What kind of men’s t-shirts to choose from? Styles, collars and cuts

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Every man’s wardrobe worth its salt has a good collection of t-shirts. But even if you’re a fan of men’s t-shirts, you’ll probably be surprised by the wide variety that exists. Whether because of the style, the collar or the type of cut of the garment, men’s t-shirts are a world to discover.

Classic and modern, what style are the t-shirts?

Although t-shirts are a simple garment to combine, they offer nuances that are worth knowing. For example, some are more formal mens t shirts uk than others, and there are also more comfortable ones for sports activities.

The basic t-shirt

A classic among classics, they are usually very simple cotton funny men’s t shirts to combine, although informal. You should never miss a black and a white in your wardrobe.

The pole t-shirt

It is a classic among short-sleeved shirts, but they also exist with long sleeves. They are characterized by being more formal than a basic, but less so than a shirt. The buttoned, V-neckline with a lapel is the distinctive feature of this garment. Remember: a black polo shirt combined with dark jeans never fails if you want to have a casual look. How To Decide on A Web Hosting Provider?

The stamped ones

Another popular style of men’s t-shirts is printed ones, either with drawings or phrases. The print usually gives a fun look to the t-shirt, and they look great with black pants. Some have printed with a lot of presence, and others offer a simpler detail. If you like printed t-shirts, find models in this season’s colours at Wolter.

Our clothes are inspired by urban life, and the printed t-shirts celebrate the streets of London. You will see that they have the right balance to be eye-catching without losing elegance, what are you waiting for to show them off?

the raglans

Raglans are characterized by having sleeves in a different colour than the body of the garment. They are ideal to wear with jeans. And, although they are informal, they have a special grace that makes more than one fall in love.

The tank tops

Perfect for sports, tank tops are the right garment to show off your arms and shoulders. Yes: they are particularly informal, so use them to go to the office.

Neck types in men’s t-shirts

Three types of necklines are most common in t-shirts: round, V and Henley. Among our favourites, there is always the round-neck t-shirt. It is a basic garment that should not be missing from your repertoire and usually looks perfect with any type of pants. The same goes for V-neck t-shirts, although they are sometimes more difficult to combine with outerwear.

If you like delicate and sensual garments in equal parts, Henley shirts are your thing. They are characterized by having a neckline with buttons, so it is reminiscent of the polo shirt, but it is more informal.

Cuts on men’s t-shirts: Which do you prefer?

There are several types of cut that t-shirts have, although the most common are two: straight and slim. The slim-fit t-shirt is narrow in the chest and shortens in the trunk. It has tight sleeves and is usually the ideal companion for those who want to show off a beefy torso.

Without a doubt, the most common ones are the straight ones (also called regular fit ). They have a straight fall from the shoulders to the torso and the sleeves are loose. You could say that they are the most comfortable if you prefer less tight men’s shirts.


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