What is SEO and how it will help my website to get more traffic?

What is SEO

So when it comes to a video, there’s nothing better to transmit quality content! Today, more and more brands create consistent video content to publish it on their site or on social networks. And if there is such a craze around the videos, it’s for one reason: for some years, the video reference has been made. The principle is quite simple: before going to see a movie in the cinema, the French tend to watch the trailer because it is much more explicit than the synopsis. Logic is the same in the world of marketing and referral. The videos mark the spirits and draw attention. But beyond the immediate impact on internet users, the videos also have an importance in the eyes of the search engines, and therefore natural reference. But why? Discover 4 reasons why video reference is the new magic solution for your SEO!

What actually works to generate traffic from search engines?

It is likely that it is the main place on which a company would like to see its website appear. The best practices described in this guide will help position a site and its content on Google but also on other search engines. Whatever the search engine you use, the search results are constantly changing. Google regularly updates how websites are classified, and tries to reward those who respect the General Consignes established, i.e. to produce qualitative content to attract visitors. Google also tries to punish those who use rapid techniques to bypass the rules. So what to do exactly to direct all this valuable traffic on your site? Google’s algorithm is extremely complex, but the main factors that determine the ranking are:

● The high quality of the content and the relevance of the information to the request made, mainly based on the keywords it contains.

● They determine the “quality” by a number of means, among them, an important element is the number of websites that point to your site and the quality of them, that is what is called “backlinks”. If, for example, a well-established site like Wikipedia contains a link that points to your site, it will help you better rank on search engines.

More and more, new elements are considered by Google’s algorithm to determine where your site will be classified, such as:

● How do Internet users interact with your site, in other words, do they find the information they need and stay on your site, or do they bounce on the search page to visit another link?

● Loading speed and adaptive design to different screen sizes of your site

● The quantity of unique content you have in relation to poor quality content or double content There are hundreds of classification factors taken into account by Google’s algorithm in response to research, and they constantly update them. The good news is that you don’t need to be a search engine specialist to rank you among the coveted terms.

If you would like to know more about the operation of the search engines, many resources are available, including:

● Moz guide on the topic

● Google Interactive Chart To take advantage of this reference concept, it is strongly suggested to understand the research intentions.

The reputation, or what is also called the authority of a site, are the factors that Google’s crawlers consider most. This is to show Google that your site is reliable and trustworthy.

  • Put in place a backlinks strategy: a backlink refers to a hyperlink link within a content pointing to your auto-company site. It is better than the authority of the domains pointing to your site is superior to yours so that you can benefit from the authority of this domain and increase your credibility in Google’s eyes. For example, see institutional sites or partner with other sites or self-entrepreneurs that share the same themes as you.
  • Create internal and external links: link the different pages of your website by teasing links and adding links to areas with high credibility. .
  • create a my business google plug for your auto-company: it is essential to create a profile on google my business to optimize your local natural reference. Learn more about our dedicated article.

Refine its seo strategy through social networks

Having a strong presence on social networks can be beneficial for the natural reference of your website. Indeed, the interactions generated by your facebook or twitter publications are an excellent way to identify the expectations of your audience. You will need to conduct an analysis of these different interactions to determine what kind of content, on social networks and on your website, is in line with the searches of internet users. So on the one hand, you will no longer waste your time publishing information that raises a low level of enthusiasm on the part of your subscribers and on the other hand, you will benefit from a better understanding of your audience. Thanks to these various elements, you will be able to produce a perfectly targeted content that accurately responds to the searches of the Internet users while providing solutions to their problems: although these actions have no direct influence on the seo of your website, they contribute to it anyway. this first link between your presence on social networks and the seo will allow your website to position itself a greater number of keywords and expressions essential to the development of your activity through an elaborate editorial strategy. In this way, you will succeed in attracting a new audience while enjoying additional sales and leads with a higher conversion rate.

The purpose of natural reference is that you are able to significantly enhance your visibility on the internet. To achieve the best ranking among the search engine results page, it is therefore necessary to optimize all the content of your website.

This optimization will aim to:

  • make site vote visible in a perennial way
  • to attract qualified traffic from search engines
  • increase your transformation rate, the percentage of visitors who have made an action on your website, compared to the total number of visitors and over a given period
  • to build a brand image for Internet users
  • to stand out from your competitors

Why is natural sereference important?

