What should you eat when your stomach is hurting?


The achy tummy is the most painful. These include Irritable Bowel Syndrome, pregnancy, gastric surgery, acid reflux, etc. It is essential to maintain healthy and balanced eating habits for those prone to issues with their stomach. Knowing your needs for food can assist you in planning your diet to meet your requirements.

7 food items for upset stomach:

White Rice

Brown rice, also known as whole grain, is considered healthier than white rice. But whole grains are more difficult to digest and aren’t the ideal option to treat stomach issues, and getting upset could aggravate your digestive problems. White rice has a significant amount of protein and energy and is simple to digest, and white rice unadorned with added fat or oil is easy to digest. Find the ones that are appropriate for you.

Like white rice bread, a plain white toast is an excellent option for an upset stomach because it’s rich in fiber, and whole wheat bread or brown bread is more beneficial. However, when you’re suffering from illness due to digestion issues, white bread is more valuable because it can easily pass through the digestive tract.


If you don’t have stomach issues, Eggs are packed with protein, which is excellent for your overall health Be sure to cook your eggs in milk with low-fat content since other fats like oil or butter can cause troubles with the tummy ability to take them in.


It is an excellent source of fiber and easy to digest. Eating oatmeal is a great option to soothe belly pain. The fiber in oatmeal helps indigestion.


Chicken with skin is more nutritious than with skin since it has more little fat.This supplent is the best for your health.


Consuming a whole apple might seem like a healthy option, but it’s not a good idea if you have an upset stomach. Insoluble fibers in the entire apple may contribute to digestive issues. Cooking the apple can break down the thread, ensuring that it can pass through your stomach quickly.


Bananas are a great source of potassium and a variety of other essential minerals and vitamins.Erectile dysfunction medicine take should like cenforce 100 mg,cenforce, cenforce 120 mg.

What causes digestive issues?

Diet is the primary reason for the development of digestive problems. Food sensitivities to certain food items like lactose from dairy products can cause stomach problems. Additionally and eating at a fast pace or not chewing food correctly can cause digestive issues. The effects of pregnancy, infections, and chronic health problems like IBS and GERD, are also a cause of these issues.



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