What Can You Gift Someone When Living Abroad

What Can You Gift Someone When Living Abroad

What Can You Gift Someone When Living Abroad

Gift always bridge the gap when you can’t physically be with friends or family. They make your loved ones know you still think about them even if you now have another life abroad. The most challenging part is choosing something personal, thoughtful, and practical- especially when you don’t know what they already have. Here are some ideas:

A Flower Subscription

A gift such as flower subscription is perfect because it keeps on giving. Your loved ones will think of you whenever they receive a new delivery. Plus, it’s a great way to show you pay attention to the little things that make them happy. Think of the person’s taste, preferences, and any special events in their life.

For instance, if it’s their birthday month, sign them up for a monthly flower delivery service appropriate for the occasion. Choose florists with an excellent reputation to ensure your loved one receives high-quality blooms. You’ll also have an easier time communicating your wishes, such as adding a personal message.

A Customized Photo Book

A customized photo book is an excellent gift if your loved one loves looking at old photos. Fill it with pictures from when you were both growing up or from recent trips and adventures. Write short captions to go along with the images to add more meaning. 

This gift is ideal for grandparents who love seeing pictures of their grandchildren but can’t always be there in person. It’s also perfect for friends you haven’t seen in a while but want to catch up with.

Use captions, accompanying text, and creative layouts to design a book that’s one of a kind. If you can’t create a hard copy, send a digital version or post it online so they can share it with others.

A Recipe Box

A recipe box is an excellent gift if your loved one enjoys cooking. It’s both thoughtful and practical. Fill it with your favorite recipes or ones you think they’ll enjoy. You can also include a few cooking utensils, spices, or other ingredients to get them started. It’s a great way to share your culture and traditions with your loved ones. It’s also a way to show you care about their hobbies and interests.

A Thoughtful Care Package

A care package is a perfect way to show you’re thinking of someone. It doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive. Just fill it with things that will make your loved one feel special. For instance, include their favorite snacks, a mug with your photo, or a scented candle.


Gixt Box

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If you’re feeling extra generous, add a gift card or tickets to an event. If they have gone through stressful times, put together a relaxation kit with items like bath bombs, a fuzzy blanket, or aromatherapy. The possibilities are endless.

A Customized Map

A customized map is excellent for someone who loves to travel. It’s also perfect for people who have moved away and miss their old home. You can find a map of any destination online. Mark all the places you’ve been together or that have meaning to your relationship.

For instance, mark where you first met, had your first date, or got engaged. This gift is ideal for couples who have been together for a long time or friends who have moved away.

A Customized Memento

A memento is a keepsake or souvenir. It’s a perfect gift for someone who is sentimental or loves to collect things. There are many ways to customize a memento. Have it engraved with a special message or the person’s initials.

You can also add a photo or other design. Some popular mementos include jewelry, keychains, and coffee mugs. Get creative with this gift. Think of something that would mean a lot to the person. If they love owls, for instance, you could get them a necklace or keychain with an owl design.

A Subscription to Their Favorite Magazine

If your loved one enjoys reading, a subscription to their favorite magazine is a great gift. It’s both thoughtful and practical. They’ll appreciate having something to look forward to each month. Plus, it’s a great way to keep up with their interests and hobbies. 

You’ll find good deals on magazine subscriptions online. Choose a reputable site, so you don’t get scammed. Also, check the expiration date to avoid missing out on any issues.

A Customized T-Shirt

A customized t-shirt is a fun and unique gift. You can have it printed with a photo, design, or message, and it is an excellent gift for friends or family members. It’s also perfect for couples who have been together for a while. You can find t-shirts with particular messages or inside jokes. 

You can also have the t-shirt printed with photos from a special event or vacation. To exercise your creativity, design the t-shirt. Get a plain white t-shirt and some fabric markers. Then, let your imagination run wild. Other than a t-shirt, think of a customized mug, ornaments, or keychain.

A Donation to Their Favorite Charity

A donation to a charity is a great way to show you care. It’s also a way to make a difference in the world. If your loved one is passionate about a specific cause, look for a charity that supports it.

If they care about the environment, you could donate to an organization that protects endangered species or clean up the ocean. When interested in social justice, look for a charity that provides legal assistance to immigrants or gives microloans to women entrepreneurs.

A Taste of Your Life Abroad

Loved ones back home would be thrilled to feel how it’s like to live in the country you are currently residing. A great way to do this is by sending them a taste of your life abroad. It could be food, drink, or even a simple letter describing your experiences. 

If in Italy, send a package with your favorite pasta, sauce, a bottle of wine, and a postcard of the Colosseum. When in Japan, send a box of sushi, green tea, and a photo of you in a kimono. It lets your loved ones feel closer to you, no matter the distance.

A Camera

Do you want your loved ones to take more quality photos to share with you? Why not gift them a camera? You’ll help them capture all their special moments. It’s also a way to encourage them to get out and explore more. You can find cameras for all budgets, so don’t worry if you’re on a tight budget.

A Subscription to Their Favorite Podcast

Podcasts keep you entertained and informed. They’re also perfect for long car rides or commutes. If your loved one has a favorite podcast, gift them a subscription. They can download new episodes automatically and listen to them whenever possible. Choose a subscription that’s suitable for their interests. For instance, if they love true crime, look for a podcast that covers mysteries or cold cases.

Get Creative

Gifting someone when you live abroad is tricky. You want to find something thoughtful and personal, but you must also account for the distance. No matter your budget and relationship, there’s a gift on this list that’s perfect for your loved one. Get creative and have fun.

It’s simpler than you think to find gifts for every occasion. Consider food, leisure, and convenience as universal luxuries! Gifts that incorporate these aspects are likely to be favourably received by individuals for whom you are buying.


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