What are the Possible Ways to Move Calendar from OST to PST?

Move Calendar from OST

OST is an Outlook file that keeps the offline related copy of all your email data such as emails, calendars, contacts, notes, etc. on a traditional machine. Outlook provides options with the Import/Export wizard that will help you move calendar from OST in PST format. However, you will do so as long as your Outlook is still accessible and connected to the Exchange server.

In this blog, you can learn handmade ways to extract Calendar from OST file. Also, how to export calendar items when Outlook is not connected to the mail server or OST is inaccessible or parental.

What is the need for moving the calendar?

Moving the OST data and saving it in a portable format may benefit users. It’s like making a backup copy of OST data in a very simple format.

Sometimes users will have OST orphan files that cannot be accessed due to the unavailability of Exchange connection or profile information. Its data can be extracted but only with professional help which we will discuss in this blog later.

Manual ways to export Calendar to OST File

This process only works when Outlook is connected and accessible. Skip to the default path, if you wish to move calendar from OST.

Extract Calendar data files from MS Outlook 2007 OST file:

  1. Go to File
  2. Now go to the Import and Export option.
  3. Select the Export option in the file and click the Next button.
  4. Click the PST option and then click Next.
  5. Select Calendar and then select Insert Folder under the checkbox and then click on the Next button.
  6. Click Browse to select the location you want to save the PST file.
  7. Enter a name and click the OK button and Finish exporting mailboxes to a PST file.

However, sometimes manual methods will not work if the OST file is inaccessible or parental, or if Outlook is not connected to the server user is unable to Move Calendar from OST into PST.

Cons of Manual Method

The manual method can be hectic for the users as:

  • It takes a lot of time for the users
  • Chances of data loss can be more
  • The instant result is not provided
  • Data loss can be there
  • Accuracy is not provided to the users
  • Bulk moving cannot be possible

Thus, the users search for the tool for processing the moving of the calendar from OST to PST.

Easy way to move the files

Let us go through the solution for an easy exporting of the calendars from OST files to Outlook PST format. The moving can be easily done by the users using this application. Let us follow the procedure now:

  • Open the OST to PST Converter


  • Add the OST file
  • Preview the loaded files


  • Select the destination location to save the file
  • Finally click on the convert now button

These steps are easy to be followed by the users using this application. There is zero error faced by the users who are using this tool for the exporting of the files.

About the app

The application is advanced and is tested by the experts in order to give users a great and desired result. Users do not find any kind of trouble while using this application for the exporting of calendars. The application is a simple and easy-to-use tool. On any of the Windows platforms, a user can download the application and run it. Apart from it, both ANSI, as well as UNICODE languages, is been supported by this OST to PST tool. No error is faced by the users using this advanced application. Apart from it, the tool also provides various features so that all the users are able to carry an easy export of the files. Let us have a look at these features.

Some advanced features of the tool

Here are some of the advanced features that are been provided by the application in order to give users a smooth exporting of the files. Let us have a look at these features now!

  • Extract Selected Calendars from OST File: The user can view, select and send only the required calendars to the OST file using the tool. One has to select calendars by clicking on the checkbox, which presents the nearest one. Then click the Uninstall option. The tool will export the selected OST file calendars into PDF format without any problems.
  • Save Calendars to OST File By Collection: From time to time, the user needs to export all calendars associated with the OST file. In that case, the user can easily read and extract calendars from the OST file with the Batch Export option. This option allows the user to export calendars to an OST file by selecting all calendars at once. Users can save all OST file calendars in bulk.
  • Extract OST File Calendar by Date: In some cases, the user needs to remove the calendar from the OST file according to a specific date. The software is integrated with the Day Filter option. Allows the user to remove a calendar from an Outlook OST file depending on a specific date range. One has to add a date range to ‘From’ and ‘To’ and click the Uninstall option. The tool will extract the calendar to the OST file by a specific date range. With these features users are able to carry an easy export of the OST files.


Within this blog, we have provided users with a piece of basic information about the OST files and the methods that a user can use to move the calendars OST files to PST format. Moreover, users can use any of the methods as they desire to export their OST files to PST format. If a user wants to learn more about the tool they can choose the demo version of the application. Download the tool now and learn more about it!


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