What Should You Wear Under a Leather Jacket to Look Cool?

women wearing a leather jacket

Leather jackets are extremely popular as both formal and casual wear. But not many people are sure how to style them. What exactly will look good when paired up with a leather jacket? With a piece as fashion forward as that, the rest of your outfit must also suit the vibe. It can be a confusing decision though to decide exactly what goes well together. So, without further ado let us get into the fashion advice we have for you to style your jacket.

  1. Motorcycle jacket with a green sweater

This is a perfect ensemble for the cold months. As practical as it would be for the weather, it would look incredibly attractive as well. The play of textures with the softness of the wool with the sleekness of the jacket will be complementing. The best thing about this look is that you can carry it at almost any occasion. It is comfortable yet put together enough for going to work or hanging out with friends. Make sure to choose a lighter shade for the sweater, like forest green or olive. It will go great with a black or brown leather jacket.

  1. Brown bomber jacket with a white tee

If you are more of a simple yet appealing dresser then this is definitely your look. Choose a fur collar bomber jacket for a touch fun and quirky. And it instantly upgrades the otherwise plain combination. A white t-shirt and blue jeans are age old classics which you can never go wrong with. But you can elevate the look further with a leather jacket of this style.

  1. Biker jacket with a roll neck sweater

Roll necks are the ultimate snug and comfortable wear for winter months. And there is something about their appearance that associates them with high-end fashion. They can wonderfully contrast a biker jacket’s street style boldness. Go for a tan or white sweater to complement the black of the leather. We recommend our G Eazy Black Jacket to put together this amazing outfit for all occasions. The silver buttons and zipper details will accentuate the look even further. It is an elegant yet unique outfit that will set you apart in a crowd.

  1. Shearling collared jacket with a black formal

This is a fabulous option for those of us who are not afraid to try daringly distinct styles. Leather with shearling accents look luxurious and sophisticated. By wearing a dress shirt underneath, you can acquire a formal outfit with traces of futuristic fashion. Something that is so different from the usual attires that you will become the talk of the town. Astonish everyone with your impeccable dressing sense by showing your genuine leather shearling jackets off at the next event you need to attend.

  1. Knee-length shearling jacket with gray T-shirt

As we were already on the topic of shearling, here is another stunning design we want to recommend. This outfit wouldn’t be complete without our stunning Blade Runner jacket. Leather jackets of a fuller length have an enigmatic flair which is hard to come by in any other style. The Blade Runner jacket paired with gray shirt and a pair of dark jeans will lend you a bold silhouette. And it is undoubtedly a great option for winters as it gives full protection against chilly winds. Due to its heavy fabric you will not need a lot of layering underneath. An outfit which is trendy with distinctly classy touches.

  1. Distressed leather with ruby sweater

Up till now we have been focusing mostly on neutral tones. But red is a color which looks vibrant without being too overwhelming. A slim fit red sweater can provide layering while complementing the texture of a distressed jacket. With this ensemble you are all set for a vintage fashion magazine look. The red sweater adds a pop of color which centers the outfit and gives it a warm glow. Finish it off with a pair of blue jeans and brown boots. This is a comfortable casual attire which you can wear to work or a day out in the city.

  1. Dark brown leather jacket with formal blue shirt

This is another blending of completely opposite styles and fabrics which comes together flawlessly. This outfit is ideal for looking impressive and unique at a corporate event. Pick a jacket that is of a more fitted cut like a racer or biker jacket. Pair it with a light blue dress shirt and a tie to maintain the formal appearance. Wear it with the same colored pants and shoes to bring uniformity to the whole outfit. You can also check out a brown mens leather peacoat and wear it with your casual slim fitted jeans and a light blue shirt to have a dapper look!

  1. Bomber jacket with black t-shirt

This is a timeless classic attire which looks great on people of all ages. In fact, a bomber jacket’s youthful aura can take several years off you. A t-shirt is always the option you need for keeping an outfit comfortable. Wear gray jeans and white sneakers to complete the look with your favorite bomber jacket or any cardigan. The whole ensemble is effortlessly stylish as all you need is to throw on a bomber jacket.

These were all the styling recommendations we had for you to dress up your leather jackets. So, take them out of the closet and impress everyone with the outfits you put together this season. If you know these styling tips you can easily pull out runway worthy look from your own wardrobe. Mixing and matching clothing combinations is the best way to come up with new looks. Just keep experimenting for a fresh and creative approach to your attire every time.


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