What is Street Marketing? When is This a Good Idea?


Marketing operation which finds its playground in the street, as its name suggests, street marketing is a technique more and more used by companies, brands, etc., to make an impression. and create a buzz on the Internet in particular. Street marketing is intended to surprise a clientele most often targeted with the objective of obtaining advertising and commercial spinoffs and to promote a brand or a product.

What is street marketing?

Street marketing is a technique of marketing and promotion that takes place in the street. It is close communication. It is most often the object of interactive animations with the public, very creative and of great magnitude to mark the spirits and to create the event.

A marketing operation that originally came from the United States, it was initially used in large cities mainly by groups dedicated to a particular cause or to styles of music or dance that wanted, by punching operations in the street, make themselves known or communicate about their actions. Street marketing was then used to promote products or brands through the famous sandwich men.

For a successful street marketing operation, it is essential to organize it well upstream. It must take place in well-defined places of passage in relation to the product, the brand or even the cultural, artistic event, etc., which is put forward thanks to this promotional operation, and it must make the object of interactive animations which mark the spirits. It is also important to choose the hours during which this marketing operation is carried out in order to reach a really targeted audience.

Street marketing materializes for example by the distribution of samples or advertising flyers in the street. Very often, this type of operation is accompanied by the delivery of discount coupons. Street marketing with the particular aim of provoking a subsequent purchase act.

To be effective, street marketing uses original means, such as the distribution of flyers or samples using gyropods dressed in the colours and with the logo of the product that a brand or company wants to advertise, which catch the eye of passers-by. It can also take the form of flashmobs, for maximum interactivity with the target audience.

Street marketing, for which events?

Street marketing is a promotional operation that aims to quickly achieve the notoriety of a product, a service or an event. It targets a specific clientele (young people, seniors, men, women, sportsmen, etc.), who are not reached by traditional advertising campaigns such as billboards or even media campaigns. Street marketing consists of reaching a certain audience at the very heart of their usual environment, in their lifestyle, for better efficiency, and creating a direct link with the consumer.

This is why street marketing is well suited to the launches of new products or brands, for example. This type of marketing operation is also recommended for companies that want a significant impact on the press and the media in general. The original and large-scale events organized in the context of street marketing are also conducive to positive repercussions on the Internet, and in particular, on social networks, vectors of communication whose proof is well established today.

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