What Are The Best Healthy Diwali Gift Options?

diwali gift
diwali gift

Diwali is one festival that the entire nation celebrates together. Everyone becomes occupied with celebrations. everything from house cleaning and decorating to purchasing new clothing and Diwali gifts for everyone. With friends and family, it’s common to exchange colorful boxes of mithai and dry fruits, which definitely puts your sweet tooth to the test. Since the festival of lights only occurs once a year, it is okay to indulge sometimes, but you can make some modifications to make it less of an unhealthy celebration. This also involves giving some nutritious Diwali gift to your loved ones.

Here is a list of Healthy gifts for Diwali. Read On! 

Copper Bottles

With the increasing pollution around the world, people are moving towards developing habits that do not come at the cost of the environment. Storing or drinking water from a copper vessel or a bottle is one of the most commonly witnessed eco-friendly habits that has come into trend. These copper bottles are easy to carry and keep the water cool for a longer duration too. Copper as metal acts as a disinfectant too. It helps in killing the harmful germs and bacteria found in water. It also helps in reducing digestive and gastrointestinal disorders too. A copper bottle would definitely top the list of healthy and thoughtful gifts for Diwali. 

Organic Seeds

Organic farming is much in trend due to the excessive use of pesticides and insecticides in the normal produce that are available in the market. If your grandparents spend much time around plants and flowers, then what could be a better Diwali gift than a pack of multiple organic seeds. These seeds once planted will not only lead to good physical health of the recipient, but they will  also induce positivity and greenery in and around the home. 

Bottles of fresh fruit juice

This is most probably the healthiest gift one could get. Since fruit juices can be easily consumed on the days we fast, they also form the ideal meal for those who are fasting. Instead of sticking to the norm, be sure to include some unusual and nutritious drinks like jamun juice, aloe vera, strawberries, pineapple, and kiwis.

Tea Box

We love our chai! And what could be better than giving a tea connoisseur a basket of different teas. In addition to being soothing, beverages like herbal and green tea also offer unexpected health advantages. A pack of green tea would be the ideal Diwali gifts for family, you know who is trying to lose weight.


Fox nuts, Desi popcorn, and makhanas are all nutrient-rich snacks that are low in fat and salt. These are beneficial for diabetics as well. Additionally, a variety of flavors, including Pudina, Wasabi, and Piri Piri, are offered at the market. So you can sample all of these flavors and give your loved ones the finest one. It’s also interesting to introduce them to unique flavors they would not otherwise experience.

Aromatic oils

Another highly unique gift that has the potential to be wonderful is this one. In addition to having a soothing impact, scented oils also offer therapeutic benefits. An oil lover would be in paradise just by adding some handmade candles.

Dry Fruits and Nuts

Dry fruits are a go to option when it comes to finalizing a dry fruit gift hamper for someone.  The greatest Diwali gifts are typically nuts and dried fruits. You can create a lovely thali with a variety of nuts or a stunning basket filled with dried fruits and nuts. In place of desserts and sweets, nuts like walnuts, almonds, macadamias, brazil nuts, dates, dried apricots, peaches, etc. have great nutritional benefits. 

Pickles That Are Oil Free

Pickles are undoubtedly one of the distinctive foodstuffs in our nation. Without a side of pickles, no dinner is complete. Pickles are stored with excess oil so that they can be preserved for a longer period of time. However, you can give your loved ones a variety of oil-free pickles because they are readily accessible. Your friends will sincerely appreciate your concern for their wellbeing.

Gift Vouchers

The festive season of Diwali brings a much-needed break to the super-busy and routine lives of people in the midst of always meeting deadlines, balancing between family commitments and PPT presentations.

Nothing makes you happier than treating your loved ones to a spa day. A basket full of goods like Diwali snacks, sweets, candles, and incense sticks is always appreciated as a gift but a spa day gift voucher will help your loved ones in unwinding and reviving during their festive season. You can find more gift ideas for other events.


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