Organic research has become a crucial element of online marketing. Organic traffic offers great chances of turning visitors into buyers or members of your business. However, attracting organic traffic on your site is not easy, and that’s where the referral comes into play. Thanks to search engine optimization, you can optimize different parts of your site and pages to meet the different criteria of the search algorithms that are constantly evolving. Search engine optimization is a set of strategies to improve the visibility of a website on search engines. The higher your rank, the more traffic your site gets. In particular for e-commerce companies, optimizing your site’s reference can give your brand greater visibility and possibly increase your sales and income. In addition, Google’s algorithm takes into account many benchmarking factors when it classifies websites in its results. If your website manages to place itself at the top of the search engine results pages, it can help build the confidence and credibility of your brand or company.

And then what do I do?

Once the audit report is in your hands, you will have all the keys to improve your natural referral and have a healthy site. However, the core of a good reference strategy is to keep its site up to date and regularly update it with relevant content, using the right keywords to always stay in the first research results. This is why it is recommended to develop in parallel a content strategy to publish interesting articles for your readers. This will bring traffic to your site and more importantly, will get backlinks, a key element taken into account by Google to define the position of your site in the search results. With Jolimind, I support you in developing this strategy and provides you with trendy and relevant content ideas for your customers.

the reference of a website enters a marketing strategy. It is for these reasons that making use of an expert agency in qualified reference is strongly recommended.

A reference agency can advise you, accompany you by offering you all the potential levers to strengthen your presence on the internet, from the SEO audit to the editorial:

  1. SEO content editing: Rich and optimized content with natural reference.
  2. Display campaign: Display of advertisements on all media and mobile applications.
  3. SMO Social Media Optimization and SMA Social Media Advertising: For one, it can be considered as natural reference on social networks, for example through posts by a community manager, and for the other it is display, understand advertising campaigns on ultra targeted social networks.

Identify and target your essential keywords

The keywords are the elements that Google analyzes to determine whether or not an article on your site is relevant to the user’s request. A bad choice of keywords can therefore influence your visibility in the search results. To have qualified traffic, it is important to correctly target your keywords. The ideal is to focus on relevant queries that generate a large volume of research. In order to achieve this, it is most often recommended to take into account the search intention of internet users. To make this method more efficient and faster, you can use key word planning tools such as: SEMRush, Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner… Some of these tools directly offer accurate data such as the click rate generated by each query and the approximate traffic rate. Depending on this information, you can choose the keywords that are the most effective and that correspond to the user’s search intention. SEMJuice also helps you with this by defining with you the relevant keywords to improve your positioning in the SERPs. This allows you to make natural reference.

I call it this because these actions are usually carried out by an expert in natural reference, whether internal to the company or an external provider. Here are the tasks of the advanced SEO:

Here is a table to summarize:

Things to know Other things to know
Netlinking: Obtaining Backlinks. The number and quality of Backlinks is one of the most important criteria for Google, which defines the popularity and credibility of your website. Indeed, when a site makes a link to another site, it gives it a “votion”, of interest Social media: it is here to take advantage of social networks to improve its natural reference. the seo strategy on social networks is about similar to netlinking, a buzz around a content can allow you to get an incredible number of backlinks
Blogguing : Here is the same as the production of content, but it is a matter of thinking before publishing and above all of industrializing this task. The SEO expert will analyze which key words work, then will drive the production of blog articles on your site, optimize these articles for natural reference. Especially the rhythm will be quite sustained: an article per month

How is natural referral essential?

Working its positioning in the SERPs is a way to get digital traffic: the sites displaying in the first page are the most visited, as you doubt it… And who says traffic, says conversion, that is, sale of products or services! The SEO is therefore an important solution in Inbound Marketing: it is essential to ensure that a site is not relegated too far in the results pages, at the risk of having negligible visibility. On the Internet, Internet users express a need and placing your site in a good position to provide them with an answer, you increase the possibilities of converting this traffic to consumers of your products or services. More targeted consumers, since already in research… Good to know: it is not because you find your site on Google’s first page that there is for everyone! Indeed, the search engines adapt the results according to geolocation and your search preferences. In other words, do not rely on your own research to determine the location of your site in the PRSPs.

