What Defines the Full-stack Web Development Domain?

What Defines the Full-stack Web Development Domain?

Confusion around the full-stack web development domain has existed for a long time. Many who don’t know about this domain get a lot of misconceptions about it. Many think that there is no difference between full-stack development and front-end development or full-stack development and backend development or both. However, these notions are partly right and partly wrong. Actually, full-stack development is neither front-end development nor backend development alone, but it’s the mix of both. 

If you want front-end development, then AngularJS development, ReactJS development, or other similar frameworks are beneficial. In the same way, backend development frameworks help to create robust web solutions. When you want to work on both front-end and backend, then a full-stack developer is who you can rely upon. 

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What is full-stack web development?

In essence, full-stack web development is everything from developing, testing to deploying a web application. It covers every aspect of web development: front-end and backend. So, whether you want to build UIs or are looking for back-end programming, a full-stack developer can help you accomplish every task. Full stack web development is an effective, cost-friendly, and efficient way of developing web applications. 

Skills and expertise of a full stack web developer

A full-stack web developer has every type of skill that is possessed by front-end and back-end developers. He also has additional knowledge to accomplish web development projects more effectively. The following are a few technologies that a full-stack developer is conversant with. 

HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the fundamental technologies of the web. Whether you want to create a web app or a website, or an eCommerce store, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the base of the solution. A full-stack developer is highly expert in all these technologies.


Angular is an open-source front-end web framework that is widely used for creating interactive UIs. Angular.js is a JavaScript-based web framework and famous for developing a wide range of web applications. It provides excellent features like dependency injection, end-to-end tooling, declarative templates, and best practices for web app development. Businesses prefer AngularJS development company to build robust web apps.


React is also a front-end development framework that is popular for creating interactive and attractive UIs. It is an entirely component-based framework and helpful in developing high-performance web apps. React.js JavaScript library is suitable for creating appealing UIs. Virtual DOM is a strength of ReactJS that makes DOM manipulation very efficient. You can choose a ReactJS development company to build robust web apps.  

Full-stack web development tech stacks

Developing a web application requires the use of multiple technologies, and the developer you choose for your project should be adept at all of them to build the best solutions. Moreover, over time, many tech stacks have become prevalent, giving control over both front-end and back-end aspects of web development. MEAN, and MERN are two popular full-stack development tech stacks. 

MEAN is a tech stack of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js technologies. It offers full stack development capabilities. MongoDB is for backend database handling. AngularJS and Express.js enable developers to create attractive UIs. Node.js provides an environment for executing JavaScript code. As a result, code can be run on both the client-side and server-side. You can choose MEAN stack development services to develop excellent web apps. 

MERN is a similar tech stack but includes ReactJS framework instead of Angular. It provides the same benefits except for React.js that allows developers to build high-performance web apps. Custom MERN web development services can be your choice for developing efficient and powerful single-page applications. 

Both MEAN and MERN are very popular tech stacks for full-stack web development but choosing a single one can be confusing. You can check out the comparison of MEAN vs MERN to find out which one is suitable for your project. 

Wrapping up!

There is so much discussion about full-stack web development. A full-stack web developer is a sought-after professional these days because of his skills and expertise in numerous technologies. A full-stack developer can cater to both front-end and back-end development needs. You can choose MEAN stack development or MERN development to take advantage of full-stack development.  


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