What if you cut your hair with regular scissors?


There’s a lot of discussion about whether it’s okay to cut your hair with regular scissors. I’ll bluntly admit that I regularly cut my hair with any scissors I can find. When I was younger, I trimmed split ends with office scissors, and now that I’m older. I trim bangs and ends of hair with kitchen scissors and Best hair cutting clippers.

What is the difference between ordinary scissors and barber scissors?

Barber scissors are more properly called “scissors”. There are many different types of scissors for cutting hair and also for use in the garden or kitchen.

Best hair cutting clippers are designed to cut hair. You can get them in many different lengths, but many experts prefer scissors no larger than 5.5 inches. Any longer, and the scissors are too large to move around expertly, or open and close without too much pressure. If you’re new to cutting hair, you’ll want to find the smallest possible pair of scissors, because big long blades can mean big long blinds.

Hair clippers tend to be very smooth (meaning they’re not thick and have very small handles) and come with tips so you can jump right in and make some really precise cuts. However, if you use them around children and people who can’t sit still, you can make them slightly rounded at the ends. Some scissors have a “pink rest” on the end of one of the finger holes to give you more control when cutting.

But in fact, the main difference between hair clippers and regular kitchen scissors is that they are much sharper than regular scissors. You wouldn’t want to use scissors to cut other things around the house, like paper or rope, without risking blunting the sharp edges.

Why can’t I cut my hair with regular scissors? Why are scissors better?

Hairdressing experts believe that cutting your hair with a dull tool can damage the ends of your hair. One of the analogies I see is comparing hair to the fabric. When you cut fabric with a pair of dull scissors, the edges of the fabric are often frayed, split, and usually look bad.

Best Regular scissors tend to be blunter, or at least blunter than scissors. Therefore, it is difficult to cut a straight line through the hair with dull scissors.

I can attest that this is true. When cutting a small section of hair with kitchen scissors, I have to cut and cut and cut and cut to get through the hair, kind of like I want to cut a thick rope. I also tried cutting the same amount of hair with scissors and found that they cut straight through the hair like butter.

Yes, dull scissors have a hard time keeping you looking clean and tidy (but I don’t mind because my hair is curly and I keep it in a ponytail because I’m a mom who has the time)

But the total of professional objections is that dull scissors can dull and uneven haircuts, need to be cleaned up quicker than usual, and can even lead to split ends.

Know how sharp enough the scissors are?

You can test whether your scissors or shears are sharp enough to cut your hair by taking a thread and doubling it. Open the pro hair cutting shears, press lightly, and pass the double wire through one of the blades (without closing the scissors). The wire should be easy to cut. Then test another blade. If the blades can cut through double strands without putting too much pressure on the thread, you might be able to cut your hair with them.

However, if you find that while cutting your hair, you are turning the scissors on and off over and over to cut through a small amount of hair, you will need to sharpen them or get a sharper pair of scissors since you are cutting your hair with matte scissors.

Scissors come in different shapes.

If you examine scissors and kitchen shears, you will find that barber scissors tend to be easy to handle, while kitchen shears get the job done. Scissors tend to be lighter and thinner with shorter blades.

As a user of said blade, this makes it easier for you to cut what you want to cut, rather than accidentally cutting someone (or not cutting at all).

Does that matter? Scissors or specialized hair clippers?

Honestly, from personal experience and my research, if you use a pair of scissors (of any kind) that are sharp enough, you seem to be okay, no matter what purpose they are made or sold.

The advice is to get a pair of scissors for hair care and use them only to cut your hair and nothing else to keep them sharp. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you buy a pair for $5 or $500, as long as they’re easy to use and sharp enough in your hand.

What if I can’t find a hair clipper?

If you want a special pair of hair-cutting scissors but can’t find anything specifically for hair, your next best option is to find a pair of cloth scissors. They are usually sharp, like hair clippers and can be handled skilfully.

Can you cut your hair?

Of course! But you have to do it with the right expectations. If you want to clean up your ends a bit or update your bangs for a softer look, you can probably do it without a hitch. But if what you want is some really precise lines, or you want to do some crazy stuff in the head area where you can’t see everything, then you’re probably asking for trouble.

I recommend that you only cut your hair with hair cutting shears when no big event or photos are coming up. Oh yes, don’t cut it too short, if you need someone to fix it, you want to keep some hair for the stylist to work on!

I’m kidding, I’m kidding. As I said, I cut a lot of my hair because I don’t want to spend time going to the salon or spending money.

No one sees my hair now anyway! But the reason I think it works for me is that I don’t try to cut my bangs straight to my forehead. I don’t have to worry about my hair being long back.

If I do need bangs or straight hair, I go to the salon every time.

Scissors are cheaper than you think

Think professional-grade barber scissors are out of your budget? Maybe not…! While creating this article, I browsed Amazon’s offerings and found a few pairs of scissors that are pretty affordable and Best hair cutting clippers.

Hair clippers aren’t as scary as you think

One more thing I should mention is that I often use electric clippers to cut my boy’s hair. I do think this experience gave me more confidence to cut my hair with kitchen shears or scissors.

I think a lot of people are afraid of electric scissors because of the noise. Or the fear of being bitten by fingers or ears or anything else.

I think cutting hair with scissors at home is a great way to save money. Keep my kids’ hair looking neat and slender. Because I don’t have to take the time to send them to the barbershop.

I would also say that my fear of biting a child or hurting myself is unfounded. Even after five years, I have never cut myself or my child with the trimmer. Despite my initial fear and fear for Best hair cutting clippers.

I might save 4 or 5 barbershop trips a year for 2 boys, maybe $20 per kid. Multiplied by 2 kids, multiplied by 4…which easily pays for the clipper. (Heck, the Clippers pay for themselves after their first haircut) and Best hair cutting clippers.

This series of Best Haircuts for Sale on Amazon is affordable, and comes with tons of guards. So you can easily do all the fading yourself, auto-sharpens (a huge plus). It’s wire with long battery life.

Can be cheaper, but not recommended. When I started cutting boys’ hair, I bought the cheapest pair I could find (about $25). But the scissors quickly dulled. Cut more than I did, and were useless at all. Sharpening them again is easy.

Do you cut your hair?

If so, let us know how it turns out in the comments! What is your style and how do you do it?Let our readers know so we can learn! Thank you all, we will introduce you in the next article.


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