What is Group Buy and its Benefits?

Group Buy and Its Benefits

Are you one of them who always seeks to make the most out of less money? As a consumer, you have many options to choose from. Instead of checking cashback or new deals on the internet, join group buying communities. BTO Group Buy is the most preferred option by consumers. And it is also recommended for saving more money.
So, do you want to know more about BTO Group Buy? For your ease, we have mentioned the benefits, use, and real meaning of Group buy.

What Is Group Buy?

Group buys are connected to community buying of many things such as groceries, furniture, or even electronics. Another name is a collective buy. The origin of this module is China, where it’s named team buying, store mobbing, or Tuán Gòu.
This new method of buying became popular because of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Telegram. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this trend was propelled. Many people used online shopping and delivery services frequently. Its top advantage is surely savings, as a buyer, you can get all these products below retail price.
As per a report, approx 50 estate collective buys have sprung up islandwide through and after the pandemic.
Well, the COVID-19 period is almost over, but the use of collective buying has adhered. Even the biggest brands like Shopee or Courts have begun their own collective buying drives.

The History of Group Buy

The co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, began an eCommerce startup named Mercata having a dubbed business plan “We Commerce.” In the year 2000, Mercata gave an online high-end electronic offer to buyers. The deal was, one has to sign up en-masse to purchase a product. And the price keeps falling when more people sign up for purchasing the same product. But this online store has not worked well, and in 2001 it gets closed. The only reason for Mercata’s failure was not capable of competing with big eCommerce stores.
During 2009, it was known as a collection of many industrial items for the wholesale sector (only in China). But nowadays, there are many variations of Tuán Gòu that have started in China.


There are a few simple rules for buying through Tuángòu. Check them out:
Purchasing should be done in dollar amount or minimum quantity.
When you want to buy only one product, invite your friends to join you.
Joint purchase is allowed in this.
There are many high demanding collective buy websites but you have to understand how community buying works. You can use it for purchasing real estate space too. Isn’t it great?

Model of Tuángòu

If buyers get fascinated by the website’s offers, they fill their payment information online and then wait. If the least number of individuals sign up for the corresponding deal, the offer gets approved, and they send the voucher to their inbox.
All the retailers, restaurants, or shops (only those who are partners with the discount website) take a massive price cut. It simply denotes that they have immediate access to a completely new group of consumers.
This model has a few obstacles to the entrance and has achieved recognition from businesses and shoppers.


Tuangou is originated in the Republic of China. This website benefits both users and sellers. The business sells many products at one time while the shoppers benefit as they pay less amount.
It is the most effective way of shopping, as mostly strangers and sometimes friends connect over this website. All of them agree on the purchase of the same product for getting discounts.

What Are The Benefits Of Group Buy?


The very first reason for Group buy is high discounts and exciting offers. As you know this kind of buying combine many consumers together. So, companies provide a high discount when there is a rise in their sale.

Zero Cost Membership

Many times GPOs (group purchasing organizations) offer zero-cost membership. It happens when a company is getting higher demand for items. If you think GPO is the right choice, see the one having substantial buying power, free membership, and a wide range of supply partners.

Low risk

BTO Group buys seek trust and long-lasting relationships. So, the chances of fraud and risk are lower. Even in collective buying, companies search for permanent customers. Therefore, companies searching for a permanent buyer can’t fool you.
You will get products at comparatively low prices. Also, BTo group buy allow users to check their details and inquire before purchase.

Top-quality Services

Most companies aim to serve their clients in the best way. It is because of getting more sales and revenue. For providing the topmost quality to their members, they twice check the items. Even many companies include a quality check team. So, all these measures lower purchasing risk.

Wide range of services

There are many services that it offers. It consists of:

  • eCommerce solutions
  • Benchmarking
  • Supply chain consulting
  • Revenue management
  • Safety initiatives
  • Materials management consulting
  • Technology assessments
  • Revenue management
  • Materials management outsourcing

Platform To Get Group Buying Deals

The best platform for collective buying deals is GOOGLE. Here you can search a long list of communities or companies.
Do you know many people purchase even their weekly groceries by just a group chat? For instance, you can find different chat groups for specific categories of items. It consists of a WhatsApp group for artificial grass, wooden furniture, flour, etc.
As a consumer, you can join or create existing groups to get the desired product. Members of the group get a golden opportunity to enjoy deals until it ends.
So, either you can search it on Google or you can join a WhatsApp group to grab the best deals.


A collective buy is the most powerful medium to enjoy the trendiest deals at the lowest price. Furthermore, it allows you to build a relationship with strangers via the internet.
We hope now you are ready to join a BTo Group Buy. If you have any doubts, please share them with us! Let’s tell in the comments will you choose group-buy for shopping or not.
Thanks for reading!


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