What Do Users Say About UroChart EMR Software? Reviews and Features

What Do Users Say About UroChart EMR Software? Reviews & Features

About UroChart EMR Software

The UroChart is a specialty-specific Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software for urologists. The design is appropriate for the workflow of a urology practice, so you and your staff don’t have to waste time searching for non-urology material or creating content from scratch. You can benefit from the UroChart Electronic Medical Records (EMR) as it ensures increased productivity and reliability of your medical practice.

UroChart was developed by IntrinsiQ to maximize workflow efficiency as it automates daily tasks for practitioners enabling them to focus on the practice more enhancing their business and earning. The software mainly aims at urology-practices and was developed by a urologist as well to best fit the needs of urology practitioners.

UroChart EMR Software improves the opportunity to concentrate on the patient, not the paperwork, along with developing quick and effective software solutions for urologists. UroChart EMR Software’s innovative user interface combines with the most advanced mobile web browser available. It ensures that devices can access the software wirelessly from any location at any time.

UroChart EHR comes with a number of features that benefit users in multiple ways, some of the features include eligibility checks, electronic medical records (EMR), easy navigation options, and multi-user accessibility. The software also helps users to keep patient records and charting with their routine diagnosis through pre-built templates with the option of customizing them through which doctors could replace widgets and set them according to their own needs. UroChart Prices are not public; the users can contact the vendor for pricing information

Key Features of UroChart EMR Software

UroChart’s EMR Software includes a variety of features, including a streamlined data presentation for quick navigation, touch-screen controls for quick access, timeline features that sequentially graph a patient’s data, clinical note builder, scanner integration, iPhone or Internet access, and multiple user functionality.

The significant features of UroChart EMR Software include:

Customized User Interface

UroChart EMR is ideal for you and your medical procedures as the features provided are specialty-specific. The software is highly user-friendly and includes all of the functionality you will need. The integrated operations and improved patient treatment are all in line with your urologist practice. 

This functionality, according to UroChart EMR feedback, makes the UroChart EMR pricing worthwhile.

Urology Specific Codes

As a urologist, you understand how important it is to get the coding on all of your documents correct because even a minor error can be troublesome. However, with UroChart EMR, all of the codes are pre-programmed, so you don’t have to worry about manually entering codes and the chances of making a mistake.

The software also has provisions for routine diagnosis and far more convenient patient charting functionality since it anticipates what a urologist may be concerned with and caters to it.

Patient Portal

UroChart EMR Software’s patient portal helps patients be actively involved in their care while also relieving you of specific administrative duties. Patients can access the patient portal to schedule their appointments, view their prescriptions, order refills online, and access their medical records.

Also, the patient portal has a built-in messaging system that allows the patient and you to communicate. The cost of the UroChart EMR is justified simply because of this feature.

Customized Templates

Built-in templates in the UroChart EMR software streamlines the process of diagnosis and patient charting. The EMR Software provides over 350 urology diagnosis templates and 65 urology patient handout templates. These are all completely customizable templates that you may alter according to your requirement. 


Healthcare providers focus on providing secure and reliable services, and they require communication resources to communicate with patients remotely. With the UroChart Telehealth function, you can virtually communicate with your patients.

The UroChart telehealth platform expands patient care outside the conventional doctor’s office and links you with patients from any place with the click of a button. Patients benefit from in-home patient care and fast, easy access to their virtual session via their mobile device or computer. 


UroChart EMR’s Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Drugs (EPCS) can easily avoid fraud and abuse of controlled substances. EPCS is a comprehensive e-prescribing solution that unifies all prescribing data into a streamlined workflow. EPCS reduces the risk of transcription and pharmacy errors by allowing for direct digital transfer of patient prescriptions. 

Clinical decision-support information, clinical and drug reaction warnings, etc., are all readily accessible with only one click. Faster prescribing increased protection, and more time for patient care are all advantages of electronic prescriptions.

Accessibility and Convenience

Another essential feature of an EMR is the feeling of comfort it provides. The UroChart reviews show that UroChart EMR prioritizes this by regularly upgrading the system and adding new and creative features that assist urologists and their medical practices in realizing their full potential. 

The software is web-based, it allows you to access it from anywhere in the world. This means you don’t have to access your software from a separate device at your medical practice. Multi-user features are also included in the app, allowing multiple users to use it without any restriction.

UroChart EMR Software Reviews

UroChart EMR Software has relatively positive reviews among urologists. Several users have left feedback on different websites. UroChart EMR is one solution that has been developed specifically for urology practices. Now it’s time we delve into the UroChart reviews and tell you about this software’s pros and cons! The Pros come first. UroChart gives urologists the tools to navigate patient care in the most effective way possible including charts, forms, and templates.

The UroChart EMR is an aesthetic and user-friendly interface that feels modern and easy to use. The navigation system is quick and touchscreen-enabled. Users can log in to view their timeline, to see graphs, notes, and reports. According to UroChart reviews, email reminders boost the clinic’s productivity and patients reported enjoying the patient portal. Next, the cons. The most common complaint was that UroChart can slow down, crash, and stall. One of the defining drawbacks was the lack of customer care support. Even though UroChart doesn’t need to be adaptable to different specialty clinics, it should still offer dynamic tools that various kinds of practices can use.

Some UroChart reviews stated there was a lack of customization, and since they were a smaller practice, they couldn’t get the most out of their software and its features. Now that you’ve read through all of the UroChart reviews and what they say regarding the benefits and drawbacks of using this software, you might be wondering – is it worth it?  Remember you can always ask to see a UroChart demo to see how the urology best software works in real life. 


According to UroChart users, the software is highly user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is designed explicitly for urologists, so they find it easy to use the given templates without customizing them. Patients are happier with the service, and they can easily access their reports from the dedicated portal.


According to the UroChart reviews, very few users have issues with the software; otherwise, users are satisfied. The software has a few bugs that cause it to crash once in a while. The customer service is also not responsive most of the time. Apart from these few issues, UroChart users are satisfied with the EMR.


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