What does translation services in Dubai mean?

translation in Dubai

Dubai may be in the Middle East, but it’s becoming increasingly popular as an international business hub and tourist destination, so you may need to translate documents in Arabic or other languages into English in order to do business there or plan your trip. Below, we’ll explain how much a translation of legal documents costs in Dubai and what factors affect the price. If you have additional questions after reading this article, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Who needs translations and why

You probably don’t think of translation as a necessity, but you should. Translation services have grown exponentially over recent years and are now essential to cross-border business. With English quickly becoming one of (if not) the most commonly spoken languages, more and more people are hiring translators to translate their websites, marketing material and other documents for a variety of reasons. Not only that, but certain documents such as agreements or patents must be translated from source language into another language and then back again before they can be enforced or acted upon by law. Regardless of your reason for using translation services, it’s safe to say that there’s probably at least one area of your business that could benefit from having content translated into another language(s).

Types of jobs that need translations

Bukhari has translated their listings from English to Arabic, French, German, Italian and Spanish. But let’s focus on just one of these languages: Arabic. In Arabic-speaking regions such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Morocco translate into your local dialect is something that companies take very seriously. Bukhari is no different. The translations on their website are conducted by native translators who know what they’re doing – ensuring that you’re listing will stand out and make you more money! As an agency that specializes in legal translation in Dubai, our experience makes us able to handle even complex projects quickly and at an extremely competitive price point. If you need a translation in Dubai or anywhere else in UAE, we can help! We can also help with translations for business cards and advertising materials such as billboards or banners.

Translation costs

To get an accurate idea of how much you’ll pay for translation services, consider factors like: Word count. How long is your source document, and what’s it comprise of (for example, text only or text mixed with images)? Word count matters because it directly impacts how many words will you translate. Longer documents mean more words that have to translate professional translators in Dubai. Editing service. Many companies that provide translation services also offer editing services to ensure that your translations are error-free. Translation speed/turnaround time. Some translation companies can produce translations more quickly than others, so ask about typical turnaround times for specific kinds of documents and jobs before committing to anything.

Online tools for translators

It’s hard to pin down exact costs of translation services, because every situation is different and prices can vary. You need to consider various factors like what kind of service you need, language combination, time frame, etc. Generally speaking, translation pricing falls into two categories: per word and per hour rates. Some translation companies charge according to a price per word multiplied by the source text length (so with 100 words in your document at $0.15 per word your total bill would be $15). Other companies charge an hourly rate (i.e., if you need 5 hours of translation services at $50/hour then it will cost you $250). The most common scenario is when customers ask for both types of pricing estimates.

Additional expenses when translating in Dubai

If you need help with your translation in Dubai, you’ll likely have to pay for extra services beyond simply hiring a translator. It may be helpful to know that translator fees aren’t all that different from one country to another: Prices per word tend to fall between US$0.08 and $0.28, regardless of whether they’re based on an hourly rate or by word count. That said, there are additional expenses associate with translating in Dubai, including localization services (the process of converting text from one language into another) and legal translation costs. Of course, these factors vary widely depending on exactly what your text entails and where it needs to translate (for example: Did it need localize?

Tips for getting accurate quotes

Getting an accurate translation quote can be tricky. First, you need to understand that the translation rate is going to be based on two factors: how complex your text is and how large of a document you’re translating. You should also make sure to request multiple quotes for each stage of your translation project. While many companies in Dubai have bulk discounts or even flat rates. It’s still worth it to get several different rates from different translators. So you know what you can expect.

Negotiating price

For example, if you have interest in translating your 25-page business contract from English to Arabic. And were using a translator or translation agency base out of Cairo, Egypt; Amman, Jordan; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; or Beirut, Lebanon. All cities with professional translators. He price would most likely be $.24 per source word for translate text produce via an online interface ($800 for 10 hours of work). For translated text produced via human translation (an actual translator being present). You could expect to pay $.28 per source word ($960 for 10 hours of work). If you’re doing any legal translation in Dubai, note that most law firms have contracts specifically detailing their expectations with regard to meeting deadlines and invoicing.


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