What is a Hybrid Cooling System?


You have heard about numerous cooling systems, such as evaporative coolers that use water, air conditioners that use gas as a refrigerant, etc. Today, we are going to talk about a hybrid cooling system, which uses less water and less electricity to cool down the atmosphere.

With decreasing fuel and energy resources, a large percentage of the population is working

to save energy and reduce fuel consumption.

Many people are using eco-friendly appliances and considering that many companies are focusing on manufacturing and designing products that are good for nature.

So, let’s understand how hybrid coolers are being used as an environmental savior.

How Do Hybrid Coolers Work?

A hybrid system’s main components consist of heat exchanger coils, a fan, a water pump, a water tank, a humidification system, and an air distribution system. It also uses IEC (indirect evaporative cooling) combined with MVC (mechanical vapor compression).

To cool the air first, the fan in the cooler brings outside air into the cooling filters. The air then passes through a heat rejection system, which helps in cooling the air without the use of water. Apart from this, hybrid cooling also uses the evaporation method in the case of excessive temperature in the summer seasons.

The Benefits of Hybrid Coolers
  • This cooling system provides cooling through the dry cooling method as well, which makes it easier to use in water-scarce places.
  • It’s IEC and MVC combinations result in less energy use, resulting in low electricity bills.
  • It is easier to maintain than traditional air conditioners and has a lower maintenance cost.
  • It is environmentally friendly because it leaves no carbon footprint and uses low energy and water consumption.
  • This cooling system does not recirculate the same air inside the room but instead uses outside air to make your indoor area fresh and vibrant.
  • It filters outside air when the air goes through different cooling filters and refrigerants.
  • It can be used in open areas as well, unlike air conditioners, which need airtight places to cool down the indoor area.
  • These coolers have a lower cost than air conditioners.


Keeping the above in mind, we can conclude that hybrid coolers are a great fit for saving energy,

as well as your health and the environment.

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