What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?


What Is Breast Reduction Surgery? Breast reduction and lift, also known as reduction mammoplasty, reduces the size of the breasts in order to achieve a breast size that is proportionate to the body frame. Women with large breasts often experience discomfort from their breasts’ weight and can develop physical conditions like back pain, shoulder pain, breathing difficulties, and neck pain due to their breast size.


How Is Breast Reduction Performed?


During breast reduction surgery, also called reduction mammoplasty, excess fat and skin is removed from your breasts. The remaining tissue is repositioned and reshaped to give you smaller breasts that are more proportionate to your body. A breast lift can sometimes be done during breast reduction surgery; it helps support your new breast shape. Breast lift alone isn’t recommended for those with heavy breasts because of a high risk of deflation (sagging). When done together, breast lift and reduction are sometimes called mastopexy.


How To Prepare For Breast Reduction Surgery?


There’s no one way to prepare for breast reduction surgery. It may involve making some lifestyle changes (drinking more water, taking a calcium supplement), but also changing your physical habits (bracing yourself against walls, not sleeping on your stomach). Most of all, you should make sure you’re mentally prepared: because it’s major surgery that can cause scarring and impact sensitivity, it might take several months before you feel comfortable wearing a bikini again. In fact, some women have even reported losing their sense of smell after undergoing breast reduction surgery—so make sure to ask your doctor what signs to look out for during recovery!

How Long Does Breast Reduction Surgery Take?


One of the biggest advantages to breast reduction surgery is that it can be performed quickly. Most surgeries last between two and three hours, and many patients are able to return home shortly afterward. In some cases, patients may be asked to stay overnight in a hospital following their procedure, but they should feel up to going home within a day or two at most. Talk with your doctor about his or her preferred recovery time frame and plan accordingly; you’ll likely have plenty of questions about how long things will take!


Is The Breast Reduction Procedure Painful?


A breast reduction procedure does not need to be painful. If a patient has some moderate to severe pain after her surgery, it is usually caused by a medical complication, such as bleeding or infection. In these cases, it is important that patients contact their surgeon and inform them of their discomfort as soon as possible. Your doctor will be able to tell you what measures they can take in order to minimize your discomfort and restore your comfort level quickly. With a skilled surgeon who knows how to properly perform breast reduction surgery , you will likely feel some soreness but no more than you might feel after running for several miles or doing other strenuous exercise.


How Much Does A Breast Reduction Cost?


The cost of breast reduction surgery can vary greatly. It depends on whether you are covered by health insurance, your provider and where you live. You should expect to pay around $3,000-$10,000 for breast reduction surgery in 2015. Most surgeons offer financing options to cover part or all of your procedure costs. There are no income requirements as some cosmetic surgeries are considered elective and may be paid out-of-pocket by patients. It is important to get a detailed quote from your surgeon so you have an idea of what you’ll pay out-of-pocket, but in general you shouldn’t have any surprises when it comes time to settle up at checkout.


What Do I Wear After Breast Reduction Surgery?


During recovery, it’s important to follow your surgeon’s instructions and take it easy. You may be in pain or uncomfortable, so you don’t want to do anything that will increase discomfort. If possible, get a friend or family member to help out with driving and/or errands while you heal. It may be tempting to jump right back into your old wardrobe once you leave the hospital, but taking things slow can help avoid complications. Most doctors advise wearing supportive bras during recovery, which can make a big difference in reducing pain and speeding up healing.


When Can You Wear A Regular Bra After Breast Surgery?


While you should be fitted for a sports bra before your procedure, some women find that they can wear regular bras within a few weeks. For example, most doctors recommend waiting at least one month after breast reduction surgery to remove your bandages and start wearing bras. But if you’re having breast lift surgery as well as reduction, your doctor may tell you to wait two months instead of one. It’s important to follow your surgeon’s instructions exactly—but if in doubt, it never hurts to ask when you can start wearing a regular bra again.

Breast Reduction Before And After Pictures


A breast reduction, or breast reduction surgery, is a cosmetic procedure to reshape larger breasts. A reduction is usually done to relieve pain caused by large breasts rubbing on your back and shoulders and to improve your posture. It’s also done to help you feel more confident about your body. The results of a breast reduction are permanent—once you’ve had it done, there’s no going back!

What Do I Need Before Scheduling A Breast Reduction Appointment?


Before you schedule a breast reduction appointment, you will want to make sure that you have obtained some important information. For example, you should have already scheduled an appointment with your primary care physician to discuss your personal medical history and any other health concerns. Also, it is recommended that you talk to family members and loved ones about your decision to undergo breast reduction surgery so they can offer their support throughout your recovery period. In addition, you should schedule an appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in performing breast reduction procedures. Your surgeon will conduct a consultation so they can go over all of your options with regard to treatment methods and available surgical techniques.


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