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Are you an Indian student looking to study in Germany? It’s time to get started. This blog post is designed for Indians who are interested in studying MS in Germany. We will be discussing the eligibility criteria, entry requirements, and the visa application procedure for getting a master’s in Germany. Let’s jump right into it! 

India offers a diverse range of academic programs that cater to different interests and needs; however, not all these courses can be studied abroad. One such course is Master of Science (MS) which cannot be pursued overseas unless one has fulfilled certain criteria like nationality, language fluency, etc. But don’t worry because we at KCR Consultants provide you with everything you need to know about pursuing MS in Germany- from their eligibility criteria, entry requirements, and visa application procedures. So, if you wish to pursue your masters in Germany, here is what you need to know:

Eligibility Criteria

MS or Master of Science refers to a two-year academic course that falls between the bachelor and doctorate degree programs. In other words, MS graduates are required to have a bachelor’s degree for entry. MS programs are available in the field of science, business, law, and engineering. MS is a common degree course pursued by Indian students; however, it may not be possible to pursue MS in Germany unless certain eligibility conditions are met:

Entry Requirements

An Indian student should have completed 16 years of school education (in accordance with the 10+2+3 formula), which should be equivalent to a German higher secondary school (HSC) or A-levels, before applying for an MS course in Germany.

For MS in engineering or technical specializations, the student must have studied mathematics till class 12th.

The MS degree courses offered by universities in Germany are typically state-run institutions. The applicant’s previous academic qualifications, performance, and scores in the qualifying examination (e.g., 12/10+2) will be taken into account while considering for MS in Germany. MS courses are offered in both German and English.

The MS education in Germany is free for students who receive a fellowship; however, it can be quite expensive if the applicant requires an assistantship which covers only 50% of the total cost. 

As far as MS is concerned, there are total 6 universities that offer MS in Germany for Indian students-

  1. Technical University of Dortmund
  2. Ruhr University Bochum
  3. TU Darmstadt
  4. TH Köln
  5. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
  6. University of Potsdam

Visa Application Procedure

MS students in India can apply for an MS course in Germany without any hassle. The study abroad consultants at KCR provide MS admission guidance to Indian students, which covers all the aspects of MS abroad from MS eligibility criteria, MS entrance exams, MS courses, and the MS application procedure.

For MS in Germany, you would need to first apply online for a student visa. The visa fee is approximately EUR 60 (INR 4,000) as per November 2018 prices. Applicants can pay their visa fees online through debit or credit card or even net banking. After your admission is approved, you will receive a letter of admission from the university. This letter along with your MS application fees receipt and proof of financial resources is all you need to apply for your MS visa in Germany. 

MS in Germany job opportunities

MS degree holders in Germany can take up MS job opportunities in the fields of MS engineering, MS business, MS science, and MS law. Those pursuing their MS degrees can work part-time, gaining some valuable work experience in the process. Some of the jobs that are popular among MS graduates are research assistant, project manager, consultant, MS scheme analyst, and MS scheme specialist. MS students should keep themselves updated about the MS job opportunities in Germany, as they get announced on a monthly basis. The average salary that MS graduates can get after MS in Germany is EUR 3,300 (INR 2,25,000) per month during their MS job tenure.

So far we have discussed MS admission in Germany. MS courses, MS degree courses, and MS jobs are some of the other key points that you must know before taking MS abroad. Our MS counselors at Study Overseas offer invaluable MS guidance to Indian students, which helps them realize their MS dreams easily.

Accelerated MS Program

Some international universities also allow aspirants to apply for MS admission in Germany and MS courses simultaneously. Shortlisted MS aspirants receive an offer of MS admission via SMS and email directly from the university on successful completion of the MS entrance exam.

For MS, there are 2 universities that offer MS / MS dual degree programs-

  1. University of Cologne
  2. Technical University of Dortmund

The MS duration in Germany for MS dual degree program is 6 semesters, out of which MS aspirants have to complete MS courses in the first 3 semesters and MS research work in the last 3 semesters. The MS tuition fee is approximately EUR 20,000 (INR 14 lakh).

MS aspirants who successfully complete MS courses with MS grades are eligible to apply for MS admission in the advanced semester.

MS aspirants can also seek MS guidance from our MS counselors at Study Overseas, who provide thorough MS guidance on various MS programs in Germany.

So far we have discussed MS admission in Germany, MS courses in Germany, and MS eligibility criteria for MS in Germany.

MS aspirants can choose MS programs in the field of MS engineering, MS business, MS science, and MS law as per their career goals after completing an MS degree from Germany.


The German MS program is an excellent way to get the best of both worlds. You’ll have access to some of the world’s top minds in medicine and research while also living in a country that has low unemployment, strong economic growth, and one of the most efficient healthcare systems on earth.

We hope the information in this blog post will be useful to anyone thinking about studying for their Master’s degree abroad or to anyone who wishes to apply for one in Germany. If you have any further doubts regarding the admission process of MS in Germany feel free to contact KCR consultants. We provide the best professional guidance for students aspiring to study for masters in Germany.


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