What is the treatment for increased kidney size?

increased kidney size

Well, a person’s kidney infection or stone can become enlarged in due course of time. Usually, one’s swelling of the kidneys due to improper urine drainage is known as hydronephrosis. Many individuals undergo an effect in their single kidney due to this condition. Furthermore, a patient’s kidneys can also be targeted in this disease. Generally, 1 out of 100 babies has the condition of hydronephrosis. However, one may consult the doctors of Shree Hospital Dwarka for their treatment. However, a patient may discuss the significant treatment options of increased kidney size with the doctor. 

So, a reader can go through this article to know the facts about increased kidney size. Moreover, one’s treatment underlying this condition also has its mention over here. 

How can you treat increased kidney size?

Most importantly, nephrologists tend to remove the blockage of the urine. A doctor focuses on alleviating the cause of obstruction in certain ways. 

So, one’s treatment of kidney size may include the following:

Ureteral Stent

Primarily, the doctor may insert the ureteral stent into the patient’s urinary bladder. Hence, a patient’s obstruction can be backed by technological support.

  • Antibiotics

Many times, a patient can attend to this disease without any sort of surgical intervention. A doctor’s prescription of antibiotics can become helpful in this regard. Besides that, one’s dependence on antibiotics may rely upon the condition of kidney stones. 

  • Nephrostomy Tube

Necessarily, the doctor might insert a nephrostomy tube for attaining kidney infections entirely. Following that, a patient’s blocked urine is made to drain back here. In doing so, an individual may control excess pressure on the kidneys. 

  • Surgery

A doctor may go for surgical intervention to remove a blood clot causing the blockage. Even, the doctor may eliminate the tissue scar in this manner. Generally, the experienced doctor may remove the affected area entirely with surgery. Further to this, one’s ureter may be attached with the healthy ends for normalizing urine flow. Even a doctor may carry out endoscopic surgery to remove kidney stones. In doing so, the patient may ensure a speedy recovery.

However, a person may find a severe treatment option to treat kidney stones. But, the patient needs to carry out a diagnosis to understand the extent of their damage’s extent. 

What happens if kidney size increases?

Necessarily, a person needs well-functioned kidneys for filtering out the body’s waste. The patients should not leave the defective kidneys untreated for too long. In doing so, an individual’s pressure on the kidneys can lose the kidney functioning completely. 

Besides that, the person might feel an urge to urinate quite frequently. Furthermore, one’s pain in the abdomen can turn worse with time. Eventually, an individual might experience excruciating pain along with other symptoms. Hence, the person needs to seek treatment options of increased kidney size to help the cause. 

Is there any natural remedy for enlarged kidneys?

Truly, a patient needs to monitor his kidney functioning for treatment purposes. A person may initiate certain natural remedies for attaining their damaged kidneys. Besides that, the patient’s improvement concerning the kidneys can be witnessed widely. 

So, one’s natural remedy for the enlarged kidneys may include the following:

  • Drinking-Water

Precisely, a person’s kidney problems can be solved by drinking an ample amount of water. Further to this, one’s chronic kidney ailments can be attended to with water only. The patient’s anti-diuretic hormone gets suppressed by drinking water. In doing so, an individual’s kidney functioning can be improved over time. 

  • Avoid Alcohol

Most importantly, an individual’s craze for binge drinking may end up in acute kidney failure. Following that, you may experience a better result by stopping alcohol intake completely. In general, one must give some time to the kidneys for healing itself. Furthermore, the patient’s recovery timeline may vary upon his drinking habits. Hence, one’s management of drinking habits has its significance. 

  • Drinking Cranberry Juice

One of the treatment options for increased kidney size can be drinking cranberry juice. Naturally, an individual may avoid bacterial growth in the stomach’s wall through this. In doing so, the person may prevent kidney infections rapidly. 

  • Vitamin C

The person’s excess consumption of vitamin C can help your kidneys in the excretion process. Further to this, an individual can assure oxalate growth with such vitamins. Following that, a patient with chronic kidney disease may improve his condition in this way. So, the doctors may prescribe vitamin C intake along with dialysis. However, one’s dosage may differ from the other due to the varied health conditions. 

  • Avoid Caffeine

Usually, an individual may strain his kidneys by the consumption of caffeine present in tea and coffee. Many individuals may restrict their blood flow with caffeine intake. Ultimately, the patient may also end up with kidney stones through caffeine. 

  • Take Probiotics

One may attend to their chronic kidney diseases with the use of different types of probiotics. The patient can cure their gastrointestinal function with its help. Following that, an individual may slow down their kidney damage by consuming this. 

  • Consume Apples

Necessarily, an individual’s good fruits list for treating kidneys may include apples in it. Usually, one may repair their kidney functioning by its intake. Eventually, the patient may also consume sweet potatoes and fish for the same cause. 

  • Parsley Juice

Most individuals may reduce their inflammation concerning kidneys with parsley. A patient can handle their blood pressure with its intake. Besides that, the person may eliminate the risk of kidney disease in this way. 

Therefore, a person may attend to his enlarged kidneys by following these natural remedies. So, one must follow the treatment options for increased kidney size to reduce its impact. 

What are the first signs of kidney problems?

Precisely, an individual must notify the signs of kidney problems for proceeding towards treatment. A doctor monitors the symptoms contributing to the damaged kidneys. 

So, the first signs of kidney problems may include the following:

  • Confusion
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Weakness
  • Frequent urine discharge
  • Irregular Heartbeat
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue

However, patients with kidney failure may undergo these symptoms in their initial days. Mainly, the doctor may attend to the failed kidneys there themselves. So, a doctor can go for diagnostic tests for realizing the potential damage. 



One’s increased kidney size needs immediate treatment from a renowned hospital. Primarily, a person should use certain natural remedies to cure this condition. Following that, an individual has to detect the early signs of this disease. So, a patient’s treatment means must follow this way. However, one must contact the doctors of Shree Hospital, Dwarka for alleviating the cause. 

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