What must you do at Trinidad Carnival 2023?

Trindad Carnivals
Trindad Carnivals 2023

While talking about the biggest carnivals in the world, no carnival can compete in Trinidad Carnival 2023. Let me explain why we are claiming it first!

How did Trinidad Carnival start?

History tells us that wealthy French Catholic plantation owners started it in Trinidad. They used to celebrate this carnival before fasting and reflection prolonged to 40 days. However, they had not been allowing slaves to participate in it.

When slaves saw it, they started celebrating this event separately. For that, they used to wear specially-designed costumes and masks. With these changes, they used to mock and mimic the wealthy individuals who were also their masters. From here, it started and now is considered the best carnival on earth.

How did Trinidad Carnival 2023 take this shape?

Mainly, there were three integral elements of this carnival initially that are still a part of this carnival. These are music, steelpan, and masquerade. The reality is that the people of the land freed themselves from slavery and found numerous ways and techniques to make these celebrations alive.

Here, we need to mention some of those activities and events you must not leave. So, let us explore them before finalizing Trinidad Carnival Packages!

1: Music

Music is the most integral part of Trinidad Carnival. Here, some may claim that without music, there is no concept of any carnival.

However, the specialty of this carnival is it is based on African music, and we all know that no one loves music more than the Africans. At Trinidad Carnival, we find music with the name Soca and Calypso. Interestingly, both types of music came from West Africa, and they call it Kaiso music.

What is Kaiso music? Well, it is that particular music, which Africans used to use to keep themselves connected with their homeland. They have also been using this music to communicate with others during slavery.

Therefore, this music has a great value in their tradition. Another important aspect we need to mention in this discussion is that Africans have been using Kaiso music for telling stories. With the same theme behind, Calypso is played in Trinidad Carnival.

2: Costumes

Although we can observe numerous changes in the traditional dresses of Trinidad Carnival, we can observe small things that tell us a whole story. There is a difference between male and female dresses. Men usually wear those costumes that mimic and mock the actual costumes worn by their masters.

This way, they show their anger towards slavery and their masters. However, women also consider the fashion part and the latest trends to give themselves a unique and sexy look.

So, if you want to attend this carnival and are ready to buy any Trinidad Carnival Packages, prepare yourself to wear these costumes. If you do not do so, you will miss something that can never be experienced again.

3: Steelpan

Typical music was popular among Africans, and they used to use bamboo sticks to produce music. However, the masters at that time banned this particular music. Right after that, it was noticed that you could produce music with tin pans.

And from there, steelpan music is a part of every festival and carnival. However, in Trinidad Carnival 2023, this music is one of those activities that no one can ever think about ignoring.

4: Panorama

For steelpan music lovers, no show is better than a panorama. Generally, the day of Panorama is on Saturday before the carnival. The location of this event is Queens Park Savannah. Here, you will spend time with more than 100 musicians to participate in the steelpan competition and make your day beautiful and adventurous.

5: King and Queen Competition

One day before Trinidad Carnival 2023 on Sunday, you should attend King and Queen competition in which all bands will come after wearing king and queen costumes. At this event, every band tries to wear the best costume. These costumes are paraded in front of the judges, and the best costume is awarded.

6: Early Monday Morning J’ouvert

For those who want to celebrate the maximum, J’ouvert is an event that must not be missed. It is the backbone of Trinidad Carnival and started before dawn on Monday.

Mainly, it is a street party where everyone comes out to join J’ouvert bands and spends the most spectacular time of his life. We claim it is the best part of the carnival, and you must not leave it in any case if you are in Trinidad and Tobago to participate in Trinidad Carnival 2023.

7: Final Words

Attending a carnival means attending every event that makes a carnival unique. So, if you want to attend Trinidad Carnival 2023, you must ensure that your Trinidad Carnival Packages cover every event. Only, in this way, you can make your journey exciting and enthusiastic.


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