What Characteristics Make Custom Mailer Boxes Unique?


In this regard, all of them use different strategies to attract their customers. Some use special discounts and some run ads on social media platforms.

But the smartest way to do so is by using custom mailer boxes to pack your product. These boxes are all in one solution to all your problems that you can face in the journey of your success.

In this blog, Fast Custom Boxes is going to show you all those hidden benefits that you can get from these small mailer boxes.


Product Security

You might lose a lot of money if your boxes don’t last long enough. While shipping, a minor mishap may cause your products to break. As a result of the breakage, you must pay the cashback to your customers.

If you’re delivering a huge amount of products, the chance is even higher. Black mailer boxes are constructed from a variety of products. You should order them based on your preferred mode of transportation.

If you’re selling your product locally, Eco-Friendly Kraft products might be a good choice.

Do you provide home delivery to your customers who reside beyond a reasonable distance? We suggest using a sturdy cardboard material.

Corrugated products are suitable for protecting the mailer oils while shipping them over long distances.


High-Quality Printing

The gorgeous printings are another feature that makes small mailer boxes appealing and in high demand. All of the above-mentioned production materials are ideal for customization. On their boards, you could print every template in high quality.

Beautiful color schemes are used to print the company’s logo and other information. Furthermore, you will get your desired pictures printed on cardboard mailer boxes.

This type of printing allows you to interact with your target group. You may interact with them without physically being there.

Make Your Printing Patterns Worthy

We will provide you with the most up-to-date methods and imprint information for both offset and digital printing.

If you want to make your small mailer boxes more attractive, you can also emboss beautiful patterns on the surface of these white mailer boxes with beautiful color patterns.



Any company is in a fierce battle to stay on top. To increase their customer list, they are both strengthening their marketing campaigns. One of the main goals of cardboard mailer boxes is to make the brand product stand out on store shelves.

Both of the customizations are solely for the purpose of improving the appearance of your small mailer boxes. The quality and importance of your product are silently communicated to your customers through white mailer boxes.

Since first impressions are so important, people will select your mailer oils based on the quality of your boxes.


Cost Analysis

Let’s see how much these mailer boxes cost in comparison to the plain ready-made boxes.

As opposed to white mailer boxes, ready-made mailer boxes are unquestionably less expensive. However, such boxes are only produced in the manufacturers’ regular shapes and measurements.

Black mailer boxes, on the other hand, are an all-in-one option. Their prices are flexible, so you can fit them into the budget.

One Time Investment

This one-time investment saves you a lot of money on marketing, advertising, and shipping your mailer oils. Furthermore, they increase your sales by capturing the attention of your potential customers.


Limitless Customizations

We provide you with an infinite number of choices to make your boxes 10 times more appealing than your rivals’.

With our customizations like Gold and Silver Foiling, UV Spot, Glitters, CMYK/PMS paint schemes, Embossing, Debossing, and much more, you can make them look beautiful.

You can use them in your mailer boxes according to your needs. Many of these premium choices are affordable, and you will be able to fit them within your budget.

Online Designing

If you want to show your creativity, Fast Custom Boxes also give you free access to our online customization software. Where you can customize your white mailer boxes in any customization you want.


Custom Mailer Boxes Loves Nature

These custom boxes can be recycled 4-5 times. At Fast Custom Boxes, we make these wholesale packaging boxes with environmentally friendly materials. The motive is to protect our environment from harmful chemicals.

According to studies, one-ton cardboard mailer boxes save up to 20 trees. Similarly, the opportunity to recycle also saves thousands of gallons of water.

Many brands have switched from plastic boxes to custom printed boxes. By purchasing these eco-friendly custom mailer boxes in bulk, you can help to preserve the environment.

It requires a short amount of time to produce and decompose in nature without releasing any harmful particles into the environment.

What Are Custom Mailer Boxes?

You want to discover innovative and effective ways to develop the shipping method. If your company needs regular shipping and distribution. Custom mailer boxes are essential for businesses, who transport a variety of goods to their customers.

You can use modern forms of small mailer boxes such as cardboard boxes, mailer boxes, and corrugated boxes. So you can shield the package from destruction and guarantee that consumers have the best product.

As a company owner, you must weigh several factors. So you can offer the goods in a range of custom white mailer boxes in addition to the standard brown package. If you’re introducing an ambitious business model or launching a new brand. Custom black mailer boxes will help you in growing your brand two times faster.

Cardboard mailer boxes are used by logistics firms for a variety of purposes. Including the fact that they will support your company in the short and long term.


Cons Of Pre-Made Mailer Boxes

If we observe the trends, these brown boxes are still in operation in the market today.

The appearance of these boxes is plain

It’s simple and convenient to make

There are no prints on them

There’s only one color accessible

These boxes have specific measurements. They can’t be made in different board’s thicknesses. They’re only available in a few shapes and sizes.


Why You Should Go For Custom Mailer Boxes?

These types of Mailer boxes are produced with the wishes of all of their customers. These boxes come in a range of forms, sizes, and patterns, as well as decorative elements. These packaging alternatives are unquestionably quite common these days.


Their eye-catching styles are designed to attract the interest of customers

These Mailer boxes have a pleasing look

Environmentally safe fabrics were included

Includes the company’s name, emblem, and other relevant information

Comes in a range of fashionable shades


Give Details Of Your Product

Brown boxes come in two to three colors and fixed sizes. Because of a lack of focus on design optimization. These premade boxes do not have any detail concerning the company imprinted on them. As a result, these small mailer boxes would not assist your company in gaining a reputation among your patrons.

Big brands mostly use these Custom white mailer boxes for advertising. These custom boxes are an excellent way to inform people about your products. Not just details you can also print images and patterns on their boards. They make a favorable impact on the viewers’ minds.


Safety Of The Product

The need for boxes stems mainly from a need for product protection. Premade boxes for consignment and transit is in high demand because it is robust, versatile, and simple to use. As a result, companies are using plain brown boxes.

So they can import products to other states. However, these boxes do not exactly suit all product types. And the dimensions of these boxes are changeable.

To elegantly display and package their products after received by the customers. Retailers utilize cardboard mailer boxes that are exact in size.

These custom white mailer boxes are perfect for anyone who chooses to personalize their boxes to suit their exclusive product packaging needs. By using protective features in these cardboard mailer boxes, you will improve the safety of your packaging.


The Options Of Customization

The plain brown paper boxes come in a small number of themes and paint patterns. Since people use them mostly for delivery or storage. So manufacturers don’t properly customize them.

Custom black mailer boxes aim to make your goods more attractive to all of your customers. Serial numbers, expiration dates, assorted incentives, and protection precautions are imprinted on their exterior boards. Which are then customized in stylish ideas.


Price Analysis

Companies make pre-made boxes are often in a simple design. That’s why they are more affordable. It’s the same as if you purchase custom small mailer boxes in bulk for your project.

You’ll also save money due to special sales discounts. You can also use mailer boxes for gift wrapping. In this case, their costs can be marginally higher than plain brown boxes.

However, you will astound and delight your loved ones at the same time.



This is a thorough analysis of the benefits and disadvantages of plain brown boxes vs custom mailer boxes. You may now choose the best custom wholesale boxes for your brand. Each of these boxes has its own collection of functions.

Our marketing experts at Fast Custom Boxes, on the other hand, advise using custom printed boxes. If you’re launching a new brand. Since these unique custom boxes do a fantastic job of promoting and highlighting the company in the most appealing way possible.



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