What Factors to Consider Before Contacting Medical Equipment Manufacturers?

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The increasing need for patient-friendly medical devices has given a productive rise to its manufacturing market. India’s manufacturing market for medical equipment is enjoying a fair share of profit by offering innovative surgical and therapeutic devices. Some of the forerunners are Centenial Surgical Suture LTD, Cure Spects Laser Ltd, Johari Digital Healthcare, and Opto Circuits Limited, and many more. As a supplier or dealer of medical devices, you need to find the best medical equipment manufacturers in Kolkata. With many What Factors to Consider before contacting medical equipment manufacturers?

unscrupulous entities selling copied or fake devices, the market is no longer safe to rely on. To contact the manufacturers, make sure to consider the following factors – 

  • Quality and Certification/license– The first and foremost thing to consider when buying medical equipment is checking the quality. Make sure to check whether the devices are certified by the ISO or not. ISO is known for providing independent confirmation. Their certification is not manipulated by the manufacturers or the distributors. Ask the manufacturer or the supplier to produce the ISO certificate. Check the authenticity. It will be best if you can have research to get enough background information about the manufacturer. Look for their past records and current revenue margin. 
  • After-service – When it comes to buying medical devices, after-service is a demanding requirement. No matter the quality of the equipment, a technical device can misbehave at any time. You might need to upgrade, replace, or have a simple adjustment with the device. For that, the manufacturer or supplier should provide after-sale service. Ask them directly about this by contacting their customer care executives. To have the ultimate purchase satisfaction, a reputed company would definitely provide warranty service. Hence, always buy from reputable manufacturers. 
  • Testing and reviews – Your decision to buy from a particular manufacturer/supplier also depends on these two factors – testing and reviews. If a company is reputed, you will find so many reviews and customer feedback. These help to know whether a company is properly certified or not and whether they provide after-sales service or not. Besides searching through company websites, you can also depend on the utility search portals. Most of the utility search directories offer verified contact details and show ratings. Check them before purchasing. 
  • The variety offered by the manufacturers – If you are simply looking for a trusted supplier, then you need to see how many types of products he/she is selling. Generally, a good and reputed supplier offers a variety of products from renowned brands. 
  • Technical know-how – You need to know how to operate the device if you are buying it for yourself or for any of your family members. On the other hand, if you work as an individual technician who both offers installation and products, then you need to have OEM service training. Many times, you can opt for the demonstration and other necessary access details directly from the manufacturer. Check whether your preferred company is offering the same or not. 
  • Functionality: The most important part while purchasing any medical type of equipment from manufacturers or suppliers is the quality.
    Never compromise with quality because quality matters in terms of purchasing medical equipment. Apart from quality, the most vital part is to understand the functionality of the medical equipment.If you do not know how to operate, then it becomes tough to work with that equipment. So, before purchasing the medical equipment it is a must for the operator to understand the functionality and if you find it hard to operate it, then request for the manual book or schedule a training from the manufacturers.
    So, anyone willing to buy the equipment, I would recommend them to undergo training for a few weeks to understand the technicalities of the product and also ask for the manual from the manufacturers or suppliers.
  • Offers on the bulk products: Most of the medical equipment or products are actually brought by the hospitals and health care centers in bulk. So before buying any of the products, it is recommended to inquire about the various offers and discounts provided by the medical equipment manufacturers or suppliers. Many times the suppliers give huge discounts to the customers for bulk purchases.
  • Look For Warranty: An essential factor to consider before contacting medical equipment manufacturers or suppliers is to check the warranty. Go for a long warranty option that covers even the maintenance service of the equipment. The warranty ensures protection from the high servicing cost in case of a breakdown in equipment.
  • Research and evaluate the Manufacturers –  Before buying a medical product, thorough research on the manufactures or suppliers is worth a while. Proper research will give you insights and will help you to find certified and quality suppliers or manufacturers. Thus, it will prevent you from fraud and cheaters.
  • Careful Inspection and testing before taking the delivery: Before taking charge of the new medical equipment from the manufacture or dealer, you must do the proper checking of the functioning of the device in front of them. And if you find any malfunctioning on the new device, hand it over to them instantly and ask to replace it with the new one.
  • Review the Installation procedure: Newly purchase medical equipment should be reviewed after installation to check whether it is working properly or not. So, post-installation test and ensure that the device is working properly without any malfunctioning. You can also technical support if you think you need it.

  • Arrange a room to for new equipment–An vast observe approximately setting the medical equipment device and growing enough area could help in designing the room accordingly. The workout must additionally consist of electric and plumbing connections.

These above-mentioned steps for finding medical equipment suppliers or manufacturers in Kolkata might be time-consuming. However, they are necessary since you are going to invest a large amount of money.

Summary – Looking for medical equipment manufacturers in Kolkata? Before you find and purchase, make sure to consider factors like quality of the devices, a certificate from ISO, after-sale service, testing, and reviews.

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