What Are The Elements That Decide Hair Transplant Cost in Jaipur?

What Are The Elements That Decide Hair Transplant Cost in Jaipur?

Hair transplant is the most effective way of dealing with your hair problem!

You might have heard it everywhere. But are you still concerned about how much you need to spend on it?

Most of the hair loss sufferers search online about the cost of the procedure. Let us know that how the cost of hair transplant is quoted?


What is the right way to find the cost of the hair transplant?

In India, these days most of the clients visit from overseas for the hair transplant treatment. The reason for India to be the place to go for hair transplant is the affordable and high quality hair transplant. Hair transplant in Jaipur has been known globally for the best hair transplant industry. The hair transplant industry is flourishing in Delhi and Jaipur in India. These cities are gifted with some very renowned hair transplant surgeons whose excellence and expertise is celebrated globally. Hair transplant cost in Jaipur also has become affordable due to lot of competition among the clinics.

Medispa hair transplant clinic is among the most trusted destinations for the hair transplant tourism. We have successfully served more than 5000 hair loss sufferers from over 20 countries. We are popular among celebrities, commoners and high profile patients. Our experts diagnose the problem from the roots and religiously formulate the best and customised treatment as per the individual’s needs.

Are you looking for an extraordinary set up for your hair loss treatment?

You are definitely at the right place.

Hair transplant procedure: is it expensive?

Hair transplant is a minor restorative surgical procedure that involves the harvesting of the hair roots from a specific site of your body possessing the permanent hair roots and then transplanting them at the desired bald area. The procedure involves the careful selection of the permanent and healthy hair roots. These hair roots are then transplanted at the desired bald area.

The hair transplant procedure can’t be said as cheap treatment. It is a big decision you need to take as you spend money and more valuable hair roots for getting a perfect hair growth at the bald area. The procedure is pricey but these days India is among the most affordable nations for the hair transplant treatment. It can be said as your onetime investment as the results offered by the procedure under ideal circumstances are permanent. It is the only way to get natural looking results with the maximum possible hair growth.

Hair transplant cost in Jaipur

The cost of hair transplant in Jaipur varies from 60,000 to 400,000 INR. The broad range is because the cost relies on many factors related to patient, procedure and clinic. You might search online about the cost of the procedure but you can just get a gross idea as each hair transplant is different and so as its cost.

For the final cost quotation, you need to consult a reliable and genuine doctor. The doctor would assess the situation thoroughly and quote you the final cost. Most importantly the doctor finds the level of baldness and the need of the hair density to perform hair transplant based on which the cost is quoted. Each hair graft would cost you around 30 – 140 INR.

Let us elaborate on all the factors that could decide the cost of the hair transplant.

Elements of hair transplant cost

There are numerous factors that decides the cost of hair transplant. Here are explained few of the important factors deciding the cost of the procedure.

  1. Credentials of the hair transplant doctor:The doctor with high qualification, expertise and rich experience might be costlier as compared to a newbie. But the standards of treatment you get under expert hands would be worth you pay.
  2. Facilities provided by the clinic:If the facilities provided by the clinic is meeting international standards then the cost might be on the higher side. The clinic with a well-equipped operatory, cutting edge technology, provision of all safety equipment and constant use of high magnification would offer you a safe and excellent hair transplant but the cost might be bit high.
  3. Levels of baldness and need of the hair density:The increasing level of baldness and need of higher numbers of hair roots increase the cost of the procedure.
  4. Technique opted to perform hair transplant: FUT hair transplant is cheaper as compared to FUE technique at most of the clinics. This is because the FUE technique is tedious as each hair graft is extracted one by one.

How Does Hair Transplant Help Curing The Issue Of Hair Loss?

The hair transplant procedure has emerged as the most wanted hair loss treatment.

Is it overrated or really the best way to deal with baldness?

Let us know about it!

In India especially Jaipur has been well known for the best hair transplant industry. All of it is because of the high quality treatment at an affordable cost in the city. Hair transplant in Jaipur is globally renowned. People from overseas prefer visiting the pink city for hair transplant tourism as the procedure is very expensive in the western world. They receive international quality of hair transplant in India at an affordable cost. That is the reason people from all over the world choose India as the primary destination for hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplant cost in Jaipur is very affordable and one reason for it could be the higher competition among the clinic based in the city. However, you can trust Medispa hair transplant clinic for the most affordable as well as effective hair transplant treatment with 100% natural results without any side effects.

Issue of hair loss

The hair loss problem is challenging to all. People face a lot of embarrassment along with mental turmoil while hair loss is on. In these circumstances, losing your confidence is inevitable. The hair loss problem could be temporary. Good news is that if the hair loss is temporary then you don’t need any treatment but unfortunately if the hair loss is permanent then medical attention is mandatory.

How to interpret the hair loss extent?

Norwood classification is the commonest way to interpret the extent of baldness. This grades the hair loss extent in 7 stages. These stages are explained as follows:

Class I: Entire hairline lies high on the forehead and is not actually balding.

Class II: Triangular areas of recession in the sides of frontal area and minimal recession on mid frontal area.

Class III: Borderline case. Deepening of triangular recession or can include thinning of hair on the vertex.

Class IV: Further frontal hair loss and widening of hair loss from vertex but still a wide band of hair present separating frontal and vertex hair loss.

Class V: Widening of frontal and vertex hair loss and continual breaking of separation line of hairs between frontal and vertex baldness.

Class VI: Band or bridge of hair disappear merging frontal and vertex baldness.

Class VII: A band of hair presents only in back and side of the head.

The treatment suggested by the doctor is based on the extent of the hair loss. Let us know about the treatment options you have for the hair loss treatment.

What are the treatments available for hair loss problem?

Here are explained few of the treatment modalities for the hair loss issue.

  1. Medicines: Minoxidil and finasteride are two medicinal options for the hair loss treatment. These medicines are chosen for slowing down the progression of hair loss and increasing the rate of hair growth. These medicines are found to be beneficial but the results are often temporary. The hair loss progresses once you stop the medication. Medications cannot be taken for longer term as they have side effects that can be irreversible.
  2. PRP therapy: This therapy is used for the treatment of early baldness. This therapy is intended to increase the rate of hair growth and facilitate the reduction of hair loss. This therapy is found to show benefits for hair loss but the patient selection is very important.
  3. Hair transplant: The hair transplant procedure involves the harvesting of the hair roots from the donor area and is then transferred to the desired bald area. This procedure restores the baldness by transplanting your own hair from the donor area to the bald area. The procedure is performed by two techniques termed as FUT and FUE hair transplant.

How does hair transplant help treat hair loss?

It is true that hair transplant is the best solution of hair loss problem. The procedure offers certain benefits in treatment of hair loss. These advantages include:

  1. The hair transplant procedure offers the permanent results. The permanent results are due to the specific transplantation of the permanent hair roots to the bald area.
  2. The hair transplant procedure offers the world class natural looking hairline. This demands expertise of the hair transplant doctor and availability of the hair roots at the donor area.
  3. Maximum hair growth is possible with the help of hair transplant.

It is a hassle free procedure which does not need any maintenance once the physical recovery is over.


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