What are the pros and cons of AngularJS development?

Angular.js development service

Angularjs development is a popular JavaScript-based framework developed by Google in 2010. It released the latest stable version in November 2019 and has a dedicated team of developers who regularly take care of upgrades.

Angular.js is popular because it makes development easier and more efficient. This technology is particularly suitable for single-page applications, although it can be used to create different kinds of web pages. An experienced developer can take advantage of all that angularjs development services provides to create a versatile application.

In this article we will also discuss details about Angular.js development, some advantages and disadvantages of using AngularJS.

What is Angular.Js?

Angular.js is a framework designed to extend the capabilities of static HTML pages until they are dynamic, versatile and responsive. Static websites are a thing of the past and will no longer impress users and bring you the recognition you need. Angular.js development helps developers create a flexible application that delivers excellent cross-platform performance.
This makes the process of designing, testing and maintaining websites easier than before. Indian app development company can help you to build your website or app using Angular.js. Angular.js is built on the MVC or Model-View-Controller architecture, which means it is suitable for developing rich web applications that work well on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Pros of Angular.Js

There are several advantages to using AngularJS. One of the main reasons people choose AngularJS is that it’s easy to learn. Another reason is that it is very flexible. With AngularJS, you can build complex applications without having to worry about the underlying structure. Let’s look at the details.

Open Source

Angularjs is an open source JavaScript MVC framework, so at an affordable price, a custom application can be made available to anyone. Since it is open source, it provides the advantage of easily changing the source code for clarification. We are able to make any changes to meet the customer’s requirements. Can add jobs or remove jobs.

The various features that an open source application can have are as follows:

Character customization
Interpreted cooperation
Strong support
Open source technologies are group oriented

Single Page Application (SPA)

A single page application means that only one HTML web page is loaded and the next update is done only on that single page. As it is mostly used to create a single page application, the single page application works fast and is user friendly.

Applications built using Angular technology are as follows:

Malhar-Angular-Dashboard, Viktor
NV-1 (open source musical instrument)
Taiga (Project Manager app for agile developers and designers)
ProtonMail (encrypted webmail interface)
DuckieTv (web app for watching TV shows)
Aislel (e-commerce marketplace)
SoundNode (Sound Cloud for Desktop)
Simple to learn

HTML, CSS and JavaScript are supposed to work on AngularJS. So there is no need to learn any other scripting language. So if you want to learn Angular this is a plus point for you because HTML, CSS and javascript are easy to learn (in case you don’t have any necessary knowledge with them) and if you know these languages ​​it’s quite an easy task to learn angular .

Easy to extend and customize

Certain built-in attributes make it easy to extend. These attributes allow you to extend the functionality of HTML by attaching specific behavior to it. You can create your own guidelines in it too, so it’s customizable.

Customized means the addition or removal of features or functionality that is done to meet specific needs. Also, customized software consists of user-friendly features rather than unnecessary features because it is purely as per individual needs.

Flexible and powered by Google

The AngularJs framework is supported by a large Google community.

Google-backed sites have these various benefits:There are regular updates.
For distributed or remote users, anywhere/anytime access to the corporate intranet through Google-powered sites.It provides the capacity to work across the operating system.

DOM manipulation

Unlike other popular JavaScript frameworks, Angular conveniently frees developers from actively manipulating the Document Object Model (DOM), all thanks to its two-way approach to data binding. This means that the developer saves time and effort in coding, translating and updating DOM elements.

Faster application prototyping

Rapid prototyping is really a buzzword thanks to the existence of frameworks like Angular. In no time and by writing significantly less code, you can prototype apps with good functionality, get feedback, and make changes without getting upset.

Two-way data link

AngularJS enables faster and easier data binding that requires no developer intervention at all. Referred to as two-way data binding, it ensures that changes made to the view are immediately reflected in the model and vice versa.

Cons of Angular.js

AngularJS development is not perfect. Here are some of the disadvantages of using AngularJS development. First, there is no native mobile support. Second, it is difficult to debug. Third, it’s hard to test. Fourth, it’s slow. Fifth, it is not compatible with other frameworks. Sixth, IE8 is not supported. Seventh, it is not recommended for large projects. Here are the details about the disadvantages of angular.js.

Less secure

There is no server authorization and authentication in angular. Authorization means granting permission to access data and identify a user by verifying credentials. AngularJs development can’t provide both features, that’s why we call it less secure.

Highlight JavaScript only

AngularJs, completely depends on JavaScript. If these scripts are hide, the resulting pages look like the basic page.

Memory leak

It is also a JavaScript framework and there is a memory leak problem in JavaScript. We can define a memory leak as the memory is already require the application and due to some factors it will not return to the free memory pool. Memory leak also leads to various other issues like slowdowns, crashes, high latency.

No particular way

It is very extensive and complex. In Angular, there are many ways to do the same task, so it’s hard to predict which is the most optimized way to do a certain task.

Not supported everywhere

Internet Explorer 8.0 does not support AngularJs.

No experience with MVC

If you are a developer who follows a traditional approach and is not familiar with the Model-View-Controller architectural patterns, using Angular can be extremely time-consuming. In case you have strict deadlines to meet, this may not be the way to go. However, the solution may be to hire some expert if you want to unlock the benefits of the framework.

JavaScript support required

Imagine computers and laptops accessing your server, but their JavaScript support is turned off. Affiliated users will not have access to your website or web apps.

Wrap Up!!

Angular.js development isn’t without its drawbacks and may not always be the ideal solution for you. It is a good idea to discuss its pros and cons in detail with a qualified expert before choosing this framework. An experienced Angular.js developer will take the time to understand your requirements carefully before determining is suitable for your needs.
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From this tutorial of “AngularJS pros and cons”, we can conclude that there are some disadvantages but a way more advantages that are making angular so popular. And also there is a great scope of your career in angular, so you should give it a try and start choosing to develop your website or application in Angularjs.if you have any query regarding AngularJS advantages and disadvantages, feel free to approach us at Raindrops Infotech!


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