What Is Google Maps Scraping Tool?

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Extract Data From Google Maps To Excel

How To Scrape Data From Google Maps?

Google Maps scraping is a hot topic these days, as more and more companies are turning to this highly efficient and modern way of gathering leads for business from Google Maps.

It has become a b2b lead generation platform for b2b businesses, marketers, and freelancers. Google Maps is used by one billion people every month to plan trips, monitor traffic, for marketing a product or business and find out fresh and valid business information from thousands of businesses that have given their contact details through Google My Business.

By claiming their free business profile on Google Maps, these businesses are encouraged to share essential info, photos, logos, opening hours, emails, phone numbers, ratings, reviews, and more so that can find and contact them easily.

That information is useful for both customers and businesses. So what’s the best way to access all that data from Google Maps to Excel? The answer is Google Maps Scraping Tools.

How Does Google Maps Scraping Tool Help To Collect More Google Maps Data?

Data scraping from Google Maps is done by the use of web scraping tools to automate the process. These Google Maps Lead Generation Tools can tirelessly visit thousands of business listings at inhuman speed. And save whatever information they are programmed to collect from Google Maps.

If you want bulk data from Google Maps at affordable rates then you have to use a Google Maps Scraper tool. Because a Google Maps Lead Extractor finds and scrapes data from Google Maps without any restrictions and coding skills. A Google Maps Data Extractor enables you to gather as much data as you need from Google Maps and export it in a structured format such as Excel, CSV, or Text files.

Recently, Google Maps Scraping is affordable for the big companies only, as it involved hiring teams of skilled developers and building custom Google Maps scraping tools. But the emergence of Google Map Extractor has made it possible for anyone. You can scrape unlimited data from Google Maps in minutes without any programming skills.

What Is A Google Maps Scraping Tool?

Google Maps is undoubtedly a good source to generate b2b leads for your business and marketing campaigns, target a large number of potential customers globally, get email addresses, phone numbers, and other contact details of businesses to contact them directly, and check your position on our planet.

Google Maps Scraper is the perfect tool for Google Maps Scraping. You can get the contact details of your business partners, customers, and competitors. This Google Maps Contact Extractor tool automates the process of extracting data from Google Maps in a simple and interactive way. Unlike other tools, Google Maps Scraper works like a real user and detects useful data on Google Maps.

The Benefits Of Google Maps Scraper

With Google Maps Data Scraper, you can easily extract important data from Google maps to Excel: categories, addresses, business listings IDs, names, postal codes, email IDs, fax and phone numbers, longitude and latitude, states, social media links, latitudes, longitudes, established date, and website URLs. You can find business information from Google Maps based on specific keywords. You can research for data within a specific area or country by zip code.

Plus, Google Maps Email Extractor allows you to scrape business information comfortably and area-wise data with great care by zip codes. Once downloaded and activated the Google Map Extractor software, you just have to enter your keywords, zip codes, or categories to get data from Google Maps instantly. You can download data from Google Maps to your hard drive directly in CSV, Excel, or Text files. You can reuse it on your own website or blog to improve its search engine rankings.

Another prominent feature of Google Maps Data Extractor is that it supports google.maps.com and gives you full access to its options and buttons. The total daily limit of Google Maps Location Scraper is 2000 records. It means you can scrape data from 1500 to 2000 business profiles in a day.

Amazingly, Google Maps Crawler has a good maintenance system and customer support. Plus, it provides the users 3-day free trial with some limitations to check the performance of the software. And you can buy the license of the software for one month for just $49.99. Moreover, this business lead extractor tool is compatible with operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, NET Framework v4.6.2. or later.

What Can You Scrape With Google Maps Scraper?

The Google Maps Business Listing Scraper has been designed to make Google Maps scraping an easy task. By using this business tool, you can get all of the data for the following business:

Title, subtitle, category, description, and URL

Business address, location, or exact coordinates

Phone or Fax number

Email Address from website and business listing

Website URL

Temporarily or permanently closed status

Ratings and Reviews


Social media links

Opening hours, etc.

Going even deeper, the Leads Extractor Google Maps also lets you scrape detailed review data, including the review text, when it was published, number of stars, the response from the owner, review person name, how many reviews they’ve made.

Wrap Up:

We suggest using specific keywords (such as zip, area, category, business name, or business listing URLs) to get deeper and better results while scraping the data from Google Maps. Moreover, this leads scraper will not work accurately and will not show reliable results if there are changes in the Google Maps source codes. But, our team checked it every day and made changes recommended by customers, and updated it according to updates of Google Maps.

In short, Google Maps Business Data Scraper is suitable for enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, freelancers, and webmasters. And helps them get readable and scalable information from Google Maps. It works like a desktop application and automates real user behavior. We have more than 30,000 satisfied customers. If you are not a programmer and need data for your freelancing projects then you should try this Google Maps Reviews Scraper. Many freelancers, business owners, and marketers already using this lead extractor software for different purposes.

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