What is Remote Learning? What You Need to Know

how remote learning works

‘’By 2025, the online education market is projected to be worth around $325 billion.’’

The pandemic has changed the way education was looked upon.

The physical classrooms changed into online education.

Remote learning became the prime source for teachers and students to engage and promote the growth of education whilst living indoors.

It’s been some time now that the presence of remote learning has been present.

Hence it’s time to enhance its process.

In this blog, we will cover all the topics related to remote learning such as:

  • What is remote learning?
  • Benefits of remote learning
  • How does remote learning function?
  • How can you implement your current remote learning process for the better?

Meaning & Function Of Remote Learning

Previously education was always pictured taking place in a four-room classroom.

Teachers and students would meet in person to learn new topics and clarify doubts.

While this was a standard process to access education, the pandemic changed it.

The pandemic that was assumed to live with us for a short period of time turned into longer periods.

In such cases, daily activities cannot be limited due to this and so multiple industries which also include education had to come up with an alternative solution to resume like before.

Here is when remote learning came into the picture.

Remote learning is the process of availing of education via online platforms.

Teachers and students would engage with each other digitally to study, learn and clarify doubts.

So how does remote learning work?

Remote learning functioned with video calling tools available.

These tools would allow teachers and students to share screens, conduct efficient video engagements and do more.

While using third-party apps was helpful, multiple education sectors found using an educational video platform better than the latter.

Top 4 Ways Remote Learning Enhances Student’s Learning Experience

1. Makes studying fun

Having to stay home all day and not even visit the outdoors even once can get exhausting for students.

This would thus lead to making them feel distracted for the smallest things.

Remote learning can be fun as well.

To ensure that students don’t get bored or are less distracted, convert your lessons into making them fun.

Encourage students to speak their opinions on topics shared, in between lessons, share a story that they can remember, and compel them to ask questions.

This will leave students to be more focused and the learning can be better.

2. Makes online engagements interactive

Remote learning might be similar to what the physical classroom used to be it but that doesn’t mean you need to make it the same.

Instead of the usual writing notes or students listening to lectures, change the way this process happens.

Have interactive engagements in the form of quizzes, group activities, and more.

This will help students to remember topics better.

Also, switch from writing notes to recording sessions so that it becomes easier for students to access the content later.

3. Puts study resources to good use

Education isn’t limited to writing notes only.

There are other ways education can prove to be insightful for students.

Ditch the basic ways of educating students via PPT.

Instead, incorporate more polls, quizzes, visuals, and more.

This sparks better student understanding and retains their attention for long.

You can also share videos and podcasts related to the subjects so that students can learn about topics better.

4. Increases engagement opportunities

Another way to enhance remote learning is to encourage engagement.

Create social media groups and share context that can help them understand their lessons better.

As stated earlier, share links to take up polls, quizzes, and more.

Have discussions or debates on topics.

Focus more on helping students learn in different ways rather than just listening to you.

Here’s 4 Ways To Improve Remote Learning Experience In 2021

1. Track all assignments shared or given

All assignments shared or received need to be tracked.

In this way, it becomes easy to track the students who submitted or failed to submit the assignments.

There are tools available that can help you track all assignments well such as Trello, Monday.com, and more.

2. Ensure all class schedules are well organized

The next thing to keep in mind is to ensure that all remote learning classes are well scheduled.

A good schedule will help teachers and students to engage on time.

Also, it will help restore the feel of a physical classroom.

3. Keep a note of grades to improve better

Using tools such as the ones listed in the first pointer can help you improve student grades.

Keeping track of the grades can help students understand where they need to work better.

This practice in turn will help improve student’s performance better even in remote learning.

4. Keep a track of meetings and goals set

To ensure that the objectives are met whether it is for students or businesses, tracking meetings can help.

Tracking them can help students or businesses to refer better when needed so that they are aware of what needs to be done.

This can lead to an increase in productivity and performance when conducted well.

Know How to Build an Educational Video Subscription Platform

3 Biggest Benefits Of Remote Learning

1. Provides flexibility in education

Teachers and students can be flexible with remote learning.

With teachers, they can assign class schedules or review assignments accordingly.

With students, they can conduct homework as and when they like as well as keep up with the class schedules mentioned.

Since there is no mode of travelling required, teachers and students can easily engage and do their work conveniently.

2. Caters to students engagements in a personalized manner

With remote learning, this process can cater to students with different types of learning patterns.

For instance, with recorded classroom sessions, students who understand lessons slower can use these recordings to learn better.

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3. Supports keen visual learners

Those students who learn better visually find remote learning a better choice.

Since it is more of video engagement, the use of activities will include more visuals thus benefiting the above-listed students.


You’re now well equipped to conduct an efficient remote learning process.

But have you wondered what would happen if you had your education video platform?

There are reliable education video streaming platforms available right now that can make remote learning efficient and convenient for you.

They are an all-inclusive OTT platform for education wherein they can help build a customizable video streaming platform, provide inbuilt transcoding to deliver superior streamings, and also lets you monetize your mode of remote learning.


So, when do you plan to get started?


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