What Are the Benefits of Using Tax Folders?


What Are the Benefits of Using Tax Folders?

As an accountant or other tax professional, you likely keep a collection of custom tax folders on hand whenever the need strikes. In addition, you probably relish the knowledge that you can duplicate your previous order whenever you’re running low. But have you ever put thought into the benefits that come from these presentation folders or envelopes? Sure, your mentor used them, and you thought you should do the same. But there is a lot more to these custom folders than tradition or legacy.

You benefit from better organization. 

First and foremost, there’s an obvious benefit of not just tax return folders but any folder system. By investing in quality tax envelopes or folders, you’ll be able to tuck W-2 forms and other essential paperwork into the appropriate folder and know that it’s secure and exactly where you’ll need it to be when you reach for that same file sometime soon. With custom folder options, you could even invest in a variety of colors, materials, or types of foil stamping to further organize your paperwork—maybe you use different colors for each tax season or various styles to differentiate tiers of clients.

You have a built-in marketing tool. 

As the creator of so many famous idioms, Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.” This adage remains true so many years later, and your clients are all too aware of the necessity of that annual tax return. So, as a tax professional, you want your best clients to return each year—those loyal customers offer job security. In this regard, your custom folders are working for you year-round with the principles of reminder advertising. Whenever your clients put out their tax envelopes from previous years, they’re confronted with your name and company information. So, come tax season, who do you think will be the first pro that comes to mind?

You boast a more professional image. 

As a business and an individual, few qualities are quite as important as having a professional image. Uniform, organized custom presentation folders work wonders towards your appearance as a tax professional, and, better yet, they work even when you’re not with a customer yourself. When a client or prospect sees your professional custom folders, they’ll instinctually recognize you as a company or proprietor worth working with. Then, when they meet you in person, they’ll see that your professionalism continues and know that they’ve made a good choice.

You have additional control.

The beauty of presentation folders, in part, is that they’re customizable, and not just in terms of the company information you have foil-stamped on the spine or emblazoned on the front. You also have complete control over the contents of a folder or envelope. So, when you present a folder to your client, you can include the critical files they expect, like W-2 forms and 1099s. However, you can also add other details, like marketing materials, to ensure your client is not just satisfied but thinks of you when tax season rolls around once more.

Without much additional thought, custom presentation folders or envelopes may seem like a necessary expense but an ultimately minor detail in your work as a tax professional. However, a bit of insight shows just how crucial an element your presentation folders can be. There are many benefits to these folders or envelopes, from a custom spine or cover promoting your work year-round to a professional image from your client’s first meeting with you. So, when you next go to replicate your previous order and stock up on foil-stamped tax envelopes or folders once again, remember the impact that that custom spine or stamp has on your work and offer those documents a little extra gratitude.


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