What is WordPress Course and How to Learn It?

what is WordPress course
what is WordPress course

Today we are going to know what is WordPress course is and how it works for people and how to learn it. If it comes to making a professional website, then this is the first thing that comes to mind. For this web, designing will have to be taught.

So I would like to tell you that you do not have to come to web designing to make a professional website. For this, you can use some such tools. In which all the facilities or all the options of creating a website are given. That’s why many people want to know what WordPress is.

With the help of those tools, you can create your own professional website without knowing about the web design courses in Delhi. There is one such tool whose name is WordPress. So let’s know what WordPress is and how it is used.

WordPress was created by Matt Mullenweg. Matt Mullenweg created WordPress when he was 20 years old. It was launched in the year 2003 by Matt Mullenweg. Perhaps even Matt Mullenweg did not know that going forward, many websites of the world would be built on WordPress.

About WordPress-What is WordPress

WordPress is open-source software. This is a Contact Management Software. This is also called CMS in short. Where you can store many such things on the Internet like Text, Images, Video. Also, you can manage them and show them on the display as well.

That is why today’s millions of people have to make a website. He likes to learn WordPress first. But this question must have come to your mind that why do you choose WordPress for a professional website.

There are many other platforms as well, such as Google’s Blogger, which is also a very good platform. But why do professional people choose WordPress only? After all, what is this in WordPress? For example, you have a great desire to eat pizza and there are 3 ways to eat it.

First, you make it yourself, the second one by paying money and the last third one should bring pizza from the market and eat it after heating it. So WordPress also works in a similar way. Right now you are learning what is wordpress in Hindi.

  1. You should know professional level web designing, only then you can create a website.
  2. Hire a WordPress developer and build a WordPress website from it.
  3. First of all, you should learn WordPress Kya hai. After that, you can create a WordPress website by connecting web hosting and domain name.

What are the advantages of using WordPress? (Advantages of WordPress) –

So far you know what WordPress is and why it is used. Now we will learn the Advantages of WordPress. There are many plugins available for you to create a website on WordPress. With the help of which you can create a WordPress website in a very short time.

You can install the plugin on WordPress. As well as WordPress themes, WordPress blog, WordPress templates, and many such things you can do on WordPress. Friends WordPress is a very big website. You can create a blog on it.

Or to create a website like Dynamic Website, Wikipedia, or a website like Woocommerce. You will get all the options there. All these things come in the Advantages of WordPress. You can create a professional website on WordPress in a few hours.

Do many people ask Google is WordPress free? So let me tell you that the WordPress platform is completely free. Now all you have to understand is that when you go to WordPress.org. So you have to connect Web Hosting and Domain Name Service together.

Then you can create a website and run it. But you are not able to bear the cost of Domain and Hosting. So you go to WordPress.com. But there is a problem there. You cannot add Custom Domain there. That is, that domain will not be fully registered in your name.

What are the disadvantages of using WordPress

If we talk about WordPress, then you would think that there are disadvantages to using WordPress as well. If seen from the side of an auditor, then using WordPress also has disadvantages. There is a lot of work compared to the rest of the platform, but there are disadvantages to WordPress.

  1. If you use WordPress, then you will know that this WordPress update keeps happening. Now you will think that what is the harm in this. So I want to tell you that sometimes many errors come in the update of WordPress. Due to this our website can also go down.
  2. Routine Compatibility Issues i.e. difficulty in understanding WordPress every time.
  3. Not a Set it and Forget it Solution means WordPress keeps updating every time. Because of which we can never fully understand it. As soon as you come to know about it, a new update comes in the same way.

What did you learn today?

Know what is your WordPress today and how do you use it. Also, know the advantages and disadvantages. In the end, teach which website you can create with WordPress. So if you liked our article on WordPress kya hai, then share it.

WordPress Course: The Best Choice for Your Life

There are various types of WordPress courses you can find on the internet, there are many people who offer free WordPress courses online or in person. Taking one of these courses will help you build your own web page from scratch.

You can build your website with this content management system and manage content in a professional way day to day, although all the courses in this CMS online can be in videos, there is no harm, if they give you a consistent With way explained step by step and easy understanding you can learn fast and you decide how much time you want to spend.

What can you learn in a WordPress course?

Many people who give a course in this CMS start by explaining to you what is WordPress course?, however, most of those who are looking for a course know what it is, it is worth knowing where it comes from or Why this Content Manager was created and the biggest benefit is being able to be the manager of your own website, the owner of your own business or life project, among other things. You can learn:

  • Set up hosting and domain
  • Customize it with Templates
  • online stores
  • SEO or Web Positioning
  • social networking
  • making coins


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