What Is A Brand Marketing Strategy?


A brand marketing strategy encompasses everything from your color scheme and logo to the interactions and experiences consumers have with your brand, products, and services. Your branding strategy should plan every step in the customer journey your customers take while interacting with your website, social media, personal experience, experience with a customer service rep, and so on.

As you build the elements of your branding strategy, ask yourself the following questions.

Who is our audience?

What are our brand values?

What promises do we want to make and keep to consumers?

What is the personality or tone of our brand?

Where should our brand be sold or advertised?

Brand strategy is a must

A why? What is the purpose of your brand? Are you hoping to make life easier for consumers? Will you be part of some of the greatest moments in a consumer’s life? Develop what your “why” is and maintain it across all channels and content.

One vote. What kind of personality do you want your brand to have? Are you educational and formal, empowering, fun or something else? Use this voice in all areas of the company including email, social media, personal or telephone engagement, internal communications, etc.

Consistency. When a consumer comes across your brand through social media, their experience should be the same as that of a customer service representative. Maintain consistent experiences across all communication channels.

Emotion. Most brands have the ability to connect with consumers on an emotional level. By identifying a connection, you can use a consumer’s emotions to build a stronger connection and trust.

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Be relatable. Being a relatable brand can help you build trusting relationships with consumers. Use engaging graphics that do more than just appeal to your brand, respond to customer reviews, highlight the “why” of your business, and tell real stories about how your brand came about.

A logo. Your logo is one of the most important visualizations for your brand. Coca Cola, Starbucks, Nike, Apple and McDonald’s are some of the most famous and recognized brand logos in the world. Make your logo as memorable as this one

Design and Marketing Assets. You will need an arsenal of assets. Print, media, fonts, color schemes, email banners, internal documents and more.

Include a social media marketing strategy in your plan

Social media is constantly evolving. Initially, it was a way for people to interact with their friends and family. Nowadays it is a common way of getting messages, information, and network interactions. For brands, it’s the most important place to interact with consumers, showcase products or features, and much more. Because of this, having a social media branding strategy as part of your overall branding strategy is a great idea.

Follow these steps to ensure you have a solid social media marketing strategy.

Set goals. Do you want to increase your fan base? Are you hoping to generate a percentage of sales or leads from social media? Whatever your goals, start planning by figuring out exactly what they are. Knowing that they can continue to develop throughout the year. If you fail to achieve your goals, regroup and reconsider your strategy.

Know your audience. This is important to your overall branding strategy, but it limits it for social media. Use relevant hashtags and follow accounts related to your brand. Consider working with other like-minded brands to attract their followers too. This is essentially the “backlink” of social media.

Create a social media content calendar. There will be reasons to make posts like a new product version or an unforeseen pandemic like COVID-19 on the fly. For the most part, however, you should be posting regularly scheduled posts.

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Create an influencer strategy. The aimless selection of influencers to increase brand awareness won’t hurt. To maintain both a successful partnership and successful brand promotion, you need to choose influencers in your industry. You can easily find them on social media platforms by searching for relevant hashtags.

Research seasonality. DigitalMarketingLahore Instant offers keyword research to help you find keywords and their search trends. Below you can see the volatility of certain keys words during the year. Schedule the most relevant social posts for your brand at the most convenient times to close a sale.

Your brand needs a social media marketing strategy – DigitalMarketingLahore

A brand marketing strategy is important to the overall health of your brand. These include awareness, customer relationships, recognition, dealing with difficulties or hiccups in the company, etc. Developing a branding strategy that can support your audience is key. Think about your strategy and brand in all campaigns, posts and customer interactions.


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