What Is Perspex Print? Beginner’s Guide to Know About All Prints!


It’s not a secret Acrylic prints are the most modern and fashionable way to display your artwork! There’s a lot to consider in deciding on the ideal wall art piece for your home. If you’re considering using acrylic prints, there are a few tips to know before you decide to buy prints! perspex signs.

There are many advantages to acrylic prints and drawbacks to acrylic prints. Before we explore these things, we need to know what exactly is an actual hoardings, the various kinds of printing techniques for wall art and how you can print with acrylic.

What Is An Acrylic Print?

The first thing to consider is what does an Acrylic Print mean? The acrylic prints are an art form to create wall art. It is known by a variability of terms. For example, Plexiglass, Lucite and Perspex are all trademarks that refer to the materials made of acrylic.

To fully comprehend what’s an image made of acrylic, it’s useful to separate this style of wall art from the other three common designs for wall decor: giclee canvas, and metal.

Different Types of Printing Methods

There are four kinds of printing methods used for wall art.

1. Giclee

Giclee prints are created by printing images with inkjet printers. The result is the highest colour saturation and quality images. Giclee printing is typically employed by artists who wish to replicate or produce in mass their original art, as this printing method really matches the original artwork.

2. Acrylic

Acrylic photo prints, also called acrylic prints, are made by taking an image that is printed on high-quality photo paper and then protecting the image with the help of an acrylic sheet (face mounting technique). The sheet of acrylic protects the image from scratching, warping or fading as time passes.

3. Metal

Also known as Dibond metal printing, it is the process of securing an elastomer central layer between sheets of steel (usually the aluminum). Aluminum is light and has a lower price than many other types of metals.

This makes it the most suitable metal to create wall art. The artwork is printed directly onto aluminum giving you an extremely durable product that will not ever fade or crack.

4. Canvas

Canvas prints are ideal for showcasing your home without spending a fortune. The material of the fabric, inks, and framing method is the main thing that differentiates high-quality canvas prints from lower quality canvas prints.

How To Print on Acrylic?

To understand what exactly is an image made of acrylic, it’s important to understand the process and design of acrylic photo prints. The two main printing methods with regards to how you print with acrylic.

1.  Image directly on acrylic

The process begins by printing the image directly onto the acrylic material. Light scatters across the glass, giving the image depth as well as excellent image quality. It is then sealed with a white backing. Check out the picture below to understand the first printing procedure.

2.  Image on sheet of paper (AKA Face Mount)

The second method is more complicated and expensive, but the final design once it is completed is worth the effort! Images are printed on paper, and placed between two plates of acrylic and an aluminum backing.

The backing Perspex printing could be white, black or transparent based on what will best complement the image. To provide it with the illusion of depth, aluminum standoffs are used to secure the frame of acrylic on the wall.

The face mount technique provides more colour vibrancy and longevity. The colours are less susceptible to fade with time. When images are print on high-quality photo paper the acrylic face mount will make the colour of the photo shine. When the lighting is right the refractive properties that acrylic has reflects light onto the image on the sheet.

Advantages of Acrylic Prints

1. Durability

If you’re worried about the durability of your artwork Acrylic prints offer advantages. Acrylic prints are resistant to shattering them also offer UV protection to safeguard your artwork and are less heavy than glass! Certain acrylic prints are immune to scratching!

2. Uniqueness

Acrylic photo prints are unique. The method of face-mounting professional-grade photographic paper onto two sheets of acrylic is relatively new which is why it has a high cost (disadvantage) and its unique design (advantage!). For photographers who want to enhance your work with acrylic prints, they will be sure to make your images look amazing I’m sure of it.

Appearance/Colour Vibrancy

Acrylic prints have a clean and contemporary design that works most appealing in modern home and interior design. Acrylic prints are vibrant and sharp and offer a distinct advantage over canvas prints in certain ways.

For instance, in terms of vibrancy, there’s no other display method for wall art which can rival the energy that an acrylic mount can provide. Face mounts are a great option because it makes the most of the reflective qualities of acrylic material.

Why Is This Happening?

Since no light is able to pass over the printed acrylic! What happens is that the deep vivid colours printed onto the photo paper of professional quality remain in vibrancy, without being affected by debris from outside perspex signs.

What Is The Purpose Of Mounting And Why Is It Important?

The act of displaying your work makes sure that your prints remain level on the wall and increases the aesthetics of your prints. perspex signs can be pinned on the wall but it can create a visual distraction by putting curly prints or nails that block the view.

Some of the most lavish designs – like acrylic reverse, where transparent perspex is placed on the top of the image and then protect by perspex, aluminium or Dibond which really improve the image. The mounting process also protects the prints against kinking or creasing while handling the prints perspex signs.

While the image is the main focus however, the quality of the frame is equally important. What suggestions would you give people who are choosing the right frames to exhibit?

Custom framing solutions for your image should be tailored to the specifics of each piece of work in order to ensure that the frame is in line with the image. It is essential to seek guidance on the design of frames that will show your photograph in its finest perspex signs.

Perspex signs

Another factor to consider is the kind of glass that is used in the frame. If the frame you’re hanging the artwork in is lit by neon strips or a strong directionally shining light that is shining on the art work, we recommend using anti-reflective art glasses to minimise the glare.

What are the factors that make a great exhibit hang? Does it differ from one show to the next or do there exist general guidelines?

There are no general rules that apply to all works, and it is dependent on the piece of work on how to hang it. However it is important to exhibit your work in a convincing way that compliments the plot of the story.

It’s the most important aspect to an effective exhibition. If you choose to keep your pictures identical in size and arrange the images in rows it is important to ensure they’re at the same height and width. If you have different sizes, they can be display in a more natural arrangement,perspex signs  with a scatter arrangement.



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