What Is Interactive Data Visualization? Benefits And Examples


Understanding Interactive Data Visualization

Interactive data visualizations display data in a unique visual way to be analyzed and interpreted. Using this data, you can use interactive data visualizations as a tool or part of a process to help drive better decision-making and interpolation. It is advantageous to utilize interactive data visualizations because they offer more engagement than static representations. These visualizations show real-time data. Data visualizations generate more detail, insights, questions, and information. Also, interactive data visualizations have the power to interpret complex stories with large data sets for an extended period. In contrast, static visualizations may not be able to visualize the whole picture and are limited in their relevancy.

Here we will discuss how to leverage the use of visualizations. First are ways interactive data visualizations are beneficial; second, examples of visualizations; and last is how you can create interactive data visualizations.

Benefits of Interactive Data Visualization 

  1. Make Smarter, Faster Decisions

Visual information is easier to digest than plain text. Interactive visualizations take it a step further by making you engage with the data. Directly seeing and interacting with the data allows you to intake the content faster and thus act on a decision more quickly.  Human nature makes it easier to process information faster when interacted with and visualized.

  1. Do More Analysis and Exploration

Interactive data visualizations are dimensional, allowing for examining different aspects of the information.  Interacting with the information gives the flexibility to analyze and explore trends, relationships, gaps, and manipulations related to the data.

  1. Stay On Top of Your Business

By partnering with a custom application development company, your business can thrive and stand out against the competition. Tell a story using your data in a way your competition will not.  Interactive data visualizations help internally and help any clients or external sources understand your business. Use these visualizations as a tool to leverage knowledge and grow your business.

Interactive Data Visualization Examples

There are many software companies in Calgary, but VizworX is a custom software development company that thrives in solutions such as interactive data visualization. A standard custom application development company does not enhance its data visualizations as VizworX does. VizworX creates interactive data visualizations and can integrate these visualizations into virtual or augmented reality. However, below are some examples of the interactive data visualizations they have provided for clients.

  • Energyphile – PhileSpace is a robust, story-driven interactive data visualization platform users can explore. PhileSpace content includes short stories and vignettes, which are short “postcards” highlighting the objects in the collection. Users can engage with and sort the content in several ways. Energyphile has received great feedback from users, who love being able to engage with the content in various ways.
  • Aurora X – The Aurora X is a 3D interactive data visualization of the Earth that can display geocentric datasets. VizworX’s team created a data visualization showing a 3D globe with an overlaying visual representation of the aurora generated from the sensor data. Researchers experienced significant increases in efficiency while looking for insights into the data. The research process became faster and more targeted.

Learn more about VizworX, their work history, and why they stand out against other software companies in Calgary. https://vizworx.com/

How to Create Interactive Data Visualizations?

  1. Data Integration

For a data visualization to be interactive, there must be some form of human input, such as clicking a button or sliding a bar. First, think about how someone can interact with the information to integrate data. What dimensions are involved in this data set, and how can it be transformed or manipulated? Think about these questions when considering how to integrate your data set. The integration should be intuitive and easy since people will use it to understand the data set in real-time. 

  1. Goal Definition

Set a goal when creating your interactive data visualization. Know what you want people to learn and acquire when interacting with the data. The visualization should clarify what the data represents, and the interaction should guide users on what they can discover within the visualization. Create a story of your data using the visualization.

  1. Visualization Design

Though aesthetic designs are lovely, prioritize the user experience and interface first. Since multiple people will interact with your visualization, UX/UI design is fundamental to developing interactive data visualizations. Users should get a feel of what the visualization data entails from their first glance before interacting with it. Upon interaction, layers of design should guide the user to discover more about the data set and the story it tells.

  1. Collaboration and Sharing

The best way to create an interactive data visualization is through the help of some sort of custom application development company. These companies specialize in creating interactive visualizations, and all you need to do is collaborate with them to define your goals and share the visualization. The rest is taken care of by the custom application development company.

Software companies in Calgary, such as VizworX, are enlisted by other companies to create their interactive data visualization as part of their custom solution development service. You will have constant involvement throughout the visualization development without needing to develop it yourself. Calgary’s software companies already have the resources to design, develop, and deploy any custom interactive data visualization specific to the contracted company and its users.

Now that you understand, you can contact a custom application development company, such as VizworX, to work with to elevate your business using interactive data visualizations.


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