What is the Industry Outlook of Animation Sector?

Animation Industry Outlook

The opportunities for the animation sector are enormous in India. The cartoon industry is worth more than Rs10,000 crore. Not only that animators is required in every sector these days. With technology changing the way entertainment is consumed, India has become one of the world’s largest markets for animation content. The number of TV channels and platforms is also increasing at a rapid pace in India.

In the last decade and a half, India has emerged as a prime destination for animation production companies worldwide. The country’s major strengths are its skilled manpower and low cost of operation. When it comes to outsourcing, India is the first choice for many global media houses including Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and DreamWorks Universal among others. So let’s check out the industry outlook of animation.

Industry Outlook of Animation Sector

Animation Sector is a fast-growing profession with more opportunities than ever before. As a matter of fact, some experts predict that by 2022 we will see an animation industry worth $ 97.6 billion worldwide!

In this post, we take a look at the state of the animation sector in today’s world as well as the rapid growth and projections for the future. Stay tuned to find out how you can get a glimpse into this truly exciting industry! As more individuals become aware of how much money they may make through this career path, animation is becoming increasingly “in-demand” and popular.

However, this is such a profession that shows no signs of slowing down. The market for 3D animation was valued at USD 18.39 billion in 2021, and from 2022 to 2030, it is projected to grow at a CAGR of 12.1 percent. There has been a rise in the use of visual effects in movies and web series as well. The public wants to experience cutting-edge technology that produces realistic images and realistic-looking still photographs and videos. 3D mobile games and applications are also very popular these days.

This increase in interest in 3D technology can be attributed to viewers’ experiences with video games. Another element propelling this business is the advancement of 3D stereoscopic gaming with the aid of 3D animation technology. Now you can easily determine whether a career in animation sector is a suitable fit for you.

Scope of Animation

Animation is the process of creating moving images. It is a form of visual art and creative expression, typically combined with other arts to tell stories for entertainment or teaching. The “animation sector” includes the global businesses which produce animation materials and services in film, television, advertising, and other fields demanding animated artistry.

India has been playing an active role in the world animation industry since its inception mainly because of its strong cultural base along with its inexpensive production costs. The first full-length Indian animated feature film was released in 1985. This has led to the initiation of various animation industries, production houses, and project studios. In addition, the animation industry has grown to include more than 700 production houses and a couple of top-notch animation studios in India. This has given rise to the creation of various animated media like feature films, television series, telefilms, video productions, web series, and short films. The media industry is also beginning to take shape with the pre-production of animations and its exhibited at several film festivals.

The animation industry in India has performed reasonably well over a period of time. It has witnessed a successful track record since its inception and continues to grow in India. Animation courses are also assisting young creative aspirants in getting into the sector with proper skills.

Skills to Become an Animator

Animation can be a very rewarding career, but it’s also one of the most difficult to break into. The best animation artists in the world have multiple disciplines they know inside-out, and that includes drawing, sound design, rigging, story-boarding, and 3D modeling. Few artists excel in all these fields. So how will you start your journey? Here are the skills you need to become an animator:

Artistic talents

Animators typically have a background in art or design or some mix of artistic schooling and professional experience, as modern animation involves a combination of conventional artistic aptitude with high-tech computer skills. The educational and professional backgrounds of animators enable them to hone the fundamental artistic abilities they employ in their animation work. Because animation is a diversified industry with a wide range of genres, animators have a variety of artistic backgrounds when they begin their careers.

Computer skills

Today, the majority of animators utilize computers to model, color, and duplicate images. Skilled animators use specific computer animation abilities on a daily basis. As animators advance in their professions, they continually learn new software since animation technology is always evolving. For learning these skills animation courses are one of the best ways.

Time management skills

For animators, time management is a crucial ability. Since the majority of animation studios put in a lot of time and have very strict deadlines. You should be skilled at balancing a lot of tasks in a short amount of time. You won’t be able to meet deadlines without time management skills.

Communication skills

The animators have to collaborate on the movie, series, or game with a variety of various departments. Take the case where you are working on a lengthy animation scene. A different person animated each of the sequences. Everyone must speak with one another in order to make it appear as though a single individual created the entire scene. Therefore, effective and trustworthy communication is the next necessary talent for an animation artist. You should be able to succinctly and clearly communicate your ideas or worries to others.

Technical skills

Technical abilities in animation are one of the important skills for an aspiring animator. The in-depth knowledge of software is very crucial. These are useful abilities that work in tandem with your artistic and creative talents to bring each character to life. You will utilize these as your starting point and main techniques throughout your career in animation.

The ability to use a computer is equally crucial. The majority of multimedia artists and animators use computer programs to create their animations. They consist of applications like Maya, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Flash, etc. Knowing a little about graphic design is also beneficial because every animation gains life from graphic motion. It teaches you how to make figures and use visual effects that mimic how a body might actually move.

Responsibilities of an Animator

For big animation studios, production businesses, and video game developers, animators produce films. The following are typical duties of the position:

  • producing  visually interesting designs and solutions through using creative thinking
  • by utilizing specialized computer-generated tools like Maya, Flash, and After Effects
  • submitting drawings to clients for review
  • Managing and promoting the company
  • discussing contracts
  • coordination and productive collaboration with other design and production staff.

Animated movies are a billion-dollar industry now, with more than 2 to 3 new animated films hitting the box office each year. By 2020 revenue is predicted to reach a whopping $ 97.6 billion worldwide! The Animated industry as a whole is huge, and projects that specialize in animated marketing or an animated website are growing by the day. If you are hoping to join this industry as a professional then it’s high time.

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