What are the pre-wedding functions you must do?

wedding functions

It’s more than just a ceremony and reception when you get married; it’s a full-fledged event. Because the months before will be quite busy, it’s critical to set aside some time to celebrate. And because your wedding day may be the only thing on your mind, it’s easy to overlook the plethora of pre-wedding parties and celebrations that begin with the engagement and end with the cake cutting. Look at these pre-wedding celebrations, as well as why you should include them in your schedule!

Luncheon for the Bride and Groom

The bride and her wedding party are celebrated during this ladies-only affair, often known as a bridesmaids’ luncheon. It is a completely optional event held to honor the bridesmaids for their hard work leading up to the wedding. Because this isn’t a very well-attended event, there aren’t many standard party rules to follow, which allows for more creativity.
Consider throwing a champagne toast at your home or a girls’ day at your favorite salon a few days before the wedding. Stick to light hors d’oeuvres when it comes to meal alternatives. And apart that luncheon for the bride and groom is way to admire the efforts and again arrange a party where you can enjoy and make memories that will be always with you when you get married.

Engagement Party

The engagement party comes first on the list of things to celebrate! With a bang, this event kicks off the pre-wedding festivities. This event doesn’t have much of an organized framework, so get creative with your plans! This event might range from a cocktail party to a celebration in someone’s home, and it’s entirely up to you. An engagement party brings together close family and friends to celebrate the start of a new life together. This party is also more famous as it is the first one to come in mind after bachelor and bridal shower parties.
One or both families usually host the party, but this isn’t always the case. When it comes to invitations, limit yourself to relatives, and close friends who you believe will be at the wedding party.

Bachelors Party

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are usually wild evenings out. Still, they are more likely to reflect the guest of honor’s personality and style and can include everything from peaceful spa visits to culinary courses to outdoor experiences to, yes, partying and bar hopping. With 78 percent of engaged couples enjoying bachelor and bachelorette parties, this is one of the most popular pre-wedding celebrations. Bachelor parties are one of the most important party that boys love to do. They also tend to choose different outdoor locations to make it more memorable with their friends.

Bridal Shower

Showering the soon-to-be bride with gifts, smiles, and a plethora of delectable dishes is a perfect event. At the bridal shower, visitors bring gifts and refreshments for the bride-to-be. The maid-of-honor usually organizes this event with the help of the bridesmaids. The party can be as formal or informal as the bride wishes, and it should only include wedding guests.
It’s best to schedule it for a non-holiday weekend approximately a month before the wedding. The order of events isn’t fixed in stone, although the bride usually greets her guests first, followed by lunch, games, and gift-giving. After that, when visitors say their goodbyes, the cake is traditionally served. To arrange a bridal shower you need a complete and step wise information, See host to host a bridal shower with best etiquettes.

A Rehearsal Dinner

A rehearsal dinner is often conducted the night before a wedding and serves as a dress rehearsal for the following day’s events. This dinner gives both the bride and groom’s families and friends a chance to connect and spend quality time with the couple before the wedding. The groom’s family usually plans and pays for it, but the bride and groom can customize it to their preferences. The bride and groom should have the last say in how the rehearsal dinner is organized and the food for the occasion. A rehearsal dinner is a moment that should be created. As wedding don’t occur daily.

Karaoke Sangeet

Songs and Sangeet functions go hand in hand, with Bollywood wedding songs claiming their rightful place in the spotlight. Boost the vibes with a wild Karaoke night: Karaoke in Sangeet has recently become a thing. After all, why not? Karaoke is the perfect way to get your guests together and give them something exciting to do. It’s fun, nice, and helps you loosen up a little. And we think karaoke sangeet is great decent way to gather your friends and relatives to enjoy and spend time more beautifully.


The Haldi ceremony is extremely important in Indian marriages because it is thought to drive off all evil and negative energy from your body and life. But no one ever said it couldn’t be enjoyable, so here are a few suggestions.
Outfits for the bride’s tribe and family that are color-coordinated: This is an important but unspoken rule: your Haldi clothing should match your spouse’s as well as everyone else’s. The color yellow mostly dominates the Haldi. As a result, dress so that you are not the odd man out. Haldi ceremony is a feeling in itself. It is function that creates great decent and beautiful memory.

Final Thoughts

So, here’s a comprehensive list of pre-wedding events that you can host to make your wedding spectacular and memorable.
However, all of these events and your reception should be catered by the same company. You won’t have to work with several providers and rely on a single team to complete the project correctly.

If you have large number of friends and relatives than we think you won’t be in need of catering services as they would be more than happy to serve and enjoy in your pre wedding effects. And appart from that it would not a bad choice to loose some money to make your pre wedding events more fun by having a catering service. We hope that you liked the article and also see other article to get more about weddings.


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