What do you mean by marketing funnel in real estate?


There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the marketing funnel will vary depending on the specific real estate market. However, in general, the marketing funnel for real estate can be broken down into three main stages: awareness, consideration, and decision. In the awareness stage, potential buyers will become aware of the property and may begin to consider it as an option. The consideration stage includes visits to the property, readings of materials such as listing descriptions and reviews, and contact with agents. 

Marketing and leasing tool for Rental managers is a process used by real estate professionals to track and manage leads from the time they are generated to the time they become sales. The funnel consists of four basic steps: attract, qualify, close, and delight. Attracting leads is the first step in the process and typically involves using a variety of marketing methods to generate interest in your services. Qualifying leads occurs when you determine whether or not a lead is worth pursuing. This step includes determining whether or not the lead meets your criteria.

Top of the Funnel

The top of the funnel can be broken down into the following five stages:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Consideration
  • Intent
  • Evaluation

In the middle of the Funnel

The mid-funnel stage is where you start to build relationships with potential customers. Your goal here is to nurture these leads and move them to the bottom of your funnel.

In the beginning, they realized they have a need and are looking into various solutions. In this stage, you should try to learn more about your audience’s needs so that you can better tailor your marketing messaging and offers later on in the sales funnel. You could also try including relevant links or media like a video in your email newsletters. This will keep people engaged and moving down through your funnel!

You may also want to consider offering free trials or demos at this point in time. This lets the customer truly understand what they’re purchasing, which can alleviate objections later on when they get ready to purchase from you!

Bottom of the Funnel

While you are in this stage, your relationship with your tenant should be at its strongest. At this point, they have signed a lease and moved into their new apartment. They have become a loyal customer and referred a friend who signed a lease as well. To top it all off, they left a positive review online about their experience with your apartment complex.

At this point, you don’t need to do much work to keep them happy. It is important that you maintain solid communication with them though so that they don’t feel like they are being ignored or forgotten once the sale is complete. That is why leasing agents with online tools is provided that make it easy for them to contact their tenants via email or text message when needs. This is without having to spend hours manually updating spreadsheets or sending out mass emails one at a time. In fact, Marketing funnel for Rental Managers provides an automated process for sending maintenance requests which saves both time on responding quickly instead of waiting days before someone is available from a home office.

Bottom Lines 

Content marketing is one of the best funnel strategies to use that help the aspirants make an aware decision. They can choose the solution that perfectly suits their needs. This strategy helps the audience to know the solutions offered by the developer. Those who are the interested contenders go through the content and build a connection with the developer. This is only if they are satisfied with the solution or not. This content scheme also stresses the different offers on properties, so making it easier for the odds to decide the right thing. You can make the things go right way, always! 

Knowing where your tenants are on their journey with you will help you better serve them. It also make sure they return. This gives a great example of how people interact with your brand and get to know it over time. People become aware that you exist when they see your property advertisements or even see your property in person. Prospective tenants consider whether they want to rent from you. This can be done by comparing your amenities and location against other properties they are looking at. It includes price and commute time to work or school. Once a prospective tenant decides that renting from you is the best choice for their needs, they make the final decision to rent from you and either sign a lease or move into your property. Finally, once someone has rented from you for a while, it’s important to continue providing them with great service so that they return again next year when their lease is up for renewal!


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