What Bloggers Should Do On First Day Of Blogging


Here we will discuss about the early days of blogging. What bloggers should do with a new blog on first day is the theme of the post. First day of blogging is very important for any blogger because he comes in blogging world with great excitement. He plans to do much hard work in the early stages of blogging.

It is only because when such a beginner visits other blogs with much traffic and unique content then he also plans to do the same. So, Newbies this post is for you. Here are the early steps which every one do on the first day of blogging. These steps will help your blog to rank in the search engines and it will also decrease your bounce rate. So you can easily get more and more visitors and pageviews to earn 1000$ per month or more.

Things Which Should Do On First Day Of Blog:

Selection Of Niche:

First of all, a new blogger finds a niche on which he wants to discuss and spread his information to the world. There are different niches for blogging like technology, funny, insurance, forex trading etc. So, its upto which niche you select and will work in the future for ranking their blog. This is the first step of any blogger for starting blogging. So, select your niche on which you can do work with your passion.

Selection Of Template:

There are very different templates for blogger blog. Selecting template is also the step on the first day of blogging. Because templates give your blog a unique look to your blog. You can buy professional template for your blog. Or you can also take them free from searching on Google. Here is my list of Top Responsive Templates.

Logo is also important to any blog because it gives a blog a unique shape. Every popular blog have a unique shape and every one want to make a beautiful and attractive logo for their blogs. You can create such a beautiful logo by reading my previous post Sites Which Will Give You Quality Logo.

Updating Blog Regularly:

As i said in my previous posts that Content is Always King. Blogging is nothing without Content. High content can easily get good readers base. Blog delivering Awesome High quality content for regular basis can turn your blog into huge Successful Blogging Monster. By updating your blog with unique and attractive post, you can easily rank in the search engines and you can earn money from your blog. So, write unique posts for your blog for getting better results in blogging.

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Make Important Pages

Pages is another feature of the blogger. Pages are very important for ranking blog and also for the aprroval of Adsense. So, creating all necessary pages on first day of Blogging is like posting a unique post to your blog. This pages includes About Page, Contact Us Page, Privacy Policy, Advertise, FAQ, Resources, Disclaimer and Services Page etc. More you can see on different popular blogs.

Start Doing SEO (Search Engine optimisation)

SEO is very important and crucial for getting thousands of traffic to your blog from the search engines. SEO is crucial because you are not only one on your niche. There all a lot of competitors who are also doing hard work like you. That’s why bloggers do SEO for their blogs. There are two types of SEO. On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Both are important factors for ranking any blog in the search engines.

On-Page SEO

It is type of the SEO on which you work on your blog on your page. And writing quality post is also included in on-page SEO because it includes different On-Page strategies. That’s why it is in the list of steps doing on the first day of your blog. There are different On-Page SEO strategies that i have discussed shortly below.

Keyword Research : Keyword research will help to find Important search keywords for blog to rank in search Engines.

Tite : Your blog title must be 2 to 4 words which can easily rank in search engines.
Keyword density : Learn to place keyword found by Reasearch to the perfect place with Perfect Density. Google penalizes Keyword Stuffed Blogs.
Strong Internal Linking : link your older articles internally in your new articles. it will help you to increase user engagement on your site.
Meta Description : Meta description is short summary paragraph shown in the search results below Your post tittle. Try to write best Meta Description for your post.

Off-Page SEO

It is the type of SEO in which you optimize your blog by doing different offline methods like creating backlinks, site map, directory submission etc. Below is the short description about Off Page SEO.

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Create and Submit Sitemap : Sitemap is .xml file. This file stores all the important data about your site and help search engines to crawl your Site properly. You need to create this file with the help of Google sitemap plugin and submit it to
Link Building : Linkbuiding is one of the toughest hurdle in route of Bloggers. Link Building still plays very important role in search engine rankings. So, everyone should start building some Dofollow high authority natural links for blog. You can start from Blog Commenting, Guest Posting, Forums, Article Directory Submission, social bookmarks, etc.
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Contact With Other Fellow Bloggers:

As i said above that you are not only one who is doing blogging on your niches or different niches. There is so much competition. You are not the only one in the field. By contacting with your fellow bloggers you can get daily updates and you can get more and more information about blogging.

Final Words:

The conclusion of the above post is that first day of blogging is very important to any blogger because in the early days every blogger works hard for their blog and they want to earn money from blogging. So, the above tips will help you so much on the first day of blogging. Hope you will liked the above post and will also drop a comment below.


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