What are the common problems that a taxi driver faces?

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What are the common obstructions that a taxi driver has to face during his driving jouney?

It is universal that market, operational, and regulation issues influence the taxi service. Apart from this, several other elements that create obstructions for taxi drivers:

Abusive customers: Taxi drivers have to work long hours due to their shift system. Therefore, they meet all types of customers during their work. In some cases, they pick late-night clients from bars, pubs, and nightclub parties. They may get drunk and abuse the driver if there is any problem in the taxi or anything else. If you surround yourself with aggressive customers, try to handle them politely and avoid extra talk with them.

Workplace Safety: It recommends that to avoid any sudden accident, you add CCTV cameras in your car so that if something wrong happens, they will identify the situation by checking these cameras. Apart from this, drivers should use a plastic partition with a lockable sliding window and modify car handles to easily open from the interior side of a taxi during an unwanted situation.

Robbery: Armed robbery is one of the dangerous threats to the cab drivers. Many robbers or snatchers will rob them at gunpoints, syringes, knives, and CF sprays and take all their valuable belongings such as cash, mobile phones, and other accessories present in the taxi.

Health issues and tiredness: It is an irrefutable fact that the job of taxi drivers is very hard. They have to sit for long hours while driving in one position, leading to several health issues such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, etc. They are sometimes too tired but still complete their shift. These situations sometimes lead to bad health conditions for the driver or other accidental cases such as constant driving.

Non-payment: It is common to see that sometimes cab drivers forget to collect fares, which is not a good sign for their company. It mostly happens to drivers who are above 40 years. They may sometimes deal with the stressful conditions which compel them to do so. Therefore, cab drivers should be more careful about rent while reaching their customers. They shouldn’t leave their customers until they pay the full taxi fare.

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