What Is Divorce Counselling And Is It Right For You?

divorce counselling

When people are going through a divorce, it can be a lengthy trial and emotions can run high. It is an unknown, uncharted event in a person’s life. You can feel emotions ranging from fear, distress, grief, loss and guilt to feelings of relief because a particularly difficult phase is coming to an end and something new can start. The permanence of divorce can be difficult to accept, so there is a rise in the number of couples seeking therapy or counselling for a divorce to better help them get into the next phase of their lives with comfort. 

What is divorce counselling?

Couples can go in for divorce counselling, which is a new form of therapy designed to assist couples dealing with complicated feelings post marriage and post divorce. This therapy is expected to bring the couple out of their shell in a more respectful, constructive manner. To lower the stress of a trying situation, persons engage in divorce counselling. The couple can see before the decision to divorce is made through objective insight and tools provided by the therapy what the right choice for them is. Not only does counselling provide support for a couple when they are going through a divorce but even after the divorce proceedings have been formalized. 

Since they are seeking therapy for the first time, couples do not understand the benefits of divorce counselling. Couples facing serious marital issues and struggles with separation stand to benefit from counselling from a professional. If you and your partner are facing unresolved issues or if you have already ended your marriage, divorce therapy is the answer to solving the problems.

Benefits of divorce counselling

What are the constructive benefits accruing from divorce counseling therapy? The couple are taught techniques to better manage negative feelings and work through conflicts including how to co-parent your children. They are guided to consider the option of divorce and decide on the future of your marriage in case you haven’t taken a decision yet. The couple can address many pent-up feelings of grievances towards the marriage before they can go their separate ways and positively start the next chapter of your life. An important corollary of the divorce therapy is for the couple to better understand what went wrong in your marriage and how to make relationships of the future successful. The divorce therapist works to ensure both parties air their problems and no one gets to be left out feeling as if their opinions and feelings are less important than their former partner’s. 

Counselling after a Divorce

After the divorce is finalized, you may need help with feelings of regret, guilt and shame to cope and post-divorce counselling can help. When these strong feelings are not dealt with positively, they could become negative feelings difficult to deal with. Your therapist can identify the negative emotions and teach you to love yourself post divorce.With children around, it is necessary to take some counselling as you will still maintain contact with your ex-spouse. 

When you are in a marriage, you were operating as a team. Your spouse decided with you about important aspects of your life. After the divorce, you are going solo and making decisions on your own. 

While it may be scary going out alone, you may even enjoy seeing a movie alone or meeting friends. There may be anxiety so you may want to avoid distressing situations. Post-divorce counselling can help relive the stress and put you back on your feet again.



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