What Makes Dubai Creek Harbour an Excellent Choice for Living?

Dubai Creek Harbour

There are several things that make Dubai Creek Harbour an excellent place to live. These include the location, the walkability, entertainment, and luxury. However, it is important to know the amenities offered by each location. If you’re looking for luxury and convenience, consider other amenities as well. For example, Dubai Creek Harbour offers a number of marinas. It also has a variety of dining, entertainment, and recreational options.

Location of Dubai Creek Harbour

The twin towers of the Dubai Creek Harbour complex are a prominent landmark and are well-connected to all points of interest. The area is also fully accessible and mobile-friendly. Its 51-floor twin tower is home to 750 units and three-level podiums. The apartments feature stunning views of the Dubai Creek Marina. The luxurious pool is accessible directly from many of the units. Residents of the Creek Harbour can also make use of the many amenities available at the complex.

Dubai Creek Harbour

The community is spread over 60 million square feet and has 9 distinct districts, the first of which is the Island District. While it is only a small part of the community, the first apartments will be handed over in 2019. Other projects in Dubai Creek Harbour are also nearing completion. The location is ideal for people who want to experience a unique Downtown lifestyle, while still being close to basic services. For this reason, residents can enjoy the waterfront lifestyle and the amenities at this vibrant neighborhood.


If you’re looking for a place to live with waterfront views, walkability, and a thriving retail sector, then look no further than Dubai Creek Harbour. Located on the banks of the creek, this new community is intended to be walkable, green, and accessible. As such, it includes a variety of retail options, public spaces, and office buildings. With access to these amenities, residents can walk to work or enjoy local dining options, without the hassle of getting a cab.

Dubai Creek Harbour

Walkability is important in any neighborhood and this community is no exception. It’s one of the most important qualities of a great neighborhood, making Dubai Creek Harbour a great place to live. Walking to the shops and restaurants is easy and convenient, and the community is dog-friendly and pet-friendly. The Vida Hotel is a new addition to Dubai Creek Harbour and is going to be the heart of the community by December.

Entertainment with Dubai Creek Harbour

Residents are able to enjoy an abundant variety of amenities in this waterfront community. This neighborhood is double the size of Downtown Dubai, and it boasts more attractions than any other neighborhood in the city. Featuring many luxury restaurants, business centers, and marine facilities, this community boasts a luxurious lifestyle that will keep residents entertained for years to come. Families can enjoy the branded amenities and entertainment venues in the area, as well as close proximity to basic services and other major destinations in Dubai.

Residents enjoy a close proximity to Dubai Healthcare City and the renowned Dubai Design District, as well as to the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. Moreover, the area is only 10 minutes away from Downtown Dubai, making it a perfect choice for families with kids. Residents can easily walk or bike to these areas or engage in other forms of recreation. Moreover, this community is close to many attractions, such as the Dubai Creek Harbour.

Luxury of Area

Dubai Creek Harbour

If you’re looking for an area that offers great value for your money, consider moving to Dubai Creek Harbour. The area is famous for being very posh and features numerous marine offices. You can live in this area and enjoy all of the benefits that living Downtown provides, while still remaining near your favorite destinations. The following are some benefits of living in Dubai Creek Harbour. These are just a few. Read on for more information.

In terms of living, this community has something for everyone. You can find one to three bedroom apartments in the community, as well as select penthouses. You can also find townhouses on the podium level of the Creek Dege development and other towers. If you’re looking to purchase an apartment in Dubai Creek, you can schedule a viewing today. The city offers excellent amenities and a great rental market.

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