What is the most accurate test for prostate cancer?

prostate cancer

Generally, a male becomes the biggest victim of prostate cancer at some point. Here, one’s cancerous cells grow prostate cancer due to various factors. Following that, an individual needs to access their symptoms to have a diagnosis. Furthermore, an oncologist may direct certain diagnostic tests for the prostate. However, the person may consult the oncologists of a Cancer Hospital in Mumbai for this cause. 

So, an individual needs to go through this article to know more about prostate cancer. In general, one may come across the most accurate diagnostic test for this disease. 

Which test is most accurate for prostate cancer?

Primarily, a person must understand that prostate biopsy is the most accurate test for prostate cancer. Here, a doctor takes a sample of tissue from the prostate gland. Moving on, an expert examines the same under a microscope. Following that, an oncologist can check the uncontrolled growth of cells with this. Besides that, a doctor inserts a thin needle into the prostate.

Furthermore, one’s biopsy gets assisted by MRI Scan or transrectal ultrasound that can be used to collect a tissue sample. Here, a doctor takes this tissue to a lab for further examination. However, one’s doctor may target the needle through the rectum. 

What are the other tests used for Prostate Cancer?

Generally, doctors may recommend diagnostic tests for detecting prostate cancer. Here, an individual’s health conditions must be taken into consideration. Following that, the person’s diagnostic tests may vary from other persons.

So, the other tests used for prostate cancer may include the following:

  • Blood Test

One can go through a PSA test that can determine the existence of prostate cancer. An individual must note that this blood test checks for prostate-specific-antigen in the blood. Specifically, one needs to know about the protein secreted by the prostate tissue. Here, a male protein secretion takes place below the bladder area.

  • MRI Scan

An oncologist may recommend an MRI Scan to determine prostate cancer. Most importantly, doctors can know if cancer cells have spread outside the prostate gland. Following that, a person must know the relevance of an MRI Scan for deciding the treatment plan. Besides that, an oncologist may depend on MRI Scan for every kind of cancer.

  • CT Scan

People need not ignore the significance of CT scans in determining prostate cancer. Still, oncologists know that prostate biopsy is the most accurate test for prostate cancer. Following that, an individual can say about the spread of prostate cancer into nearby lymph nodes with CT Scan. Besides that, doctors can know about the recurrence of prostate cancer too. Furthermore, one can easily notice the emergence of tumors with the help of a CT Scan.

  • Ultrasound Scan

An oncologist can take the help of an ultrasound scan to detect prostate cancer. Still, one should note that its accuracy ranges from 40 to 50% for determining cancerous cells.

  • PET Scan

Undoubtedly, people can trust PET scans for characterizing definite areas having prostate cancer. One can check metastatic prostate cancer with its help. However, males can have 85% accuracy in checking for metastatic tumors through PET scans. 

  • Urine Test

Many times, males go for urine tests before having a proper biopsy for checking prostate cancer. Doctors can detect significant prostate cancer in men by undertaking this procedure.

Therefore, people can have several diagnostic tests to check the presence of prostate cancer. Following that, one’s most accurate test for prostate cancer is only. Still, an individual must know the relevance of each of them. 

What are the best treatment options for prostate cancer?

Males must be concerned about choosing the best treatment options for prostate cancer at the beginning. But, an individual needs to discuss the same with the concerned oncologist. Here, a patient’s diagnostic tests will direct the necessary treatment means. However, an individual’s health conditions are considered important before deciding on a treatment plan.

So, one’s best treatment options may include the following:

  • Chemotherapy

Usually, doctors try to attack cancerous cells with the help of chemotherapy. In general, a person goes through a non-hormonal mechanism to prevent the division of cancer cells. Besides that, an individual must remain aware of the side effects of chemotherapy.

  • Radiation Therapy

People must know about the efficacy of high-powered radiation in attaining prostate cancer. Most importantly, doctors may take the help of brachytherapy to initiate radiation. Following that, an oncologist uses radiation therapy for prostate cancer that doesn’t spread. Moreover, doctors can use this technique to slow the growth of cancerous cells. However, an individual may lower the symptoms of prostate cancer with its help.

  • Immunotherapy

Here, a doctor makes the immune system strong to fight off cancer cells. Initially, an individual’s body tries to recognize the cancer cells by destroying them. Furthermore, one’s prostate cancer can be successfully eliminated with immunotherapy.

  • Surgery

An oncologist may use the surgical procedure to remove the prostate gland and its surrounding tissues. Usually, an individual’s tissue concerning the prostate can be attained with surgical intervention. Eventually, the doctor may also treat advanced prostate cancer with its help. 

  • Proton Beam Radiation

Doctors may target cancer cells in prostate cancers with greater intensity with proton beam radiation. Here, one’s risk of damaging the surrounding tissues is irrelevant. However, people can become cancer-free by using this technique.

Therefore, an oncologist can use various treatment options depending upon the situation. Besides that, people must trust prostate biopsy as the most accurate test for prostate cancer. Following that, one can use hormone therapy for the same purpose. Eventually, an individual’s lifestyle changes can help cure this disease.


People must know more about the most accurate diagnostic test concerning prostate cancer. Here, an individual gets several other imaging tests to aid this purpose. Following that, the person must note down various treatment options available for the same. Furthermore, an individual may discuss the side effects of this treatment. The person may contact the oncologists of a Cancer hospital in Mumbai for this purpose.

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