What Kind of Packaging Design Makes the Customer’s Blood Boil?

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Okay. Let us start it from scratch. What is product packaging? Why is it important? And have you ever come across a product without packaging and packaging design? You cannot complete the product without proper mailer box wholesale packaging. So, whether you want custom hand sanitizer boxes wholesale or eyelash boxes for your product, you need mailer boxes. The reason is that these boxes can resist any kind of bump or cushion.

Well, to cut it short, the packaging provides the utmost protection to the product. It keeps it safe from physical, chemical, and environmental harm. And for that reason, no product is without proper packaging. Packaging is no more an option. But it is essential to maintain the integrity of the product. Unfortunately, most of the time, the product is not packaged properly. They feel annoyed and frustrated when finding poor packaging design. It undermines their unboxing experience. And also, it wastes their time and money. Creating an outstanding packaging design will bring your product to life. With the right packaging material, graphic design, and copy, you’ll make a strong statement about your product and your brand. You might be curious to know why customers lose their cool. What kind of packaging designs are responsible for this chaos? So, let us take a look at the following points to have clarity about the bad packaging designs:

Oversized Packaging

Picture this hilarious scene. You have placed an online order for color pencils. And you are desperately waiting for its arrival. But what happens next? You saw a huge box with your colored pencils floating in it. I mean seriously! There was no need for a large box to pack the delicate color pencils. It occupied a large storage space and also increased the shipment cost. You should keep in mind that your packaging should be a little oversized so your product can fit into it easily. That will also help them to prevent getting smashed.

Isn’t it bizarre?

So, the size, weight, and dimension of the color pencils must be kept in mind. And select the box size according to it.

Substandard Packaging Material

No one loves coarse and rough packaging material. The reason is that it irritates and hurts the customers. And the packaging becomes very repulsive. So the customers readily switch to better brands. Your packaging should be top-notch and classy. It means that you should have proper knowledge of designing and packaging material to do so. As an added bonus, your well-designed package will stand out among your competitors’ offerings. In the body lotion space, for example, using an unusually shaped container will help to differentiate you from competitors that pour their products into conventional bottles.

Check out the product packaging of The Kind Curator Co., a shop that curates locally-sourced and eco-conscious gift boxes. As an eco-friendly brand, they use sustainable boxes, tissue paper, and even stickers when wrapping their products. Hence the use of bad quality packaging material is a complete NO. It undermines the beauty of the product. More importantly, it drives the regular customers away. You want to make some loyal customers, and it is only going to be achieved if you make loyal customers. They buy again and again if you are giving them something extra. So, the use of smooth and soft packaging material is a must. It makes the customers happy and builds a strong customer-brand relationship.

Loud designs

There is no denying the fact that customers prefer clear designs. It answers all their concerns and queries. And if the packaging is bombarded with loud designs, it makes it distracting. They are unable to figure out the product type. It is because the packaging that lacks precision and accuracy is always a failure. So, avoid irrelevant designs. And stick to simple and basic design structures to impress the onlookers. 

Irrelevant Information

It is a major blunder! If the packaging mentions fake and irrelevant information, it means your brand is not real. To avoid this mistake, try to make sure that while designing a packaging box for a product, provide relevant product information. Anything irrelevant will lead to a misconception, and you will lose a customer. Do you want to impress your customers? And you want your brand to sound authentic? So, incorporate relevant and true product information on the packaging. It encourages the customers to buy from your brand. And it also improves the brand credibility.

Boring Packaging

If your product is packaged in a plain box, would you purchase it?


Customers always prefer visually attractive packaging. It looks prominent on the retail shelves and makes the customers happy. No doubt, it adds value to the product and convinces them that it is worth purchasing. Thus, if you want to increase loyal customers, attractive packaging is a must. Make sure to make your product as attractive as you can.

These custom box packaging solutions are white canvases that you can put anything to create. The team at the Kind Curator are serious about being Earth-friendly and plastic free, and they make sure that their packaging reflects that. Generally speaking, products sold in physical stores and events must feature bold-looking packaging to make an impact among similar products. On the other hand, when selling online, you need to consider how to package your items securely so they don’t bend or break in transit.

Hard to Open

Packaging that is hard to open pisses off the customers. They end up having cuts and injuries. And trust me, no customer is ever looking forward to it. Because it wastes their time and money and above all, also ruins their mood. Make your boxes easy to handle this way, the customer would not struggle while opening them. It will spare them some extra minutes, and you will gain a new loyal customer who likes your packaging boxes of hand sanitizer boxes. So, if you do not want to lose your loyal customers, avoid this mistake. Hence, the brands should design hassle-free packaging to prevent the customer’s blood from boiling. So, if you want to foster a strong customer-brand relationship, avoid the above-mentioned mistakes.


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