance writers. Creating polished pieces will help you attract new and repeat clients and create a professional portfolio that showcases your best work.

While your client may have an editor and proofreader of their own, you, as the writer, should have the necessary skills to edit and proofread your work before you turn it in.

Doing so will show that you have an attention-to-detail approach and care about the client’s results.

The Bottom Line

Indeed, being a freelance writer can be extremely rewarding. Still, it does require you to have specific skills such as those given above. If you continue to perfect these skills, you’ll be able to create content that’s easy to find, interesting to read, and in demand.

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