What is the Best Age to Learn a Second Language?


A second language to start learning about the best age studies are inconclusive, although they generally agree on one thing that, second language should learn as soon as possible.

Until up the late 90s, it believed that by many parents, from a young age to start learning a second language for their children may lead to confusion and delays their mental development.

And in late 1999, a paper was published on the fact that to start learning very soon to their children result in double semi-bilingualism it means that the children two languages equally speaking badly. And these full children proficiency can not develop to their classmates, because these children are trying to become master of two languages at the same time. So according to this study, the best age for children to learn a second language was around 11-13 years, because it thought that at this age the brain of children developed further and learned easily.

This fear also exists today; it is also true that if parents want to teach their children a second language, they should lower the chance in their children of achieving in two tongues full fluency.


The difference between Being Bilingual and Speaking Fluently

Many people that claim to be bilingual means they can speak equally both languages very well. People can speak both languages easily naturally without any grammatical errors made. They have undetectable assent. But this is not the same as with a horrible twang people speak fluently in the present perfect. So in adults to learning a second language may lead to them such types of problems.

Translators are those people that help other people that don’t know both languages, translators can speak well in both languages, but when they translate any language, they almost translate in their native language. It does not mean that they are bilingual completely. So it is a gift for children from their children they should learn them and putting these languages even realizing them that hard work.


Use language or Lose it

Everyone that can speak two languages they do not have any agreement that they must use a language continuously or have to risk to losing this language. This fact is true the same as the memory of or mind. For example, a trained athlete off a few months of their training will recover faster his physique than those people that do not have the physical training.

It is the same that learning a second language is related to our mind. If we know one language and trying to learn another, it doesn’t mean that we are losing the first language. Some students that know one language, but when they are going to some those schools where language change, then they try to learn because they faced many problems. Then to learn a second language become more necessary for them. But it doesn’t mean that those students will lose the first language that they speak first. Indeed their ascent of first language better than the second language at the start, but if they learn the second language properly, they will never lose to speak the first language.

But according to the Scientific Study of Americans, there is another reason for language use or loss. According to this study the people who learned a second language and spoke the same language for a long time, after few years the vocabulary of their first language may not remain better, because over time languages evolved, so their first language ascent does not remain good.


Then to start learning a second language, what age is the best?

According to some studies, the best age to learning a second language is after six, but it thinks that may arise before puberty. After the adolescence onset soon can achieve the second language said by others. But all studies show that after puberty learning a second language may be harder because when we become old, our learning skills do not remain such as when we are young. So according to studies by writers at the online essay help uk
, the best age to learning a second study is before puberty.

Starting learning a second language Young as Possible

The patients need to send their children to the learning centres for learning a second language from a very early age. They should talk to them in their native language. Then after they are learning a first native language may learn the second language. But the intercultural marriage couples that, like mother or father speak in different languages, then their child’s learned both mom or dad’s language. At start their ascent of both languages is bad, but it is an advantage for them over time. So if compare these children to those that speak one language faster with good vocabulary, then the children that are not trying to learn both languages with time their assent of both languages will be better. So parents should start their children to learn a second language at a very early age before puberty.


Some Other Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Despite learning children’s native language send to them some other learning centres where children can learn in a better way because they feel a learning environment. So at an early age, it is easy for children to learning anything because it that stage when children are trying to learn more and more things.

But according to some studies, there are some other benefits of learning a second language to children. A second language can enhance the critical thinking and creative thinking of the children, and then those children that can’t speak a second language have more flexible and open minds.

It is also argued in the study that the first three years of every child’s life is important to think about the future of children because it is the time of the foundation of attitude way and thinking in the children and so on.

And the students that want to become their career in science or math, then to learning a second language from an early age may be benefited for them later.

But the people who are mature and in their twenties, thirties, and so no, they should not worry about it. It may be harder for them, but they realized that they also have several advantages to learning a second language as compared to a young learner. Because it thinks that life experience also matters a lot, so older people have life experience and the best tests of vocabulary, that help them in learning a second language. Learn a second language has many advantages, so children should learn a second language. But there is rise one question that to learning a second language which age will be best? So some studies reveal that before puberty the best age for children. But the older people that want to learn a second language also can learn.


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