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Texas is the state that Texas is the second-largest state in the United States in terms of areas of land and population. Texas cities are home to a vast amount of places that many tourists visit each year by owned cars, town car services or local transport. Nowadays, visitors who speak Russian, Chinese, French and many more aren’t shocked.

After having visited this state, I’d like to share some of my observations with you.

Texas Map

Many years ago, original people of the current State of Texas were Indians which is why that’s why the title of the state in the indigenous language that was spoken by the Caddo tribe is translated as “ally.” That’s how the people of the area considered the first Spanish explorations. The state’s history is filled with bloody conflicts, events, and revolutions.

The 18th century saw the region formed part of the Spanish colony. The war with Texas and Mexico to gain independence lasted several decades. Six nations fought for control of Texas before it was incorporated in the state of Texas as the 28th in the United States. The state’s culture and the tourist attractions of Texas are intricately linked to the culture of the people living there and the impact of immigrants is evident.

In the maps of Texas On the map of Texas, the northern and eastern parts of the state covered with the Mexican Lowland. Nearer to the West the flat area flows into the foothills as well as in the Rocky Mountains. The area is dotted with large rivers.

  • Rio Grande;
  • Colorado;
  • Trinity;
  • Brazos.
  • A large portion of of Texas is flats, and some of them are covered in bushy vegetation. To the east, there are oak and pine forests. In terms of climate, Texas is extremely diverse because it has a number of climate zones. The west is where it’s described as dry, and in the other part, it is similar to the subtropical climate.

The biggest cities

Texas is the state that Texas is the top over other American states when it comes to the amount of cities that are large. The eastern and central parts are thought to be the most economically developed, and so the majority of the megacities are located on this region. In the city of Texas The listed below of the cities stand out among them: Houston, San Antonio, Tyler, Dallas .

Capital Austin

The capital city of Texas and its central point is Austin and can be considered one of the major administrative hubs in Travis County. The principal Texas city Texas is distinct because it blends the beauty of the past with the contemporary in conjunction with cutting-edge technology. It is now referred to as the place where music was born as a large number of the most famous musicians were born in this city.

There aren’t numerous tourist attractions around However, Austin is a godsend for those who love music. There are a lot of music stores to fulfill the most bizarre needs of music enthusiasts. Live music from a variety of genres, from blues and jazz to indie rock, is heard every day in street corners of this city. The city is famous for hosting some of the most renowned festival of music, which is a little similar to Hollywood .

Important! The summer season lasts around 100 days and temperatures can rise to 32 zero. The winter months are when snow nearly never falls and the temperature doesn’t dip below -10°. The best time to go on tourism is between the fall and spring.


There are around 200 lakes and parks on the city’s territory. is an exciting possibility for outdoor recreation.

  • The University of Texas is the largest institution of higher education in the state. It comprised of 150 buildings, seven museum structures 17 library complexes,
  • Darrell K Royal – the most expansive of the stadiums with an capacity of 100,000.
  • The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum;
  • A pool within Hamilton Pool. Hamilton Pool;
  • Capitol Building Capitol Building is larger than Washington DC .

Important! State officials are employed in the Capitol and it’s always open to visitors no matter what day of the week.

Beautiful sights and spots in the major cities

Texas cities could contain millions of people. Houston is the biggest city and is ranked fourth on the top 10 largest metropolitan regions in America. Its population today is more than 2 million. The city is full of tall buildings, multi-level roads and high-rises.

The magnificence and splendor of the city can be seen through a visit to The Jp Morgan Chase, the highest tower in Texas. A great place to relax could be Herman Park, on the property where the zoo is situated, and other attractions are available to visitors.

Important! Discovery Green Park is free for entry and everyone is welcome to go there.

If you visit Tyler You must go to the “pink park” in the USA in honor of which the city dubbed as the “national capital of roses”.

Within the town of Irving which located in the middle of Las Colinas Park, there a unique fountain composed of Mustangs. This herd racing into the water appear like they’re alive. When you look at in the right way, it can take all your breath away.

San Antonio is one of the most bizarre cities in Texas in which the cultures and customs of various peoples seamlessly blended. San Antonio hotels are presented with a wide range of options to meet the needs of all budgets and tastes. A sought-after spots for tourists are San Antonio’s River Walk with many cafes and restaurants as well as shops. There are numerous temples, museums, and churches of historical sites within the city’s territory. And also near the land that lies within the city. For instance, when we visited The National Historical Park. We observed the architectural legacy from the 17th-18th centuries and the park now protected under the auspices of UNESCO.

What to look for among the most fascinating spots in the state

There are places that are worth an excursion to which will leave you with a memorable experience and a lasting memory for the decades to be. Which of the locations and places in Texas have the highest number of rave reviews?


The name is one of the biggest athletic complexes of Houston it established in 2002. Its capacity for the facility is 71,055 persons and the cost to build the stadium is estimated to be $352 million. The roof’s sliding design allows exhibitions and football matches to be played in all weather conditions.

Sea world

The location located in San Antonio considered the most expansive marine park. The educational and thematic activities ensure that the kids and adults alike become bored. The attraction is listed on the top 10 most visited and popular tourist destinations by visitors. Most of the tourists book their ride with airport car services to see Over 100 acres, you will not only get to know people living in the sea as well as enjoy thrilling shows with their entertainment.

Botanical Garden

The beautiful garden located in San Antonio created thanks to the efforts of officials and residents. There are a variety of themes that are offered to visitors. Guests of the garden can become familiar with the plants of the steppes in the desert of Texas. As well as with the flora of the tropical rainforest. There are numerous ponds throughout the property, adorned with water lilies and orchids. To make it easier for visitors and to allow for a an original photo the observation deck has been set up.

Golf club

Golfers, Texas offers amateurs and pros alike the opportunity to make use from Austin’s Austin Golf Course. Stones, waterfalls and limestone caves that accompany golfers along the entire course add a unique touch to the course. The renowned Golfweek Magazine ranked the site as the fourth best route in America.


Texas is unique, not just on the basis of its climate, but also vegetation. The grandiose and majestic megalopolises blend the splendor of old landmarks and modern mega structures. Additionally, every visitor will find, should they desire the perfect spot. For quiet or spend time in loud parties and sporting events.

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