What Exactly Is Coolsculpting Fat Freezing Treatment?

 fat freezing treatment
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CoolSculpting is an innovative fat-freezing treatment that utilizes modern science to help you lose fat without invasive surgery. This fast and non-intrusive treatment will streamline your body for a more balanced and better appearance all around. Following is what you should know about this non-invasive fat-freezing treatment.

 What is the process used by this fat freezing treatment? 

During the procedure, a doctor will insert a thin stainless steel cannula into each lip. He or she will then proceed to suck out fat cells from the targeted areas using the cannula. After the fat cells are sucked out, the cannula is sealed up and left to cool off at room temperature. The result is a lip that has been sculpted and reshaped to fit your natural contours.

 fat freezing treatment


How does this fat-freezing work? 

This unique technology is based on Cryolipolysis, which involves the freezing of fat using liquid nitrogen. The most popular type of Cryolipolysis used in this fat-freezing treatment comes in the form of liposuction. The patient will experience a less invasive procedure, which allows the doctor to treat more body areas at one time.

The great thing about using cryolipolysis is that the patient does not have to undergo painful and invasive liposuction surgery. A large variety of treatments are available, depending on how much fat you want to remove and what part of your body it is located. For example, if you only want to remove pockets of fat in your waist, stomach, and hips, liposuction is the right choice; however, if you are looking to eliminate unwanted fat from your thighs, back and neck, fat freezing treatment maybe your best option.

Two main types of fat freezing treatments-

Ultrasonic liposuction technique

One is known as the ultrasonic liposuction technique. Using ultrasonic technology, the doctor will generate ultrasonic sound waves that freeze the target area’s fat cells. Although some fat cells may still survive the ultrasonic treatment, they cannot jump into the body’s cavities.

Liposuction :

The other method of fat freezing used today is the non-invasive weight loss treatment known as liposuction. In this procedure, a cannula is inserted into the targeted fat cells. These cannulas are small enough to avoid any damage to the surrounding tissue, making the process safe and effective. The cannula is then gently guided by the surgeon into the fat cells. As the cannula moves into the fat cells, the body’s heat melts the fat cells, causing them to collapse. The collapse leaves a natural-looking contour to the stomach area.

Both non-invasive and invasive fat freezing treatments have their benefits and advantages. While the non-invasive method may take longer than the pushy, it has fewer complications and recovery time. The treatments’ cost depends on the clinic, but they all are much less expensive than traditional cosmetic surgeries. However, regardless of which fat freezing technique a patient chooses, both methods are incredibly effective at sculpting the body.

Cool Sculptures :

Both types of procedures can be beneficial. The key is choosing the right clinic to undergo your process. If you are interested in using cools sculptures or body sculpting to sculpt your body, contact an experienced, qualified cosmetic surgeon today. Our board of directors are qualified and certified plastic surgeons and laser specialists.You may contact online some authorized websites like estemedicalgroup.uk .

During your procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will carefully manipulate the laser to destroy your chosen number of vitrectomy fat cells using special lasers and instrumentation. Non-invasive Coolsculpting Fat Freezing treatments do not destroy the existing fat cells. They only open up the area, making it more possible for future therapies to be performed on the body part affected with Coolsculpting Fat Freeze.


If you’re considering either non-invasive or invasive Coolsculpting Fat Freezing treatments, you must consult with an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Your surgeon should be able to answer all of your questions. In general, they will start with an examination to determine if you are the right candidate for the procedure. They will also want to know about your lifestyle to make sure that you will maintain your new body shape after your Coolsculpting Fat Freezing treatments. It’s important to ask questions.

If you decide that you would prefer to have Coolsculpting Fat Freezing treatments performed instead of liposuction, you’ll need to find a surgeon who performs this procedure regularly. You can look in your local yellow pages, or you can search online. Many qualified cosmetic surgeons provide this type of procedure, and they can even recommend a good doctor for you. With the assistance of a quality surgeon, you’ll be able to regain your confidence and regain your youthful appearance.



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