What Are The Methods of Treating Gum Disease

Gum Disease
Medical doctor drawing gum disease on the virtual screen.

Taking good care of the teeth is very important. Gum pain is such a problem that occurs due to not taking proper care of the teeth. Gingivitis cannot be detected in advance, but after some time, pain starts in the gum which gives a lot of pain. That is why it is very important to know the cause and treatment of gingivitis. The first stage of gum pain is called “gingivitis”.

If not treated properly in the first stage, it can take a serious form, which is called “periodontitis”. In “periodontitis” gum disease reaches the teeth as well as the bones and causes loosening of the teeth. If there is a wound in the gum, then it is also necessary to treat it because in the initial stage the pain is very less, but with time the pain increases further.

There are many reasons for swollen gums. can Book an appointment with the best dentist in Jaipur to treat swollen gums.

There are many reasons for swollen gums, and all these reasons can cause a lot of discomfort.

Some of The Main Causes of Swollen Gums Are Given Below:

  • Lack of good and nutritious elements in the diet.
  • Vitamin C deficiency in the body.
  • Not taking good care of teeth.

What Are The Symptoms of Gum Pain?

There are usually no specific symptoms in the early stages of gum disease. After some time some symptoms can be seen.

Some of The Symptoms of Gum Pain Are Given Below:

  • Bleeding from the gums while brushing or chewing food.
  • Swelling with gingival pain.
  • Frequent feeling of foul smell in the mouth.
  • Sometimes lose teeth due to pain.

What Is The Remedy For Gum Pain?

Some home remedies can be used in gum pain, or better treatment can be done with the advice of a dentist.

Home Remedies:

1: Using Salt Water

In this treatment, the water has to be slightly heated and dissolved by adding a little salt to it. After that gargle with that water in the mouth. Using this remedy gives great relief in gum pain. This water also reduces the bacteria accumulated on the gums.

2: Clove or Clove Oil

Clove or clove oil proves to be very beneficial for gum problems. You can also massage it lightly on the gums. Along with removing the problems related to your gums, it also helps in reducing bacteria.

3: Lemon Water Reduces Inflammation

Vitamin C, potassium, vitamin A, and other nutrients found in lemon reduce gum inflammation. Squeeze lemon in some water and mix it well and then rinse with that water. Within no time you will feel that the toothache is reducing.

4: Brushing The Gums Thoroughly

Due to bacteria and other infections on the gums, teeth and gums start to suffer, so while brushing, the brush should be rotated well on the gums. This will clear the gums and they will be in very good condition.

5: Baking Soda

You have to mix turmeric in some baking soda and then apply this paste on the gums. This will reduce the pain in your gums. You can use this remedy 3 to 4 times daily.

6: Eating a Good Diet

Not taking a good diet can also cause gum problems. Some foods give more heat to the body, due to which the gums can become troublesome. A good diet keeps your teeth and gums cool so that they remain healthy for a long time.

7: Maintaining Good Dental Hygiene

Good oral care proves to be very beneficial for your teeth and gums. It keeps your gums good without any discomfort.

Gum Infection Problem

Teeth are very important for every human being, which help in chewing food. It has been seen many times that even though the teeth look fine from above, sometimes the gums bleed during brushing. It is often seen that due to inflammation of the gums, bleeding gums.

Gum disease causes a lot of pain and other problems for the person. The main reason for this problem is found to be an infection in the gums. It is very important to treat it at the right time, otherwise, this problem gets worse. We will look at all aspects related to gum disease in more detail.

What Causes Gum Infection?

There Are mainly two types of gum infection.


Gingivitis is the first stage of the infection. In this, there is mild swelling in the gums, bleeding while eating and brushing and red marks appear in the gums. The symptoms of gum disease are rarely seen during this stage.


Periodontitis, the second stage of the infection, occurs when gingivitis is not treated properly. In periodontitis infection, there is severe pain in the gums, this pain reaches the jaw, In the gums become soft and the grip of the teeth becomes loose. There is also the possibility of tooth loss due to this.

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What Are The Causes of Pain In The Gums?

The bacteria found in excess in the gums are the main cause of gum problems. This bacteria occurs in many ways such as in sweets, chocolate, and cold drinks, it is caused by any kind of food.

Some other causes of gum pain can be:

  • alcohol and tobacco use
  • spicy and hot food
  • smoking more
  • chewing gum or toffee

What is The Treatment For Gum Infection?

Gum infection can be treated either by some home remedies or by visiting the dentist. Here you will get to see both types of treatment in some detail.

Let us know some such measures by which you can get relief from the problem of gums:

Home Remedies :

1: Salt Water

Salt-Water is very beneficial for many problems related to gums and teeth. Gargling with salt water can reduce gum pain and many problems related to teeth.

2: Using Turmeric Powder

Applying turmeric powder on the gums with light hands can reduce the discomfort of your gums. “Curcumin” found in turmeric plays the role of “anti-oxidant”, which removes the problem of mastodon to a great extent.

3: Baking Soda

Baking soda has the ability to kill bacteria that can ease gum discomfort. By making a paste of baking soda, you can apply it to the gums for some time, this will kill a lot of bacteria and will also reduce the swelling of the gums.

4: Lemonade

Potassium, Vitamin C and Vitamin A found in high amounts in lemon. Not only does it help reduce bacteria from the gums, but it will also be beneficial in curing the inflammation there. Due to this, the gums heal very quickly and the gums also become strong.

5: Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has a lot of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which reduce the bacteria from the gums. With the help of aloe vera, the swelling of the gums also reduces significantly. It helps a lot in making the gums strong.

Dental Treatment:

1: Medicine For Gum Infection

Dentists can find out the cause of pain in the gums by looking closely. The type of pain that will be there, medicine will give for that type of gum infection, due to which the gums will cure.

2:Treating Gum Problems

If there is any other reason for the pain in the gums, then the dentist will examine it thoroughly. They will give proper medicine to him.

These are some ways to treat gum infection, which can remove the problem of gums. To prevent gum infection, it is important to take proper care of it. You can get all the treatment in the dentist’s clinic.


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