What are the Bulk Wholesale Men’s Clothing in Summer?


The summer that many people are looking forward to is here! In this vibrant season, we have to update the wardrobe again. Summer is very easy to reveal whether a person pays attention to dress in essence. Therefore, men should be more careful in choosing summer clothes. Most wholesalers are already preparing new summer products of various styles, so there are more styles of clothes for men to choose from. Wholesale mens clothing in bulk in online stores can offer discounts on group purchases, so the more you buy, the more you save. So what kind of new men’s wholesale clothes have been added by wholesalers this year? Let us continue reading.

  1. Mens Clothing Short Sleeve

    Among the new men’s clothing items in summer, there must be a short-sleeved item that is a pure T-shirt. A simple round neck, fitted white T-shirt is timeless summer clothing, very classic, versatile, and comfortable. Almost all wholesalers must have a new product. When buying, we should pay attention that it is best to buy pure cotton fabric or cotton blended fabric, which will absorb sweat and breathe more. Pure T-shirts are sold by most merchants, but the only thing to look at is whether the fabric is comfortable and whether it is stitched with the workmanship. Choosing a pure T-shirt is both simple and not easy. After all, good fabrics can be worn comfortably all day long. Multicolor Button Throughout Vintage Stripe Shirt Wholesale

    Among the new items on this summer, Hawaiian shirts are also one of the choices of many wholesalers. Hawaiian shirt, called Hawaiian Shirt or Aloha Shirt. Transliterated. Aloha belongs to the Hawaiian language, meaning admiration, hello, goodbye, and so on. Hawaiian shirts are also very well mixed in the fashion circle. Although not as popular as PVC and narrow sunglasses, Hawaiian shirts have never been absent from Spring/Summer Fashion Week. From fashion brands to street fashion brands, it is there every year. Play with different sparks every year. It is almost a must-have item for surfers and tourists in summer, so many wholesalers will put on new Hawaiian shirts, which are both fashionable and versatile. When choosing to buy Hawaiian shirts, what you should pay attention to is the color and style. Of course, comfortable fabrics are also necessary. Under the premise of comfortable fabrics, the printed patterns of Hawaiian shirts also greatly affect buyers. Embroidery Eagle Color Block Polo T-Shirt

    Polo Shirts are a kind of clothing between shirts and sportswear that evolved from tennis players, also known as golf shirts or tennis shirts. It has a collar and 2-3 buttons at the same time, so it is slightly formal. It is a kind of clothing that can often perform magical combinations and best reflect the men’s aesthetic index. It can be said that Polo shirts are coming. After experiencing the rustic stereotypes before, Polo shirts immediately changed their styles and became the most popular choice for men this summer. Wholesalers will be more inclined to choose more design styles of Polo shirts, or styles with contrasting designs. Do not need large-scale patterns, small-area patterns tend to be more advanced visually. Therefore, summer wholesalers will choose new Polo shirts for new items.

  2. Mens Clothing Shorts

    After talking about the short-sleeve summer new products of this year, how can you miss the most essential men’s shorts in summer? A pair of comfortable and cool shorts can make us spend a whole summer happily. You can basically wear it except for the workplace. The basic principle is simplicity. Shorts are a must-have item in the wardrobe, refreshing and comfortable. Gentlemen, say goodbye to the greasy and sloppy, and easily put on the handsomeness of a pair of shorts. Shorts are casual wear and are the main content of men’s summer clothing. You want to feel comfortable to avoid heat and sweat, and you want to move freely. Men’s shorts are suitable for summer activities, such as playing on the beach, poolside parties, and outdoor activities such as hiking or running. Hang out with friends? Walking around town during the day? Go to a private party? A pair of well-fitting shorts will completely satisfy you. What new comfortable shorts have wholesalers added this summer? Let’s look down together.Graphic Stripe Trim Running Drawstring Sweat Shorts Wholesale

    The most important requirement of shorts is that the length must be above the knee. Wholesalers will prefer some new classic black shorts this year. After all, black classics are versatile and will not easily become outdated. Shorts with a strap design are also a popular fashion item in summer. Not only can they be used for decoration, but they can also effectively adjust the waist. Black also has the effect of thinning visually, which can effectively modify the shape of the legs. It is recommended to avoid new denim shorts in summer, especially tight-fitting ones. Denim fabrics in summer will be hotter and not breathable. And in the summer, choose some cotton blended fabrics or linen fabrics and looser version of the shorts will be more breathable and better perspiration.Men Ribbon Trimmed Plaid Beachwear Shorts

    For men’s shorts (and any clothing), the pattern will limit the versatility of the clothing. After the correct pairing, they can add some taste, but please operate with caution. Solid color shorts are the most common. No trick means you can afford more aggressive tricks on the shirt of your choice, or even busy shoes such as tassel loafers. Stripes are sold in various sizes and color combinations. The weaving of seersucker traditionally has thin alternating stripes, and the names of the stripes vary according to the wearer’s length of time and occupation. For example, in the ancient west, the navy blue striped seersucker was called the “pecan stripe”. The grid is a pattern of stripes crossing the horizontal and vertical directions to form a square. Their density varies greatly. You can easily find shorts with a classic check pattern.

  3. Men’s Sunglasses

    In summer, you should wear sunglasses when you go out. There are also many types of men’s sunglasses. When choosing sunglasses, you need to pay attention to some issues. You must know that you should choose the one that suits your eyes and pay more attention to the quality of the glasses. Sunglasses must not only cover Ultraviolet rays are more fashionable. Almost every wholesale business will have a new single product that is sunglasses. Therefore, it is also very important to choose a good-looking and suitable pair of glasses. Double Beam Aviator Sunglasses Wholesale

That’s all for today! This summer these fashionable new products are not only liked by men but also must-have new items for wholesalers. They are all in the above content. What suits you is the best. Summer tops and shorts are also the most basic and most conventional and versatile, so the above single products are more about the new tops and shorts on the merchants. Men take the advantage of updating the clothes in the closet, put away the long-sleeved clothes, and put on refreshing and cool summer items, and have a pleasant summer. Hope today’s content is helpful to you. For more wholesale mens clothing in bulk, you can go to the XmenGo online wholesale store to choose. If you want to see more men’s items or outfits this summer, please leave a comment in the message area below. See you in the next issue.

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