What is the USAA?:Cost and discounts for auto insurance in the USA

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The most recent NAIC data lists the following average car insurance prices by country.

  • Liability insurance : $566.51
  • Collision insurance : $342.40
  • Comprehensive Insurance : $153.32

USAA ranks #1 in customer satisfaction in terms of affordability, according to JD Power, making it popular with veterans and military families. USAA insurance prices even further by offering a range of driver discounts and rate plans based on the following factors:

  • Good student. Get a discount for good grades.
  • New car. If your car is less than three years old, you will receive a discount.
  • Loyalty. The longer you work with USAA, the more you save on insurance premiums.
  • Miscellaneous Vehicle: Expand your plan to two or more vehicles and get a discount.
  • Car Storage: Get up to 60% off your car storage.
  • Annual Mileage: Get a discount on fewer miles per year on a usage-based pricing plan.
  • Safe driver. Improve your rating if you keep a good driving record for five or more years.
  • Driving Courses: Take a USAA Defensive Driving Course (or Basic Driving Course if you’re under 21) at a discounted rate.
  • Family Discount. Adult children of USAA members can save up to 10 percent on auto insurance by continuing to provide USAA auto insurance coverage.
  • Military Equipment Installation Discount: Save up to 15% on comprehensive insurance plans if you store your vehicle in a military base garage.

Your insurance rates will also depend on factors such as your age, gender, driving experience, and vehicle.

USAA Claims Process

The only thing that ranks as highly as USAA’s reach and accessibility is customer service and the claims process. We give USAA Customer Service a 100 percent rating for overall satisfaction. USAA auto insurance reviews often praise customer service representatives for their professionalism and quick responses.

While USAA does not have regular offices, customers can still communicate effectively by phone or the Internet. When you request a car insurance quote, the online quote system is simple and fast. The USAA mobile app allows USAA members to check their insurance policy information, request a quote, and download insurance certificates.

Customers also have several payment plan options, including a six-month or 12-month payment plan. There is also no need to pay at the beginning of the policy.

Based on our research, we give USAA auto insurance a 100 percent rating for total claims and customer service. USAA auto insurance is the best on the market for military families.

USAA Auto Insurance Reviews and Reputation

USAA auto insurance reviews are mostly positive. The company has near-perfect customer satisfaction scores for fair claims handling, claims handling, pricing process, and efficient repair process. A USAA claims representative will work with you until your repair is completed.

USAA customers are loyal, and many families report sticking with USAA for decades.

Customers have mixed reviews for some USAA services, such as banking, according to the Better Business Bureau, but USAA auto insurance reviews are generally positive.

Despite USAA’s good reputation, the BBB has seen an increase in customer complaints. These cases are usually related to a denial of roadside assistance or communication problems with the assigned customer service representative. However, the insurer boasts an A++ rating from AM Best, indicating its superior ability to pay out customer claims.

Conclusion: Best Auto Insurance for Military Families

USAA Auto Insurance – Our Choice Best for Military Families. With a 15 percent discount on storage and special health insurance plans, USAA caters to the special needs of military personnel, veterans, and their families.

Our research shows that USAA car insurance is an affordable and effective option for drivers, but their insurance is not for everyone. If you do not serve in the military, are not the spouse or child of a military member, then this company is not for you.

If so, you still have many solid options. Consider our other highly rated companies, including State Farm (Best for Student Drivers), Liberty Mutual (Best for Beginner Drivers), or GEICO (Best Overall).

To start getting free car insurance quotes from the top providers in your area, fill out the form below.

How much does USAA auto insurance cost?

The cost of USAA auto insurance varies from person to person. Your premium will vary depending on:

  • Your age
  • your gender
  • Franchise you choose
  • Type and model of your car
  • Your driving history and violations
  • Policy type, including mileage-based pricing plans
  • Number of teenagers or students under your policy
  • Number of vehicles and other drivers on your policy
  • Discounts used (equipment, discount for good students, family discounts, etc.)

Does USAA auto insurance cost less than GEICO or State Farm?

According to a recent shopping survey by JD Power, customers prioritize USAA affordability over major competitors such as GEICO, State Farm, Farmers, Progressive, and Nationwide.

Although USAA may seem cheaper, this is not a guarantee as your coverage and special add-ons from different companies may change the price.

Final thoughts on USAA

USAA are the largest auto insurance companies for a reason. providers have a wide range of coverage, reasonable prices, and high ratings from industry experts. If you are an active or retired member of the military, USAA is likely to be your best bet. For drivers who do not meet USAA requirements, USAA was voted the best car insurance company in our industry survey.

USAA is very cheap car insurance for new drivers. And they have great customer service.

For young drivers under 25, there is an automatic licensing program designed to encourage young drivers to drive well. Typically, you get a free adapter that plugs into the car’s onboard diagnostic port and connects to your smartphone.

Their rates are quite low compared to other companies.

Before signing up for any auto insurance plan, it’s best to get quotes from multiple providers. This way you ensure that you are not only getting the best lighting but also the best deal. Auto insurance rates are based on many factors, including the age and mileage of your car, your driving history, and your location. Here are two more providers to consider when buying insurance.

 If you qualify for USAA auto insurance coverage, then you should definitely take advantage of it. The company offers great prices, impressive discounts for current military members, and a great online experience.


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