What factors do people not know that send them toward IVF procedure?

IVF procedure

Many people confuse the Test tube baby and IVF treatment. Let me tell you that both are the same terms. IVF, or Test tube baby, is a treatment that allows women to give birth to their babies outside the ladies’ body. The term that comes into action to execute the whole process is known as In Vitro Fertilisation. This is the only method that does not allow infertile people to lose their hope of getting a baby. You can treat your infertility at the test tube baby center in Ludhiana under the supervision of trained staff and doctors.

Moreover, always try to visit more than one fertility expert while planning to adopt IVF treatment. You can take the help of the internet, your friends, and other advertisement options that will allow you to select the best doctor. We recommend you the Best IVF Doctor in Ludhiana. They fulfill numerous infertile couples’ hopes of getting a Baby with an IVF procedure. In addition to this, the IVF Centre in Punjab always welcomes infertile couples who are tired by adopting all other medications and injections to conceive their pregnancy. You should once try to pay your visit to our clinic to get fruitful results with the test tube baby process.

What significant steps perform during the test tube baby process?

To get a biological child successfully, you have to go through various steps:

  • Egg production via hormone therapy: To develop the internal follicles of women’s ovaries, different kinds of hormone growth injections come into action. These injections allow eggs to grow quickly and adequately.

  • Eggs received from the ovary: Here, the vaginal ultrasound probe performs to check and retrieve the eggs from the ovary and send them into the lab for further procedure.

  • Sperm sample: Here, a man will create a fresh sample of his sperm to continue the other pregnancy process.

  • Combining women’s egg and male sperm: After taking male sperm, your fertility expert will mix both men’s sperm and women’s egg in a petri dish. These mixed substances keep in the incubator for a few days.

  • Introducing Fertilised Eggs: Here, the mixture of male sperm and women’s egg forms an embryo. Then, under the observation of a fertility expert’s team, this embryo moves to the women’s uterus.

What unknown reasons pull people towards IVF treatment?

  • Endometrial Polyps: It refers to the uterine cavity that occurs in the outer lining of the uterus and reduces the possibility of fertility. It may sometimes block the uterus with a swelling form of infection.

  • Unknown Factors: Several strange ailments lead to infertility. Even researchers do not reach their root cause and factor that why it happens. Thanks to new fertility methods that help couples get their pregnancy with technical procedures.

  • Male Factor Infertility: This happens due to poor sperm quality, erectile dysfunction, premature evacuation impotence, etcetera.

  • Diminished Ovarian Reserve: It relates to the quantity and quality of eggs. Due to the increasing age, women’s ovaries decrease their capacity to produce eggs to perform pregnancy.


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