What Is Online Recruitment and How Does It Work?

Online Recruitment Portal
What Is Online Recruitment

Foregoing cold calls, sifting through large numbers of CVs, and expensive recruitment fees, online recruitment has quickly become the choice for companies looking for an alternative to recruiting staff. The advent of online recruitment has seen a surge in using social media to find potential talent in today’s job market.

With the ability to reach more individuals, online or e-recruitment allows employers to use the Internet to recruit hires through job advertisements using a wide range of resources from job boards to social media networks such as Facebook and Linked-in. While the era of recruitment is still in full flow, the use of online for this method is a great cost-effective way to find the best candidates.

What E-Recruitment Strategies Can I Use?

Job portals are a great hiring tool that companies can use to post different job descriptions and job specifications. This allows potential hires to go to the direct job suitable to their skills. Having a database that lists all the right, appropriate job applicants means that time can be saved when it comes to trying to find the next employee. That said, there are both disadvantages and advantages.

As an advantage for the passive job seeker resumes can be stored indefinitely but often this is not a guarantee a company will phone you when a position becomes available. It tends to be that the most proactive job seekers are the most successful ones as they follow up on their immediate applications.

Total Access

Available 24/7, job databases provide accessibility that previously was unavailable for companies looking to broaden their base of prospective hires. Instead of wait times, jobs can be posted to sites immediately. Less expensive than newspaper adverts, job boards also allow employees to know when companies are hiring saving time on the job hunt.

Cutting recruitment costs while saving the company valuable time through an automated process, online recruitment is now a vital tool. While sometimes the applicant can simply pass on your website for you to get valuable knowledge.

At the first hurdle, you need to be aware to give the correct job specifications and job description with your posting to ensure candidates have the right qualifications.

Best Techniques

To attract the right candidates with suitable skill sets and qualifications, right off the bat a detailed job description is the first step in the online hiring process. Eventually, companies looking to jump on board the online recruitment ship should include e-recruitment in the overall recruitment strategy of the organization. By using a detailed and structured tracking system for hiring, you can compile a comprehensive list to process through.

Using Online Recruitment Has Benefits

There are many advantages to using online recruitment to help you find qualified individuals to fill the job openings you have available. If you have not started using online recruitment. Then you need to consider some of these advantages and weigh the benefits they have for you.

If you hire the majority of your employees by placing a help wanted sign in the window of your offices. You are limiting yourself to individuals that are currently capable of driving past your business. Some people are within driving distance of your establishment. But they never take the road you are on so they do not see the sign advertising your need for employees. Online recruitment allows the fact that you are looking for an employee to be posted on the internet where ten times the people will see it.

If you hang a sign in the window saying you are hiring. Then you have to have someone available to answer all of the questions that people have when they walk in.

The typical questions are:

  • What position is available
  • What experience is necessary
  • How much does the job pay
  • Are there any benefits like vacations, sick leave, or bonuses
  • Is it a full-time position or a part-time position
  • What hours will you be working

After all of the questions are answered then the people will need to fill out an application or turn in a resume. You will then need someone on your staff to look over the applications and do background checks on all applicants. Then you will need someone on your payroll to do the initial interview to see if the person understands what the work entitles. And if they are willing to work for the amount you are offering.

Then you will have to do the final interview to ascertain. Which of the many applicants you are going to choose to hire? Online recruitment saves you from all of these hassles. Because you generally hire an employment agency to do the online recruitment for you. This means your house employees can do their jobs rather than spend their valuable time interviewing applicants and answering questions. Online recruitment is one of the quickest ways for you to reach a large number of people.

Who are qualified to do the work you have?

The employment agency that you hire to do this action for you may already have several clients. They represent on an individual basis that is qualified for the opening. At the very least your posting will likely be on the internet within a few hours of you hiring the employment agency.

A large number of online recruitment services are now being provided as a flat fee service. This means the agency you hire will quote you an exact price. That you will pay them to advertise the job for you. Included with the advertising will also be background checks, educational checks, and initial interviews. You will save time and money on your employee search.

Online recruitment is the way that the majority of businesses are looking for their future employees. Employee online recruitment is handled by agencies like Response Web Recruitment for a one-time flat rate.

Online Recruitment is Helpful For Both Companies And Job Seekers

Online recruitment agencies have made the life of many job seekers easy. Many job consultant agencies guide people through online recruitment. Many people are looking for jobs. Several people are looking to change their job this online recruitment is one of the options which they must look at. Online recruitment is considered to be the best option because many people stay online 24 hours almost.

When they are sleeping they are always connected to the internet. This online recruitment is one of the options which people must look for. The recruitment through internet is made famous by Indian consultant agencies. This service was introduced in India and many job seekers successfully got the job because of this option.

Many people are looking for jobs and most people sit on the internet or search, browse, chat and do various other things. The recruitment consultants thought of introducing this concept. So that people do not need to run away after the companies.

Online Recruitment Process

First for applying for the job and next for giving the interview sessions. With this concept, many people can easily get jobs. This is helpful for both the company and the clients. We have seen that many incompetent people have good degrees. But are not able to speak up at the right time.

Thus this online recruitment option helps people to ease the pressure on the companies and also the applicant. Now the applicant does not have to wait for the interview session to apply for the job. The applicant can give the interview online and then can think of waiting for the call.

This also helps the companies to clear out the people who are incompetent at the first level only. Later on, the company calls the people who are applying for the job and have a general discussion round with employees. The companies at this level check the competent skills of the person. Later on, the companies deduct most of the people and then have an interview session round. Where the interviewee and the interviewer get to know more about each other.

Thus if someone is looking for a job, then he or she must go to recruitment consultants and ask them about the various jobs which can suit them.


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