What Is Renuvion And Its Benefits For High Definition Liposuction Patients?

What Is Renuvion And Its Benefits For High Definition Liposuction Patients?

The technique for liposuction is the latest in energy, as the outcomes of high definition liposuction may be achieved in patients with minimal to moderate skin redundancy. Renuvion blends Cold Helium Plasma’s unique features with RF energy efficiency.

Having a well-toned body is the dream of everyone. If you want to enjoy the best look, then you must try out for liposuction and renovation. This session will lift your sulking skin, give you a confident and well-maintained body to flaunt.

This combination makes it possible to tighten the surrounding tissue with great accuracy and, at the same time to minimize head injury. Energy Matter To transform inert gas into cold plasma, Renuvion requires a mild RF form. Helium is used because it can be turned into an extremely energy-efficient plasma. The outcome is a unique energy in its capacity to heat and cool tissue simultaneously. Unique Renuvion heating employs combined Cold Helium and RF heat tissue energy.

A small quantity of helium gas is generated into a plasma that shapes and evenly supplies energy to the application region. This conductive plasma conducts the patented RF form into the objective tissue to provide extra, beneficial heating. The energy under the skin is supplied uniformly through the overlying dermis and the retention of cutaneous ligament, as the tip of the Renuvion device is administered through an application region. This enables for a complete coagulation therapy which is adapted to the patient’s skin contours in real-time. Consequently, Renuvion is administered as a subdermal coagulator under the skin, which causes the skin to tighten locally.

Liposuction and renovation

Liposuction is commonly employed as a means of reducing tiny fat in local storehouses. Combining lipo with Renuvion can genuinely maximize results and provide rapid recovery, a less invasive procedure with tightening the skin. Superior fat-reducing procedures are paired with precise radio frequency technology with Renuvion to deliver smoother body sculptures.

Since the 1960s, this process has changed considerably. Today, several developments in technology allow surgeons to lower the amount of fat with minimal downtime. Liposuction is a minimally invasive technique, which permits surgeons to add other treatments to further improve patient outcomes. Renewal, which may be utilized to tighten slender skin in the neck, belly, back, arms, or legs, is one of these improvement treatments.

Renuvion is a laser resurfacing CO2 device that uses both energy and plasma from radio frequency (RF) to provide tightening effects that further decrease fat and improve muscle definition and skin tightness. The method transfers RF energy to the therapy region alongside helium. Renuvion keeps your skin pleasant and improves skin laxity and collagen levels. Collagen is a protein in the skin that keeps the skin thick and tight. Boost your skin and restore a flatter, even texture with this protein.


SmartLipo is a laser-assisted liposuction method that emulsifies fat and restructuring the skin using laser light. Lasers of the SmartLipo system will be comparable to the system of Renuvion to decrease blood loss and tighten skin treated. SmartLipo enables selective fat removal and localization of contours of the body to be significantly reduced and reduces bloating and swelling to a faster turn.

A tiny laser fiber will be implanted in the treatment region to efficiently target and emulsify fat cells. The fat is removed, and the rest of the tissue is molded to give natural features. A few days following your treatment, you should be able to exhibit your effects!

Vaser lipo

The ultrasound-assisted therapy is Vaser Hi-Def Lipo. VASER stands for Sound Energy Vibration Enhancement in Resonance. Ultrasound waves target fat cells to dissolve them from the surrounding tissues carefully throughout the therapy. This process is paired with a tumescent fluid, which gives a rapid and efficient regeneration method.

Salt, adrenaline, and antihistamine are the tumescent fluid. This mixture of fluids allows the treatment region to be stiff and swollen. Epinephrine contracts blood vessels to lower blood loss and to bruise as antihistamine addicts the region locally.

How does liposuction of high definition tighten the skin?

While high-definition liposuction eliminates fat, it is based on tightening the skin too. You would otherwise look like a form dog that doesn’t appeal to the human body. How can a high-definition liposuction cause skin to tighten? We need to examine human skin anatomy to describe how it is tightening after high-definition liposuction.

The human skin comprises several layers, including the surface layer known as the epidermis and the deeper layer known as the dermis. The fat under these layers is divided into collagen cables known as retention ligaments or the fibro-septal network.

Skin redraping

The first approach to tighten your skin is to eliminate all the fat from the surface to the deepest fat layer using ultrasonic-assisted fluid. By eliminating the fat mixed between the fibroseptal network, they can strain the skin and retract the muscles.

The skin may be redrawn as sponges have now been removed from the fat cells. When 360 liposuctions are carried out, maximum skin redraping is welcomed as it mobilizes the skin all over your body to grade back to the muscles.

Fibroseptal network

The second approach to tighten the skin is by subdermal clotting utilizing the plasma of Renuvion J. The collagen molecule in the deepest layers of your skin and the fibroseptal network outlined above physically encircle this shrinking mechanism.

Thus, the heat created by the plasma wound Renuvion J can tighten these cables, which reach from the skin to the underlying muscles. This skin tightening is a favored procedure as it prevents incisions on the skin.

Strategic skin handling

The last approach to tighten the skin is by targeted skin excisions that are physically cut off using a high-definition liposuction process. The trick to these cuttings is to position the cuttings in hiding places.

Doctors provide a little tummy tuck and/or reverse tuck, for example, in the abdominal zone. The tiny tummy tuck is designed to remove the skin from behind the bottom via an incision in the undergarment in the pubic area.

The reverse stomach tuck should remove the skin above the ventricle with two distinct incisions buried in the inframammary pit under the breasts.


Two different excision patterns are necessary because the belly button functions as an anchor and does not permit tightening of the upper and lower abdominal skin with either technique. These two selective excisions can remove considerable skin redundancy for your surgeon. To sum up, procedures of high-definition liposuction allow tightening of the skin with maximum deletion of extra fat.


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