Taking into consideration the local SEO part of your online business is the first step towards success. If your page or website is well referenced by Google, it will automatically appear among the first search results and will therefore generate a higher percentage of traffic. A controlled local SEO is a greater visibility and therefore a significant publicity. This is not all, the local SEO can contribute to the flourishing of your business on multiple facets, for example:

  1. Dissemination of useful information;
  2. Propose precise geolocation;
  3. Details on the products/services offered.

A “regular” reference is always necessary

Google has traditionally treated local research a little differently, with a ranking system distinct from other terms of research. However, companies that rank higher in organic research rankings will also have a high placement at the local level. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the content of your website and link creation practices are optimized for local reference, given its unique ranking system that takes into account a position on the map. For competitive keywords, I recommend a local reference strategy combined with other aspects of local reference. Inevitably, companies will want to rank for more general keywords in addition to their specific location. But these two approaches must be used together through regular benchmarking tactics and traditional local optimization techniques so that local benchmarking can be more effective.

Ideally, we recommend that our customers invest both in natural referencing and advertising on Google, as both tactics have advantages and disadvantages. An optimal online marketing strategy will benefit from both methods as they complement each other and support each other.

  1. The SEA gives you a direct feedback on the key words on which you advertise, so you learn what is the intention of people looking for a specific term. This intelligence can be used for organic marketing on search engines to improve results.
  2. You can test your keyword strategy in Google Ads, if it works, you can use it for a long-term reference strategy.
  3. You can use SEA A/B test data in your SEO strategy. For example, you will find out which ad text works best according to clicks in the SEA. You can use it in your meta-data descriptions.
  4. You increase the confidence and awareness of potential customers when you are visible both organically and through paid advertisements. Thus, your website will appear twice during the search.

Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the pillars of so-called “inbound marketing” strategies, a strategy that aims to attract the customer to himself rather than go directly to him. In other words, you leave the door open to customers with inbound marketing as you enter without permission with the outbound marketing! Creating content is one of the best ways to attract trafficdurablely on your website even if it’s a long-term job. Why? simply because it brings value to your audience. Your prospects surely love as much as you consume content on the internet. and if your content is interesting, they will come back! that you choose to write blog articles, make videos, launch a webinar or make infographics, there are many ways to create content to seduce your audience! but be careful with the coffins. To be well calibrated, a content strategy must be thought for your target and what is called in marketing your “personas”, i.e. a typical profile of your ideal customers. it must address them using their language and answer their questions and problems. Let’s not forget that the creation of content is accompanied by a work on natural reference. how to set up a content strategy to increase your traffic?

First of all, when the basket is validated, the customer must obtain a clear summary of its content, with the ability to modify it simply, as well as the price it will pay. The following information must therefore appear:

  • Clear designation of articles
  • number of items purchased for each reference
  • Amount of basket
  • Delivery costs
  • Total payable

Acquisition of free traffic with natural reference

Natural reference is a reliable and sustainable free traffic source. Technically, it can increase exponentially the visit of your website either for a simple prospect, close sales, book a hotel, etc. This digital marketing strategy is based on the frequent publication of SEO optimised articles characterized by educational content, maximised keywords, short sentences; clear and without spelling errors, etc. These textual content essentially develop your activities, services, products you sell and more. SEO articles must also include incoming links or back link that redirect external visitors to your site or to another internal article. You’re improving your rating. Thus, Google’s algorithms will more easily place your website in the first search page when a user types the keyword processed by your optimized textual content.

Below you will find a brief overview of the four main reference types, as well as their main targets.

SEO On-page le seo off -page technical seo Local SEO
The content of the site creation of links Site speed Local keywords
l allocatersquo; keyword optimization the marketing of towardsrsquo; influence schematic marking business profile
Title tags social networks Internal links customer reviews
Alternative text of the ‘Largesquo’;image Forums certificate ssl Local content

Why is google maps important for your local seo?

Statistics show that Google Maps is the preferred navigation application of 67% of users. And as users rarely look beyond the first results when they are looking for a place to go, it’s crucial to optimise your Google Maps listing to appear first for relevant research. The statistics also show that users most often discover Google Maps business files from a keyword search rather than a company name search. As a result, it is important that your card be well classified on Google Maps for the terms sought by your potential customers. Another reason to improve its Google Maps SEO is that the first three Google Maps files are generally also displayed in Google search results. And with 46% of Google’s research having a local intention, appearing in this “Top 3” can significantly increase your company’s visibility. The last reason to boost Google Maps’ reference is that it improves the quality of your card by the same time and offers consumers in multiple ways to interact with your business. With 86% of consumers using Google Maps to search for a company, it opens many opportunities to stimulate engagement.


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